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A man died suddenly on a viaduct with heavy traffic during the off-duty rush hour.
On the inside of the car, it looked like a suicide, but the police always felt that something was wrong. After unremitting pursuit, they found that the case had a shocking background.
The efforts to survive are often more moving than the story itself. About the Author Slow three years, born in Hengyang, Hunan, once worked as a TV reporter, talk show writer, film and television screenwriter, now full-time writing, published a collection of short stories, do you still want to buy pants in this heavy rain A word, including punctuation, is fictitious. If there is any similarity, it is God’s will. Chapter 1 The deceased got up early in the morning as usual, showered and shaved, put on clean clothes, took a few bites of overnight sliced ​​bread, and quietly left the door in the garage.
He tried several times and failed to ignite the red Forester, which was less than three years old, because the headlights were not turned off overnight and the battery was dead. He sighed and got out of the car, took out the emergency jumper from the trunk, opened the hood and connected On the positive and negative poles, start the car and roar. On the way to the company, he stuffed this song with me into the car stereo and set it to play on a loop. This is what Eason Chan sang in his Cantonese album released in 1997. Unless you’re me, when I’m with you, he habitually sang loudly along with the music. At this time, there is no sign of his death.
In the morning, he and his colleagues in the working group held a lengthy topic selection meeting He was obviously not very interested in all kinds of whimsical topics that everyone put forward, but he still listened patiently and gave directional suggestions.
This team was built by him alone. There are a few strong players, but the overall growth is slow.
He rejected his colleagues. I was invited to lunch by myself at the convenience store downstairs and bought a boxed lunch. After eating silently in the break room, I went back to the office and continued to complete a budget plan to be submitted before work. He is a workaholic, which is what most people who know him think of him. After the submission of the budget plan, he has been staying in the computer room since 1:00 p.
m., except for two trips to the bathroom and a few phone calls.
He has been in the computer room to accompany the director and editor to review the newly produced program samples.
He instructed them to record the places that needed to be revised one by one, and set a time for submitting the film at 2:50 pm. He finally finished reviewing the sample film, packed up his things and was about to leave.
After getting into the car, he inserted the key into the keyhole. He waited for half a minute and took a deep breath.
Step on the brakes and turn the key in one breath. This time the engine struggled twice and the music was turned on. Then it started playing where it was cut off in the morning.
My wife sent a WeChat message to remind him not to forget to pick up the birthday cake. He didn’t reply.
He couldn’t have forgotten such an important thing. He was in a daze for a moment at the counter of the cake shop on the basement floor of the Guomao Mall, until the clerk put a box of beautifully packaged birthday cakes in front of him.
He asked the clerk if there was a frosting nozzle that could write on the cake. After 20 minutes, he stopped. Come out of the underground garage and enter the East Third Ring Road, go north along the auxiliary road, turn south under the Shuangjing Bridge, and then go on the main road of the Third Ring Road Slowly moving forward in the traffic flow, it was already 4:30 in the afternoon, the smog was heavy and the exhaust gas was smoky.
When he approached the Guomao Bridge, his muscles began to tense and his eyelids jumped wildly.
He held the steering wheel tightly and stared at the rearview mirror on the left.
As usual, then he gritted his teeth, pulled down the turn signal lever, and started merging to the left His whole body was numb and his headache was splitting.
He opened his mouth and tried to call for help, but it was too late. The smiling faces of his wife and children appeared in front of his eyes.
He burst into tears, and then he stopped breathing. At the age of thirty-nine, Eason Chan just sang that song again on the stereo. Unless you are me, you can be with me often in the song cycle like reincarnation. On the windshield directly in front of him, there are two words written with sweat and tears on the windshield. Before the performance of the Show Club, I would like to tell everyone here the rules. Of course, there are rules for eating and doing things.
There are rules for watching performances. Our rules are very simple. Just one word.
Those who are not funny, everyone should fake a smile. People who don’t smile, don’t think of going out of this door today. The big man at the door sees if it’s our hired thug. Do you dare to laugh when we hit you? Let me introduce myself. My name is Ma Niu Ma Dehua’s horse The reason why Andy Lau’s Niu is named this is because my father’s surname is Ma and my mother’s surname is Niu. They started a surname battle when they named me.
I can only shake hands and sign an agreement to put my surname on me and change it every ten years, so before I was ten years old, I was called Ma Niu. From ten to twenty, I was called Niu Ma.
This year, when I was 30, I changed back to Ma Niu.
Now I take care of me. Dad’s name is Mazhuang Manager My mother’s name is Madam Niu. I don’t know if it’s because of the curse of this name. I seem to have worked hard all my life. Do you think I feel very old? My genius has age spots at age thirty Involuntarily trembling for a while, hey, how did you go, are you guilty? It’s okay. Most of the audience today is not only of good quality, but also clean.
Last time I said that I was a policeman, a large number of audience stood up and feared. Later I found out that it was a gang of thieves who came to listen to the talk show