In her heart Lu Yunan originally just pulled out her father casually but she didnt expect that Meng Xuan immediately changed her face stared at

The mid-afternoon sun just shined warmly into this brand-new house that still exudes the breath of concrete.
The walls are not puttyed, and there are still spots of stains on the glass, which shine through the sunlight on the marble window sills.
It feels a bit dappled with light and shadow. Everything is new, just waiting for people to carve and decorate it.
Meng Xuan stood in the bedroom of the new house on the third floor, looked at it, and measured the height with her eyes. She already had a rough outline in her heart. The middle-aged couple followed each other step by step.
The chubby male owner followed her expectantly and nervously asked her Miss Meng, how does our house look like? Meng Xuan turned her head and smiled at him. Small and medium-sized apartments are also my strengths.
Can you talk about how to decorate a house like yours? The couple nodded. She took out two decoration and home decoration design cases and handed them to them.
She briefly talked about her thoughts. As a budding interior designer Meng Xuan has been in this circle for more than three years. Although she is not very famous, she still has her own unique design concept, so many customers still come to her. The small apartment seems to be easy to design. It is a small thing, but it is a test of a person’s ability, how to satisfy the customer’s needs to the maximum extent in a limited space, so that the whole house looks more beautiful and more comfortable to live in? The small apartment list was done well. The couple believed in her ability, so they were quite satisfied with her proposal.
After signing the contract, she left the Zhao couple’s house and said that Meng Xuan returned to the company all afternoon.
Her mouth was already parched when she sat down, and the first thing she did when she sat down was to take two sips of honey lemonade, but before she could swallow the water, her mobile phone in her bag rang. The call was from Meng Xuan’s colleague Jiang Yan. The first time I picked it up, I heard her shouting, “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.
I said, can you take it easy? What you are pinching is a fragile woman’s bone, not the skeleton of your medical school.
Meng Xuan moved away.” The phone frowned and stuck it to my ear and asked, what happened to Sister Jiang, hey Xuanzi, let me tell you something happened to me, I didn’t see Huang Li when I went out today, I was bumped and now I’m in the hospital Well, Meng Xuan got nervous.
Sister Jiang, are you okay? Seriously, it’s not serious, just a broken arm, but I still have a client who wants to see me in a while. I’m sure I can’t go there. I guess I won’t be able to take orders in a short time. I can’t trouble you to pick it up for me.
Jiang Yan is three years older than Meng Xuan.
Usually in the company, they are relatively close. I don’t care if we need to say whether it’s troublesome or not? Where is the customer information? I’ll find out first. We’ll meet later.
The conversation information is on my desk. I won’t be bumped into Jiang Yan’s tone of remorse, before he finished speaking, he yelled again, I said you are Orthopedic doctor? Why is it not serious? You used to study auto repair. Meng Xuan shook her head helplessly and got up, walked to Jiang Yan’s desk, found the folder she said, opened it, and saw that the client’s apartment type is a duplex building. A lady named Yu Jing and Mengxuan froze for a moment, and all the memories of the past suddenly surged up. She pressed her fingertips on the name written in black and white, feeling a little unbelievable, and then widened her eyes to confirm the handwriting on the paper. It’s very clear that she can’t admit that it’s her? How did the woman who robbed her husband still meet her after so long? Is it really like the lyrics sang? She took a sip of vinegar, from taste to smell, the sour taste was irritating, she was a little resentful, her eyes fixed on the two words on the paper, she didn’t respond, Jiang Yan on the other side couldn’t help crying She said Xuanzi, are you still there? Sister Jiang, I’ve got the client in the documents. I talked to the client on the phone.
The client is a man who signed the bill.
It seems to be his fiancée.
The two of them should be preparing a wedding room. You went today. Then look at the bride-to-be who is already going to marry a wife. Meng Xuan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes in annoyance.
She is really crazy. There are so many people with the same name and surname in the world.
She just saw one of them. The name still has such a big reaction. It has been so long since she should have forgotten it. Jiang Yan over there settled down to her again. I originally promised the client that I would go with Lao Zhou today, but it turned out This matter can only trouble you and Lao Zhou.
Wait for me to get well. Please eat.
It’s okay, sister Jiang, take a good rest. Hang up the phone. Meng Xuan patted her cheeks and knocked on the door of the general manager’s office with a folder in her hand.
Zhou Qilin was sitting behind the large desk and smiled gently when he saw her.
It’s you, it’s for Jiang Yan, right? In the evening, my senior and I went to meet a client.
Zhou Qilin was her senior in college. After graduating from a master’s degree, she started this company with a few friends. Because of his outstanding personal ability and outstanding appearance, he has earned a lot of money in the industry in recent years. Many popular companies have gradually gained fame, but men in their thirties are always being called out by Jiang Yan and Lao Zhou, how old she looks, maybe she was hit because of overtaking again Zhou Qilin was helpless Xiaoxiao got up, took the coat on the back of the chair, walked to her side, and said, “There will be a traffic jam later. It’s almost time for the restaurant. The customer made an appointment with a grilled fish restaurant.
When Zhou Qilin went to park the car, Meng Xuan was standing outside. Daze