Immediately bid farewell to Feng Xiaotian and left the room they didnt want to talk about it in this room it was embarrassing for Zi

One of the most tragic characters in Fengxiaotian Douluo One of the stepping stones of Tang San The person he likes also likes Tang San. Unexpectedly, the awakened martial soul will be mutated again.
He possessed the skills of Lanling King among the kings of the previous life, extreme intention, shadow eclipse, sneak attack and concealment.
The five skills have evolved into soul skills. So far, Feng Xiaotian will be different from the ordinary and look different. Feng Xiaotian is a different Douluo. World Chapter 1 I am Feng Xiao Tian Dou Empire Rice Province Kamikaze City In the morning, a five or six-year-old boy was wearing single clothes and running along the road in Kamikaze Academy. At this moment, the little boy’s forehead was sweating The whole clothes were dripping and wet, and the walking was a bit staggering, and it seemed uncoordinated, but if you look closely, you will find that there are sandbags wrapped around each of the little boy’s legs, which is a little bit reluctant, adding from three catties to ten catties at a time.
Some couldn’t take it anymore. The little boy gritted his teeth with a determined face.
Every time he lifted his foot, he seemed to be exerting all his strength. The students of the Kamikaze Academy who passed by would make way for the child, and showed their admiring eyes.
Some even greeted the Kamikaze Academy actively. The high-level soul master academy with the element of wind is very influential in the top ranking of Tiandou Empire.
It stands to reason that there should not be such a little boy in the high-level soul master academy.
Those who can enter the high-level soul master academy are at least level Great soul master, but no one dares to say anything about this kid here, isn’t it because this little boy is the vice president of Shenfeng Academy, Feng Qingyuan, and the son of Qin Qiuyue, the academic affairs office of the academy, is named Feng Xiaotian, and one is in the forty-six-year-old class The other soul saint is the forty-three-year-old soul emperor. No one dares to have an opinion. Although his footsteps are heavy, he still perseveres all the way. After half an hour, Feng Xiaotian came to an exquisite small courtyard.
Tian entered the small courtyard and shouted a beautiful woman who looked about 30 years old came out of the house. This is Feng Xiaotian’s mother Qin Qiuyue came to the side of the little boy with a brisk walk.
How much weight? Although it is important to become a soul master in the future, the body is also very important, but you are not yet six years old. You can’t break your body.
Qin Qiuyue bent down to help him remove the sandbags on his legs while she was talking. The son went out to exercise, and she followed silently all the way.
I know Mom, I’m not doing well, besides, I’ll be six years old tomorrow and I can awaken my martial soul.
Feng Xiaotian is looking forward to it.
It’s been six years since I was born and I’m in this world. You should also pay attention to your life in the future, you have to do what you can, your sandbags can only be increased to five catties at most, and you can only increase it after you get used to it Qin Qiuyue dotingly looks at her son from birth Feng Xiaotian has been very sensible, just for this cultivation It seems a little too obsessed, ok, well, Feng Xiaotian replied helplessly that he was not born in an ordinary family, his parents are both soul masters with certain strength and status.
Originally, when he was three years old, he started thinking about exercising his body.
My parents forcibly stopped me, saying that I was three years old and it was not the time to exercise.
Feng Xiaotian could only secretly Do some common exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, etc. in his own room. It was only agreed a month ago that he can go out, go for a run with weights, and take a shower first, then come and have breakfast. I’ve already warmed up the water for you, Qin Qiuyue Smiling, Feng Xiaotian came to the bathroom, the water temperature in the bathtub was just right, took off his clothes, lay down in it, and felt extremely relaxed. Looking back on the time when he came to Douluo Dalu, he was extremely happy. Although he was born, he was not particularly noble, but he was not alone. Comparable and what he crossed over to occupy is the body of the super genius Feng Xiaotian. Anyone who has seen Douluo Dalu knows that Feng Xiaotian’s martial soul is a mutated Gale Two-Headed Wolf. Compared with the top-level beast spirit, the innate full soul power is the top self-created soul skill of Douluo Dalu. The thirty-six consecutive slashes of the wind beat Tang San so much that he had to use the Clear Sky Hammer, which shows how high Feng Xiaotian’s talent is.
A genius in the Douluo Continent is a stepping stone for the soy-sauce Tang San. Even the people he likes have taken a fancy to Tang San. It is understandable that he is a tragic figure in the Douluo.
Five years after the Soul Master Competition At the first level, he fought Tang San again, and the gap was far widened. At the age of twenty-four, he was only at level forty-four.
When he read novels in his previous life, he felt that his talent was unreasonable compared to the other Shrek Seven Monsters. The difference is that they both reached level 40 between the ages of fourteen and seventeen. It’s because they ate a piece of fairy grass next to the protagonist Tang San. The difference between the two is nine years old.
The difference is so big.
Because of the skill, the cultivation was delayed in the next five years, from the forty-fourth level to the sixty-first level, the cultivation speed was no worse than Tang San, and even faster than the other members of the Shrek Seven Monsters.
The skill really took a lot of time. I occupied Feng Xiaotian’s body.
I don’t know if I can have this kind of insight to create a soul skill. After all, I am no longer the Feng Xiaotian in the novel.
In his previous life, he was just an ordinary person.
Knowing what kind of internal strength, let alone using poison, and I don’t know if I have golden fingers like the protagonists in those time-traveling novels in my previous life. It must also stand on the top of the continent and no longer be someone else’s stepping stone. After twenty minutes, Feng Xiaotian got dressed and came to the dining room. Feng Qingyuan and Qin Qiuyue are waiting for his parents, you don’t have to wait for me to eat.
Xiaotian sits in his usual seat, picks up his chopsticks, and prepares to eat, isn’t it because your mother insists on waiting for you to eat together? There are still a lot of things to eat in the college, and I have to deal with them early.
If you have an opinion, don’t eat it, hey, my wife, I was wrong, can’t I just wait?