In fact it doesnt matter if the Mu family has him or not but because of the slap a few days ago Ye Fan deliberately

In order to save others, Ye Fan, a college student, unfortunately drowned.
After waking up, he found that he had traveled to the Ming Empire.
With the development of time, Ye Fan discovered that this world is not the original one.
With the upgrade of the system, the world has become more dangerous and confusing. Who am I? Where am I? What’s wrong with me? When Ye Fan opened his eyes, he knew that he had crossed because just now when Ye Fan was conscious, he suddenly heard the master and the young master. I’m afraid, my Ye family is really going to be extinct. Miss me, Ye Every family has a great career. I never thought that in the end, no one will inherit the master. Is the selection of relatives scheduled for tomorrow? Fan quickly opened his eyes.
Ye Fan was born in the century. Originally, he was a college student. It was an ordinary family. There were no rich parents and no powerful relatives. Fortunately, Ye Fan was more competitive.
He studied since he was a child.
Once he saved a girl who fell into the water, he would not come to this world. The young master opened his eyes and saw Ye Fan suddenly opened his eyes. The butler shouted Ye Fan.
The father of this world suddenly turned his head and saw his son suddenly woke up When I came over, I was shocked for a while, my precious son Ye Laocai squatted down, held Ye Fan’s head and grinned happily.
Ye Laocai is Ye Fan’s father in this life. It is also because of his connivance that the original Ye Fan was shot to the vitals while he was looking for flowers and willows, and died suddenly after being in a coma for three days, which made the later Ye Fan come back to life.
But it didn’t borrow memory, so although Ye Fan opened his eyes, he didn’t know what happened in this life. Just thinking about getting up, he felt a splitting headache Ye Fan pretended to be confused, looked at Ye Laocai, and then looked at the butler, what’s the matter with me Ye Fan was hit in the head and lost his memory.
Although his son can’t remember the past, Ye Laocai is still very happy that the dying person can come back to life. Seeing off the doctor Ye Laocai, walked to Ye Fan’s bed, looked at Ye Fan lying on the bed with an innocent face, and sighed in his heart, son, take a good rest, don’t worry too much about other things, as long as you are alive, you are better than anything else The old man Ye Fan also has mixed feelings in his heart. In the last life, Ye Fan also had a father who loved him, but he came here before he could fulfill his filial piety. Thinking of his parents in the previous life, Ye Fan was also a little sad to see Ye Fan shed tears. Ye Laocai helped Ye Fan wipe Wipe your tears, son, don’t worry, daddy will take good care of you.
At this time, a group of women ran into the door, and my son woke up.
The voice came in before the person arrived.
Ever since Ye Fan was injured, Ye Fan’s mother took several sisters to the temple to burn incense and worship Buddha for Ye Fan every day, praying for God’s blessing. Today is the same. Ye Fan’s mother also brought all the sisters to pray today.
I just came back half a day ago when I heard that Ye Fan woke up and ran in quickly, son, you are so scared to death that you are a mother.
Ye Fan’s mother hugged Ye Fan and cried loudly. The middle-aged women behind her were also crying. These women are all Ye Laocai’s wives, but their stomachs Only Ye Fan’s mother gave birth to the only offspring of the Ye family, so she was promoted to be the eldest wife Madam, be careful, Fan’er just woke up and is still weak Hou Ye was also a little sad, but thinking that her son was still alive, Mrs.
Ye was also very relieved to be able to recover her life, which was regarded as a blessing from the Bodhisattva. I was afraid that it would affect Ye Fan’s rest. A group of people stayed for a while and went out before leaving.
Delicious food to make up for Ye Fan, lying on the bed, Ye Fan was deeply moved, never thought that in his previous life, he was just an ordinary commoner, but in this life, he came to a rich family.
Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn’t help laughing.
Spend it well, I used to be an ordinary person, Ye Fan could only live the life of an ordinary person, saying that he didn’t yearn for the life of a rich man, that’s a lie, but the environment is there, I can only think about it, when Ye Fan was thinking about it, the door was locked Gently push the young master away, it’s time to take the medicine, a small girl walked in with a tray, Ye Fan’s eyes lit up, this little girl is really beautiful, with a melon-seeded face, almond eyes, a little beauty, the appearance of a maiden when she saw Ye Fan Some blushing maids named Xiaocui are Ye Fan’s personal maids, Ye Fan is a playboy, so he didn’t let go of the beautiful maid beside him After reminding Xiaocui to remind Ye Fan, he woke up and wiped the halazi that had flowed to the corner of his mouth.
Just as he wanted to get up, Xiaocui quickly leaned over, young master, stay still, I’ll say hello to you, picked up the soup spoon, scooped up a spoonful, and blew lightly twice Ye Fan, who was handed to Ye Fan in his previous life, was just a freshman because his family was relatively poor and he had never had a girlfriend, let alone a lady, so he was still a virgin.
Xiao Cui let out a cry, hey, Ye Fan quickly opened his mouth and drank the medicine handed to his mouth, a strong smell of traditional Chinese medicine filled Ye Fan’s mouth and nose, and almost choked Ye Fan to death, young master, slow down, Xiao Cui quickly reminded me to pass After fighting for a long time, Ye Fan swallowed the last sip of bitter medicine.
Xiaocui wiped the corner of Ye Fan’s mouth, got up and walked out, but just before leaving the door, he gave Lin Ming an affectionate glance. What a crime!