I’m still not willing to let you go after divorce You said I should learn from you Lin Yimei’s mocking and sarcasm clearly alluded to

Chapter 1 Divorced ex-husband Pata Lin Lanshan pressed the remote control, and the whole house was instantly lit up, bright as daylight, making the darkness nowhere to hide, setting off her figure becoming more and more lonely and gloomy, quietly looking around at the decoration in the living room From the sofa to the pillow, from the cashmere rug to the decorative painting, everything was selected by her and carefully arranged.
At that time, she thought this would be a paradise that would bring her warmth and happiness, but she did not expect that from the first day she moved in, she fell into hell.
The house brought her nothing but coldness and loneliness. Lin Lanshan squatted down slowly, she buried her face in her knees, her shoulders began to tremble violently, tears fell silently and silently, the roar of the engine brought Lin Lanshan back to her senses, and she quickly moved Standing up from the ground, she wiped away the tears on her face with the back of her hand. At this moment, she turned into a calm and composed Lin Lanshan. In the yard, a beautiful black tail flicked to a stop, and the door was pushed open.
Li Shaochen, who was dressed in casual clothes, got out of the car. Instead of closing the door directly, he turned around and said something to the people in the car.
His lips curled into a handsome, charming and extremely gentle smile. Lin Lanshan stood at the door and through the car window, he could see the woman Lin Yi sitting in the co-pilot seat. Mei Li Shaochen, the woman whom Li Shaochen has loved for ten years, watched Li Shaochen smile at her like never before, Lin Lanshan’s heart subconsciously tightened, she wanted to look away, but her eyes greedily stuck to the man’s body until he turned around and saw herself She also clearly saw the flash of loathing in his eyes. Lin Lanshan’s body trembled and she could hardly stand up. It was obviously he who was the one who proposed to him first, but he was also the woman he loved after returning from the crisis.
She just kicked herself away, she thought that maybe she wasn’t even a chess piece, because in Li Shaochen’s opinion, Lin Lanshan was not worthy or worthy at all, took a deep breath, Lin Lanshan made herself look like she didn’t care that much and didn’t care that much Sad that she stood quietly and greeted Li Shaochen with a smile when he came over, what happened? Did he forget to bring something? The number of times Li Shaochen has set foot in the past three years is very small. Every time he comes, he walks in a hurry, worse than passing by. A few minutes later, Li Shaochen came down from upstairs with a small box in his hand, holding it tightly. The moment he saw the box Lin Lanshan’s face couldn’t help but be astonished, Shaochen, why do you want to say that this is left to you by grandma? The outstretched hand froze in mid-air, then slowly fell down in front of Lin Lanshan.
Li Shaochen opened the box in front of Lin Lanshan, and inside lay a pair of delicate suet jade bracelets. Under the light, the jade bracelets glowed warmly.
What the family ancestors passed on to the daughter-in-law naturally belonged to Yimei, and I took it away. What’s wrong? The impatient and indifferent voice pierced Lin Lanshan’s heart fiercely like a sharp knife.
How could she have forgotten? The only wife Li Shaochen believes is Lin Yimei used to be so engrossed in Li Shaochen’s marriage proposal that she forgot to look behind it carefully. The reason is that she sinks like a fool in a beautiful dream made of love, but she doesn’t know that in Li Shaochen’s eyes, she is just a humble clown. The two people together wishing you live a long life together.
Chapter 1 Car Accident The four simple words twitched from the corner of Lin Lanshan’s smiling lips and landed in Li Shaochen’s ears, but they were a little more sarcastic. His brows frowned and the disgust in his eyes became stronger I impatiently closed the box and looked at Lin Lanshan coldly. Rather than wishing me well, I’d better figure it out and let go.
I don’t like being missed, and Yimei doesn’t like it either.
Don’t forget who you are, and leave cold warnings and threats behind Li Shaochen. Don’t want to waste a little more time, lift your foot and walk to the door. The person suddenly stopped and frowned and turned around about the divorce. Yimei accidentally said that she slipped her mouth during the interview.
She didn’t mean it. Unsteady standing, eyes full of shock and astonishment, knowing that her job is crisis public relations, knowing what kind of case she has taken on recently, knowing how the exposure of the divorce will affect her, yet he can speak in such a calm tone The tone of telling her that the instigator didn’t do it on purpose is clearly telling her not to care about it because Lin Yimei didn’t do it on purpose, so she shouldn’t care if there is such a truth in the world, then who will pay for her career? As if being bitten by countless ants, Lin Lanshan stubbornly stood straight and smiled, watching the man she loved walking towards his lover step by step, watching him open the car door and go up, smiling, opened the box and took out the jade bracelet Carefully put it on for Lin Yimei, then held her hands, put them on her lips, and kissed Lin Yimei, she blushed suddenly, and complained about something shyly, but it caused Li Shaochen to laugh even more heartily. He leaned sideways on her lap After kissing her face, she started the car and left until she disappeared into the night.
Lin Lanshan moved her stiff body and raised her hand to look at the empty and slender wrist. Before her eyes were covered with tears, she bit her lips tightly. Li Shaochen, it turns out that you are Such a cold and ruthless person is married and I divorced, but even my feelings are taken away.
I really want to ask why Lin Yimei and her mother appeared. My mother was forced to commit suicide. Why did you take away my love? Father, the chief culprit of my family, I can become a family with peace of mind, but I am rejected, forgotten, and ridiculed.
Father can take away the family, but love is mine. This is the only thing that Lin Yimei can’t take away.
I love you for ten years. Years ago, this feeling has already penetrated deep into the bone marrow.
Even if the soul is gone, I dare not forget the thick eyelashes trembling and slowly closing.
Thanks to Lin Yimei, the last case she gave her was messed up.