In fact she also said that if she was really allowed to do it she might I dare not again Im sorry sister Xiaoqing Cheng

A second-generation official and a second-generation rich man, and a poor dick who collects junk for a living.
What will happen if the souls of the two are fused together? What will happen to the fused soul and a broken space ring? Please see how the tattered king counterattacked how the money and the beauty got the rich and passionate blood flow with them to make money Chapter 1 The space ring repairs the year and month number at the morning of the first month of the lunar calendar and Sunday at the morgue of the Imperial Capital Mo Hospital. Ou Ye, who just died in a car accident, came back to life Because he just passed away and hadn’t had time to put it in the freezer, it was just placed on the mortuary table in the mortuary.
Ou Ye is now a senior high school graduate. Such a thing happened at such a young age.
Ou Yesui came out to work after graduating from high school. It’s not that Ou Ye didn’t go to university. It’s because the family couldn’t provide another college student. At that time, Ou Ye’s sister Ou Li was in her third year. If Ou Ye Ou Ye resolutely tore up Qingda’s admission letter and decided to go out to work to earn money for his sister Ou Li to finish her studies, but because of her academic qualifications, she couldn’t find a good job, so she followed.
The fellow villager started a job of collecting waste. Unexpectedly, he collected waste for a year. This morning, after breakfast, Ou Ye was ready to go out to collect waste.
When he passed an intersection, a large truck carrying garbage ran a red light and directly hit Ou Yeyong.
Although the flatbed tricycle that came to collect the scraps didn’t hit Ou Ye directly, it sent Ou Ye flying. When he landed, his head hit the curb and he was brain dead.
What kind of place is this? Could it be the morgue? Ou Ye woke up and looked around After a while, I asked myself, didn’t I die from poisoning? Why did I come back to life? He doesn’t know how he died. As for why it happened, it’s because Ou Ye now has the memories of two people.
The memory and soul of the two people have merged.
That’s why this happened. The other memory and soul belong to Ou Ye.
But this Ou Ye is not B Ou Ye, this Ou Ye and B Ou Ye can be said to be people from two worlds, not that this Ou Ye is a person from another world, this Ou Ye is also a person from this world, that the two worlds are identity and One is a poor kid from the countryside and the other is a high-ranking official, the second generation of the rich.
There are two worlds. Who is Ou Ye? This Ou Ye is now aged and has a double master’s degree. Before he died, he was the heir to a billion-dollar company.
If the only heir does not die, today is the day when he will inherit the company.
Ou Ye came back from abroad half a year ago. At that time, Ou Ye was studying for a Ph. D abroad.
His father passed away suddenly. I have been investigating, but there is no clue.
The third generation of Ou Ye’s family is single. Ou Ye’s grandfather was a deputy state official when he was in power.
Ou Ye’s father, who retired from the deputy state level, has also been promoted from the deputy ministerial level to the ministerial level. For some unknown reason, his mother passed away in a car accident. His mother’s death left Ou Ye with a blow to a billion-dollar company one after another.
Ou Ye’s grandfather also passed away not long ago. When he was dying, he gave Ou Ye a ring and Tell Ou Ye that this is a request passed down from his ancestors.
Ou Ye has to wear it all the time. What’s the matter? Ou Ye said to himself, could it be because of this ring that I was able to survive? Speaking of which, Ou Ye was taken aback and quickly looked around.
Immediately, some transparent shadows appeared in the surrounding area, ghosts, Ou Ye quickly closed his eyes and shouted, what the hell are they just some soul bodies? The soul bodies that remain after the birth, but they will not exist for a long time, at most, will disappear after a few days I give them a difference, I am a weapon spirit, that is, the ring you wear on your hand, that’s how I saw them, how I merged them, and you, what are you? Ou Yelian asked after some thinking After communicating with Ou Ye, I found out what was going on.
It turns out that this ring is a treasure.
It should be said that it is a seriously damaged fairy artifact. In ancient times, there have been many battles between good and evil on the earth.
This fairy artifact belonged to an immortal at that time.
The immortal in the space ring died in battle in the end, and the ring was also seriously damaged. This time, to save Sui Ouye’s soul, its integrity is only about 1% now, and it needs various materials to repair it. That’s how you see it. I need a lot of supplies now, you have to help me get them, but I won’t let you help me in vain, and I’ll help you too, but I can’t help you in vain, right? You help me get supplies, and I’ll give you gold and silver, just like this world Of course, the price to you is much more cost-effective than selling it to others.
In addition, you can also use the gold and silver I gave you to ask me to do things for you.
What does it mean to let me sell supplies to you? Ou Ye is not sure. That’s the way it is. Anyway, who are you selling to? Sell it to me, and then use the gold and silver to let me help you.
Isn’t it better? I’m a very powerful weapon spirit and continue to tempt Ou Ye