Impossible only love I have run away from you but never thought of giving up I have also made you sad and now I think

Chapter 1 Mind Nobody Knows At the exit of the airport, two soldiers in military uniforms saw men in military uniforms coming out along with the crowd, saluting in unison, the chief, so that the gold beans on their epaulettes can tell their ranks Not bad, you good man quickly stood at attention and returned the salute Put down your hands, rubbed your dry eyes, followed them to the army green jeep next to you Chief welcomes you back from the jeep A sunny boy in a green military uniform looks very handsome always smiling Glancing at him, he opened the car door and sat up. The two people behind picked up their luggage and quickly got into another car.
Just how is the preparation of the conscription materials this time? Going back to the chief, we chose the one closest to the army this time. A polytechnic university has a large number of recruits because it happens that there are many boys in the polytechnic college.
I have communicated with the person in charge of their school last week and the school has sent us the information of students who are willing and have relevant potential.
There are a total of people waiting for the chief to come back to do the final screening, and there are military doctors. We chose Lingyang Medical College and received a voluntary registration document. Well, this meeting focuses on the quality of conscription, so there will be 1/3 of them.
The elimination rate of one or more must not be sloppy. I will personally supervise the part of the medical school.
Okay, but you are not on vacation for these two months. You haven’t been home for three years. The old chief called yesterday and ordered After that, when you come back, you must go home first. Now, do you want to go back to the army? I’ll rest for a while.
When it’s time, tell me to finish talking, throw your head back, put your arms around your arms, and slowly close your tired eyes. Gangzi turned his head and looked.
Looking at his tired face, I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t bear it, and whispered to the driver to drive more smoothly. Lingyang City, the October sky was gloomy, covering everything, only black and white, people couldn’t see the colors, no sunset, no raindrops It makes people feel a little out of breath.
The phone rings. It’s Xuewei who picks up the phone and puts it to her ear.
Could it be that Brother Tang said to invite us to dinner at Guixin Pavilion and ask me to call you up, and he has a message to come back and want to introduce us I know you, get ready.
An hour later, I will wait for you at the school gate. The excited tone of my good friend Xuewei is always like this every time.
As long as there is Tang Zhe, she is always so excited.
I still have some work to do, but I really don’t want to spoil their interest.
Could it be that the work we have done is already done because of the conscription? We have known each other since the first day of college. I remember this every year. You have been like this for a few days, although I don’t know what happened these days, but seeing you like this makes me feel very uncomfortable, do you know that well, if you don’t go, I won’t go, and if there is something, you must Call me, you know? You have to remember that I am always on call. As a good friend and colleague, no matter what happens, they will face it together, but this matter cannot be shared by her.
Xuewei I’m sorry I just want to be quiet for a few days Hang up the phone A few drops of crystal tears in the corners of my eyes Wait for me Wait for me to come back to find you Brother Stone Ten years ago today was the day we separated You told me to wait for you Wait for you to come back and marry me But I have been waiting for you for ten years, I have been looking for you for five years, but where are you? What I want to do most every morning is not wanting to open my eyes, not wanting to face disappointment soberly, not wanting to wait day after day. Too much hope that time can turn back to the eve of our separation, but time can go backwards? Brother, what is the plan for the evening? God wants to introduce you to a good buddy of mine, you don’t want to go, it looks like you’re in a good mood now, when are you going on an appointment? Seeing her smile, Tang Zhe shrank his neck, feeling as if something bad was waiting for him Are you looking at him? Could it be that you want me to do something illegal? Every time I see you laughing like this, I have malicious intentions. I can’t help but want to ask my brother again. I’m talking nonsense this time.
It’s really a good thing, isn’t it? Want to invite you to dinner? First, I want to win you over.
Second, I want to make amends for the last time. Hey, you don’t need to eat when you make amends. It’s okay.
I see that you’ve really come back to life. Do you want to tell me what’s on your mind? Tang Zhe said at the same time.
While talking, inputting the data I saw into the computer, what can I worry about? Now I just want to graduate quickly and do what I want to do. I feel like I’ve read all the books and my mind is blank instead. Could it be that I scratched my hair in embarrassment? Chapter 1 Could it be that the figure in the dream is a doctoral student at Lingyang Medical College who is about to graduate in one year and is now preparing for graduation projects, so she often asks Tang Zhe a lot of questions because he graduated a year ago and is now a professor.
The two assistants came to the snack street near the school, which was very hot.
After searching for several places, they found two seats. Brother Tang asked you a question. You are almost on the verge of finding a girlfriend. Tang Zhe is so outstanding, why don’t I find a girlfriend? Don’t you know? Cough, fate didn’t come, right? Then you, the boys chasing you can go around Lingyang City, why didn’t they fall in love? Could it be that what he did was not obvious enough? Everyone knows that he likes her, but she only thinks of him as a senior brother who didn’t meet her eyes and couldn’t find it.
She reached out and picked up a piece of green vegetable to hide her heart. The two of us are the same, or we can make a pair And there is no need to cultivate relationships or spend time getting to know strangers, right? Although Tang Zhe said it as a joke, what he said is true.
When will she understand his heart? Senior brother