Immediately staring at Lin Qinghes terrifying swordsmanship the sound of applause and screams was deafening like bursts of thunder Tu Feiyuan took a breath of

Geniuses are practicing the skills created by the ancients, but Zhang Ye is already practicing the skills created by himself. When others are fighting for a martial arts cheat book, Zhang Ye is selling his own martial arts cheats to make money Geniuses Zhang Ye was complacent about his little achievement, but Zhang Ye had already beaten their master until he vomited blood and fled. Others could not cultivate a skill to great success even with all their efforts, but Zhang Ye understood it thoroughly in a short period of time Fa Bing cultivated to the point of mastery, hitting people in the face, stepping on people, stomping on their noses, slapping the faces of the second generation ancestors, tearing down the bones of old monsters, molesting beauties of all races, this is a young man with low talent but high comprehension An Awesome Life Chapter Chapter The concubine of the Zhang family The Zhang Family’s family in Sanhe Town, Qingsang City, Qinglin County, Weiguo Ye looked at the beautiful scenery around her body, then tilted her head to look at the two suns in the sky, took a long breath, and said to herself, as the saying goes, there are no two suns, but now there are two suns hanging in the sky, I am from the barbaric continent Is it Zhuang Zhou’s dream of a butterfly or a butterfly dream? When Zhuang Zhou said this, Zhang Ye’s face showed a hint of confusion. Zhang Ye is twelve years old this year. He is a bastard from the Zhang family in Sanhe Town.
As a bastard, his talent is relatively low.
Of course, the family would not focus on him, so Zhang Ye became a dispensable thing in the Zhang family.
Time taught him that the low training treatment directly led to the poor cultivation of Zhang Ye. Now the boys of the same generation have entered the second level of martial arts, and some with outstanding aptitude have reached the peak of the second level of martial arts, ready to attack the third level at any time.
But Ye is still in the first level of martial arts, hesitant to look forward to seeing that he is only a layer of paper away from the second level of martial arts, but he can’t advance in any way. In order to improve his cultivation speed, Zhang Ye began to go to the mountains to collect medicinal materials two years ago. In exchange for a little remuneration, I bought pills for cultivation.
The life of collecting herbs is hard and dangerous. Half a month ago, Zhang Ye was scratched by a poisonous weed when he went up to the mountain to collect herbs. Although he immediately took the detoxification pill, he was still in a coma for a day and a night. After waking up in the barren mountains, Zhang Ye was shocked to find that there was a strange but familiar memory in his mind. In this memory, he lived on a planet called Earth.
For a long time, he read books, played games, watched TV, fell in love on the Internet, came into contact with airplanes, cars, ships, and other incredible things, experienced all kinds of joys and sorrows in life, until he died unexpectedly.
For more than ten days, Zhang Ye has been like a person suffering from schizophrenia. He has a splitting headache all day long, full of hallucinations, and pops out a few words of the language spoken on earth from time to time. This sudden memory makes Zhang Ye Ye suffered great pain But it also brought some benefits.
With the slow integration of memory, Zhang Ye’s vision and thinking have undergone great changes. He is still a twelve-year-old boy on the outside, but his heart is full of experience. A calm temperament that does not match the age of an adult unknowingly appeared on Zhang Ye. In addition to the change in temperament, Zhang Ye felt that his brain was also more flexible, and some things that he could not think clearly before were now. I understood it after thinking about it.
Quietly looking at the clouds in the sky, Zhang Ye’s confused expression became firm.
He waved his arm fiercely and said in a low voice, whether it’s the earth or the wild continent, I’m me, I’m Zhang Ye’s memory Life on Earth in the novel is extremely wonderful. In this barbaric continent in reality, I also want to make my life wonderful. I want to become a warrior admired by everyone on the barren continent.
I want to reach the pinnacle of martial arts.
In the last chapter, Ye only felt that the headache had vanished, and the indescribable refreshment all over his body felt as if he had gained a new life. He faintly realized that the memory of that sudden awakening had merged with his own memory. Regardless of each other, the young master and the young master Zhang Ye were preparing to digest the memories in their minds when a long-sleeved little girl ran over Zhang Ye took a look at this little girl who was the girl who served her daily life, Qinglian Zhang Ye said slowly What’s the matter with Qinglian Qinglian has served Zhang Ye since she was a child, and she is very familiar with Zhang Ye.
She faintly feels that her young master seems to have become a little different, but she can’t tell what is different, but she can’t tell her thoughts. Qinglian is in a hurry I said that something is wrong with the young master.
The quenching body pill that the family gave you was taken away by the wife just now. I heard that it was given to your elder brother. What kind of quenching body pill was taken away? One of the necessary elixirs for martial arts practitioners, when they just started martial arts, they can use the power of this body quenching elixir to quickly remove some impurities in the body, improve the quality of the body, and have a better foundation for cultivation.
Receive twice the result with half the effort Body Tempering Pill is very useful for warriors, but its value is not cheap The big clan can’t get many Body Tempering Pills throughout the year.
Only when the boy in the family reaches the age of 12, the family will issue one to assist in cultivation. Zhang Ye’s talent and cultivation are lagging behind others. It’s time to catch up with the Body Tempering Pill for him. It is undoubtedly very important for his mother to take away the quenching body pill, which means that his path of cultivation will be more difficult. Zhang Ye took a deep breath and said slowly under the pressure of anger in his heart.