In his eyes there is endless hurt sister let Qisha retreat Changliu is my home after all they are all mine Brother I don’t blame

At night, the autumn wind made a big breakthrough.
With a roar, the huge wind pressure appeared out of thin air in the forest. Countless green bamboos were broken by the wind pressure.
Scattered bamboo chips were flying all over the sky.
Hehe, he finally became a boy with yellowish skin in the forest, smiling.
Wipe the beads of sweat on my forehead.
I have completed the system task.
Can I issue rewards? The boy started fighting slowly from the half-squat state while panting continuously. The task is completed and the rewards are issued. The rewards are random devil fruit summoning card level. A piece of Jin Yong’s novel world martial arts Yiyang Zhixuan rank low-level gold coins 20 million world coins. After a week, I can have a good rest and hear the voice that appeared out of nowhere in my head. Not only did the boy not feel scared, but he was a little happy. Then he patted the dust off his body and fell asleep.
These days, he is really tired.
The boy’s name is Ye Shiqiu. There is an unknown secret that he is not from this world. He comes from a planet called Earth.
He was originally just an ordinary high school student in the 21st century. For some reason, he woke up and found himself in a strange place. Then a system named Wanjie Mall made a sound in his mind.
After going through a series of panic, horror and fear, he found that he had actually crossed into the battle of the Potato God.
It is nothing. The most important thing is himself As the name suggests, Wanjie Mall can buy items from thousands of worlds, including a series of martial arts, fighting skills, martial arts, ninjutsu, fairy arts, magic abilities, and many special items. In a word, you can buy everything.
That’s right, you need money.
If you want to buy items in the mall, you need to use the currency of the mall, Wanjiecoin. Wanjiecoin can be obtained by doing tasks to achieve great achievements or selling rare items. The function of the system is probably that the task mall recycles three. It’s been a month since he’s been in Douqi Continent.
He’s only found out that these three short three-week tasks are not ones that appear once a week, but they stop for a week after each task is completed so that the host can have time to do what he wants to do.
Arrange your own life in harmony. Of course, you can also choose not to do the tasks issued by the system.
There is no penalty, but there are no rewards.
However, generally, tasks that are not particularly excessive will be done every night, after all, whether it is the process of performing the task or the task.
The rewards after completion can improve one’s strength and make oneself more courageous in this world where the strong are respected.
The system checks personal information. Lying on the ground in the forest. Star Fighter Kung Fu Plastic Yan Gong Mysterious-level Intermediate Weapon Aluminum Sword-level Prop Devil Fruit Summoning Card-level Skill Ninjutsu Fire Escape Fireball Mysterious Intermediate Ninjutsu Wind Escape Great Breakthrough Mysterious Intermediate Yiyang Finger Mysterious Low-level Wanjie Coin Calling Two Star Fighters, it’s not bad, although it’s true When I arrived at the big talent pill in the initial red envelope, my talent was abruptly raised from three stars to six stars, but it took more than a month to reach two stars.
This is the first super item that I got If you want to see clearly, you can only look at the specific information provided by the system.
Use the Devil Fruit Summoning Card. Chapter 2 Ask who has the highest hang. Inuyasha Ding Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Superman Devil Fruit Gravity Fruit Gravity Fruit Comic One Piece Devil Fruit A kind of unknown place of origin, using a knife to generate gravity waves, and can use gravity at will to activate the ability. The former Fujitora will cooperate with the movement of drawing the sword to use the ability.
At the moment of the attack, it can release enough to crush people to the ground or even crush them.
The huge gravity on the ground of destroyed buildings can make part of the surface float, and it can also make objects lose weight and make huge warships float in the air Oh, it’s the gravity fruit of Admiral Fujitora hahaha This is a great harvest, but devil fruit is afraid of sea water and sea stones This is a big problem. Forget about Hailoushi.
This world probably doesn’t have any, but water-type fighters are everywhere.
Is it to eat or not to eat? Looking at the strange fruit transformed from the devil fruit summoning card at night Qiu became conflicted. He has already made a plan for his future, and the key to this plan is that he needs strong power.
If he takes this gravity fruit, his strength will increase greatly in a short time. With the special ability of manipulating gravity, as long as he works hard If you have reached the level of General Fujitora, it is called a strong force, at least sweeping the Jiama Empire.
There is no problem, but this weakness is too big.
Discovering the defect of a devil fruit can cost four million worlds.
When Ye Shiqiu was in conflict, the voice of the system sounded in his mind, can it be repaired? Can it be repaired? After taking it after repairing, it will not be afraid of water and Hailou stone.
You can also take Ye Shiqiu many times. Shi Qiu hurriedly asked if it was not.
After repairing, the two weaknesses of fear of water and Hailou stone can be removed. As for not being able to take two devil fruits at the same time, this is a natural law and not a weakness, unless the host buys something like Blackbeard that can hold multiple demon powers. Otherwise, with the current physique of the host, you can only take one fruit.
Ye Shiqiu slowly sat up from the ground and repaired it. Spend four million world coins to buy the devil potion. Use the devil potion to repair the gravity fruit. The repair is successful.