In front of her people dont care much about men and women they always approach her very aggressively and even tease her coachman to go

Ruan An is a well-known beauty and medical girl from all over the world.
In her previous life, she saved countless people, but died of random arrows. The new emperor who usurped the throne found her body and took off her dragon-patterned robe to cover her body.
The young man she had a crush on in the past, because of the difference in status, Ruan An never mentioned to him that the two had a son once she opened her eyes. At that time, Huo Pingxiao was the man who held the military power in Dingbeihou.
His brows and eyes were indifferent but he looked at the boy next to Ruan An who looked very similar to him.
His father Huo Lang is also the powerful minister of the dynasty.
The Huo family is extremely prominent and enjoys the honor of a second lord.
However, Huo Pingxiao’s temperament is cold and unruly, and no one can get close to him. Just as everyone guessed which girl could marry him.
At present, Huo Pingxiao has married a medical girl as his wife. The ladies all feel that the medical girl is born in the countryside, but she can’t come to the stage, but she doesn’t want to wait for Ruan An to marry into the Hou family.
The youngest son entered the Imperial College at the age of four. In the end, she got a first-class imperial order and became a wealthy flower envied by everyone in Chang’an City.
In the eyes of outsiders, the Marquis of Dingbei is a murderous and decisive iron-blooded war god. However, when Ruan An was awakened by a nightmare, that rebellious man He will also gently coax her to sleep and see that her eye circles are getting redder. Huo Pingxiao’s eyes are full of possessiveness, but he will look lazy and helpless and ask in a low voice what should I do with you.
Later, Huo Pingxiao accidentally learned of Ruan An’s tragic past life. He is paranoid about her almost morbidly caring for men, her white skin is unintentionally red, his eyes will turn dark for a long time, and he vows to protect her life safe and sound. Later, the palace people often talk about the queen’s eye disease before he recovered. Praying for her in front of the Buddha The emperor didn’t believe in gods and Buddhas, but he knelt in front of the Buddha for three days and three nights without sleep or even drinking a drop of water for the empress Ruan.
Indigenous tycoon heroine is reborn as a medical girl.
Starts as a queen.
Married first and then loves sweet pets. The heroine remembers the memory of the previous life. Including a stunning doctor, concubine, genius prodigy, three and a half years old, etc.
The ancient old stalker came early. The main line is the love between the hero and the heroine.
There are also plots and family healing. Between 10:00 p.m.
and 11:30:30 p.
m. Another sentence is introduced. After being reborn, I have a crush on Tianjiao, get married first, and then love. I will never forget my original heart. The chapped and dry ground, her lips turned white, she struggled to get up from the sea of ​​corpses, her mouth was dry, her tongue was dry, her belly was rumbling like a drum, the last half of steamed buns had been eaten, and the smell of rotting corpses filled her nose, which made her want to vomit, her eyes were full of despair.
Empty looking down at her feet, the mother and daughter who ran away with her are both dead, the mother died miserably, the knife wound on her back festered and stinks But still tightly guarding the naive child in his arms with his broken arm, after the enemy army plundered from here, Ruan An escaped by pretending to be dead What is the tragedy of Fangshi? Seven days ago, the self-proclaimed Lingnan Jiedu envoy ordered the massacre of hundreds of thousands of people in Fengzhou, no matter old, young, women or children.
The stubborn resistance caused the rebels to lose a lot of food and grass. In order to vent their hatred and boost morale, this small town in Fengzhou started a killing spree since then. The prosperous shops, restaurants and colleges in the past were all burned down.
Even Buddhist temples were not spared. The gilded Buddha, once worshiped by thousands of people, was dismembered. The expensive flowering dwarf pine and willows in the garden were all turned into smoke and ashes.
The colorful koi swimming in the pond were also fished out, and they all became the Lingnan King’s meal.
When Ruan An fled Crowding and trampling on each other with the people in a mess, all the belongings she brought with the doctor on the trip to the south, and the medicine box containing many precious herbs were also lost on the way.
In order to survive, she could only flee with the crowd. Ruan An looked blankly at the sight before her. Miserable Elephant wasn’t sure if he was the only survivor, but he knew that the brutal King of Lingnan would order the body to be burnt within a few days. Just as he was about to stride over the corpse in front of him, a rough and forceful voice came from not far away, and there was still someone alive. It’s an old lady, Ruan An’s thin back suddenly became stiff. She is sixteen years old, because no one can believe her when she is practicing medicine at this age, so she deliberately dressed herself as an old man when she went south this time. Yu Nan was not humiliated by the rebels. There should be a mighty army behind him.
Ruan An didn’t dare to look back and ran away. Whoosh, whoosh, Lingnan King was very interested in torturing her mind. She was playing a hunting game rather cruelly, and Ruan An was the poor prey. Several feathered arrows suddenly landed on the ground not far from her ankles.
She gritted her teeth fiercely and hated this group of people in her heart. Why did they slaughter the whole city for their own anger? It was this hatred that made Ruan An still have the strength to support her to continue running wildly. A flash in Huainan King’s eyes A sneer sneered, the old woman’s legs and feet are nimble, after being hungry for so long, she can still run like a rabbit. From his tone, Ruan An could hear that she was losing patience and her heart was beating faster and faster.
The sound of iron hoofs landing and clanging, the yellow sand flying in front of her, and the black and dense army marching towards her, she vaguely saw the red flag written with the strong Li character written on it is the reinforcement of the country of Li, Ruan An’s heart rose to hope to continue to run wildly The King of Lingnan behind him squinted his eyes and said coldly