In a daze he remembered what the unconscious Lei Zhe had said to him when he rescued Lei Zhe back then save me you will

Novel downloads can be accessed on mobile phones to access the 80-year-old e-book net Sui Meng Organized Attached works come from the Internet The boy wearing black-rimmed glasses couldn’t help but cover his mouth and retch, and patted his shoulder with a hand behind him, accompanied by the boy’s crisp voice. Are you okay? Ah Xue turned around and saw the concerned expression of the boy in Sunshine, and waved his hands with all his might. Tu Nan smiled.
Handing over his own water bottle, the scorching sun illuminated the light-colored hair of the smiling young man in Phnom Penh. A Xue took the water bottle and was very grateful.
The four cars in the front and back were full of big, rough men. The world is full of zombies.
In the post-apocalyptic world, no one would notice such a small thing as motion sickness.
Only Tunan, who is about his age, would care about the situation of his peers. On both sides of the road, you can see grass and ruins in the sun from time to time. I don’t know if the exposed corpses are human or zombies. The white line on the asphalt road has long been covered by weeds growing wildly in the cracks. At this moment, there are only them and a group of four cars on this deserted road. At the front is the black team led by Teacher Yu.
Land Rover is followed by two pickup trucks loaded with supplies, and the last is their open-top jeep in charge of the rear. Every month, the coral settlement will send a convoy to other settlements to exchange supplies and hunt for some wild game to inquire about intelligence, but the nearest settlement is The land is more than 40 kilometers away from Coral Town. Hey, do you think the convoys coming to Tianjin have been coming too frequently recently? I don’t think it’s a good sign. Does it look like he is guarding against Lan Aowen? No way, the driver shakes his head. Lan Aowen, you don’t know that his style is so flamboyant. If he is really in Jindu, he must be afraid that no one in the world will know that he is coming. You I’ve never seen Lan Aowen’s captain look like he’s holding his hand on the car window and baring his nose, hey, hey, don’t talk about it, sir, I’ve actually seen the driver brother knock on the steering wheel with a smug expression on his face. The fat man beside him and the boy from Tunan behind him also came.
Leaning forward with interest, they said in unison, “What does it look like?” I stayed in the satellite city of Huaigang with a few buddies before I came to Tianjin. At that time, I planned to cross Huaigang to come here. I didn’t know it was a high-risk area until I arrived in Huaigang, and I planned to give up. Guess what? The driver glanced at the fat man and the boy in the rearview mirror with interest. I didn’t expect Lan Aowen’s convoy to come.
Damn, it’s so mighty. It’s like a mobile arsenal! We followed Lan Aowen’s convoy and passed through Huaigang without any injuries. Didn’t you see the scene where the convoy and those people killed the zombies? Don’t be even more frantic. Xue heard this a bit Do you care about Lan Aowen’s team allowing you to follow behind? It’s not that he wants to be suspicious, but Lan Aowen’s reputation for being cold-blooded and cruel is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it’s hard to tell the difference between Lou and Zhan.
Yes, I didn’t expect my buddies to go When begging for mercy, he readily agreed, the driver shrugged Lian Dong Everything is confiscated, but our little food and supplies are not appreciated at all, right? The fat man kicked the driver’s seat, it’s impossible for you to fucking blow it up. Lan Aowen will allow you to follow him. Maybe it’s the one in Lan Aowen’s team who was specially responsible for doing good deeds to do good for their master.
It was hit by your shit luck.
After that, the two of them laughed out loud.
I mean, you asked me to say it, and I said it, you again I don’t believe it, but it’s also possible. Ah Xue took out a black notepad from his pocket, flipped through his glasses, and said, Lan Aowen’s two bases were in Huaigang Satellite City and the other was in Xiongya.
Although there is a detour from Satellite City to Xiongya, the road If it is too far away, there will be a lot of damage, and the road further north is Lou Zhan’s territory. If Lou Zhan cuts off the road, Lan Aowen will have nothing to do.
So from the strategic significance of Huaigang, it is not surprising that he wants to open up Huaigang. He closed it. The notebook feels that his reasoning is reliable.
He has always carried this notebook with him to record all kinds of major events that have occurred on this continent in the past five years since the outbreak of the biochemical virus, including the building war and the ebb and flow of Lan Aowen’s forces. It is also a strategy. Meaning, that guy Wu Ming has taught you quite a lot.
The young man on the co-pilot raised his eyebrows.
Ah Xue heard the disdain in the other party’s words and immediately became embarrassed. There are too many people in the settlement who don’t like Wu Ming.
He and Wu Ming are so close. It caused a lot of people’s dissatisfaction, it’s very embarrassing, and I’m just guessing randomly.
Don’t say that, I think what you said is very reasonable. The one who said it was the Tunan light-haired boy in the back row, lying on the seat and watching him. His smile is still sincere and brilliant. The driver brother also saved a little bit of face and turned around and said yes, that’s the reason.
He was busy talking but didn’t pay attention to the road ahead. The car passed a sunken pothole and suddenly bumped. It hit him on the back of his foot with a thump, that was the rifle leaning against the car window that the fat guy didn’t have time to grab.
The buddy of the co-pilot glanced back at the last row, Su Ze, are you okay? A Xue also turned his head.
It didn’t affect his state of being as still as still water.
When Ah Xue turned his head, he could still see that indifferent and handsome face hanging down quietly from the front rearview mirror. Brother Su Ze is such a person. His normal presence can be like a shadow The same low, but once you notice his iceberg-like aura, it’s hard not to keep paying attention to him looking at Su Ze in the rearview mirror, holding the arm of the assault rifle as firmly as a mountain, the cuff of the black shirt half-rolled skin The lines of the pale forearm are still smooth and powerful