In fact you don’t love Cheng Yang at all right I can’t figure out why you chose to spend time with Cheng Yang Quickly ran

Yu Qiao has always been a light sleeper, but she was naturally agitated when she was woken up at this moment, but she was used to forbearance, and she turned sideways and silently pulled the quilt to cover her head. About five minutes later, there was a crackling sound in the bathroom, and all the light went out in response. Then the frosted glass door was pushed open, the carpet sucked away the footsteps, and then the quilt was lifted briefly and the other side of the bed sank suddenly She was centimeters away from the suspended gap, and there was a steady stream of cold air coming in. Yu Qiao’s back felt a chill, and finally got up and grabbed the remote control on the low cabinet to raise the temperature of the air conditioner by two degrees, waking you up. The low voice was especially abrupt in the silent night.
The tone that should have been apologetic, but Yu Qiao heard the taste of schadenfreude.
He clenched his fists and remained silent for a few seconds.
She lay down again without saying a word, but the people around her didn’t let her go easily. She was very angry.
Did Yu Qiao close her eyes and ignore her anger? Yu Qiao has long been used to it. He wanted to irritate her, but how could she easily be fooled by him? The torment is mutual. How can she make him so happy when she is so uncomfortable? He fell asleep again, and during the waiting time, every second, Cheng Yang felt that there would be a large-scale quarrel, but after waiting for a long time, the man breathed evenly, fell asleep alone, without any further information, and turned his head slightly. It shows that it is already 2:30 in the morning, but Cheng Yang is not sleepy at all, and he is getting more and more awake.
He takes his pillow, sits up, folds himself down, pulls out a drawer, takes out a cigarette, and lights it.
In the dark room, the scarlet fireworks are especially conspicuous in Cheng Yang. When Yang finished smoking the third cigarette and was about to move on to the fourth, Yu Qiao coughed a few times in the smell of smoke in the room.
Cheng Yang turned his head, but the room was too dark to see anything, but he could clearly outline the picture in his mind. The way she frowned and frowned, she didn’t like him smoking all the time, put down the unlit cigarette in his hand, casually threw the lighter aside, Cheng Yang lay down silently and soon fell asleep When the window was not closed, the wind and rain poured into the bedroom, the curtains flew up, swept a cup on the table to the wall, and broke it, Yu Qiao woke up with the sound of broken glass, looked at the messy room, and immediately put on slippers to close the window.
After opening the window, the room suddenly returned to calm.
Looking back, there was nothing on the bed except the messy quilt. He had already left the big room, and she was alone. I can’t say how disappointed I was, but I felt how terrible it would be if this kind of life had to continue like this for the rest of my life. The design proposal has been rejected for the third time because of the deep powerlessness that Joe spread out to support his forehead. After thinking and thinking, she still took her mobile phone and stood up.
When she passed by other designers, she instinctively felt their pain. schadenfreude their schadenfreude It’s normal, she tried her best to fight for this design. In this design company, everyone has a uniform design. You take away the hot case from others. When you are frustrated, of course others don’t take your feelings too seriously.
You left the office and Yu Qiao was in a quiet place.
At the corner of the stairs, I called a client. The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. There were too many words and I was full of anger waiting to erupt, but when the other party answered the phone, she woke up. The other party was the client’s secretary, suppressing her anger. Going down, she politely said hello, I’m Yu Qiao, the designer of Lingfeng, what’s the matter? I have a question about the interior design plan of the upper living room in Kangzhuang, and I want to communicate with Mr.
I’m sorry, Mr. Zhang is in a meeting to read It’s almost time to get off work, Yu Qiao asked patiently, then when can Mr. Zhang finish? The other party smiled politely, sorry, I don’t know too well Excuse me, hung up the phone, Yu Qiao squatted down and buried her face in her arms. She squatted alone for a long time with the indescribable frustration. She didn’t wake up and leave the stairs until a cleaner came to clean the corridor with a wet cloth.
Ignoring the mocking expressions of her colleagues, Yu Qiao hurriedly left the office after tidying up the table. She waited for nearly two hours in Zhang Yunfeng’s office before the person she had to wait came out of the conference room. The tiredness after the meeting saw her nodding slightly