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Chapter 1 My name is Wine and Sword Immortal Xichuan Qingzhou City The lonely place deep in the mountains and valleys is called Falling Dragon Valley Falling Dragon Valley has a thousand feet deep valley.
I don’t know how many fierce beasts and ghosts there are. Even the top immortal masters in Qingzhou City dare not easily set foot on the chaotic rocks at the bottom of the valley. The middle-aged boy’s ragged clothes and aura have long since ceased. I can’t imagine that within three to five days, the monsters at the bottom of the valley will be devoured. Suddenly, Ji Wuyou died for me. The boy suddenly sat up in shock. The earth and rocks inside were split to pieces and shouted angrily. The young man’s eyes continued to be confused, looking around tonight, what night, where, who, who, who is it? Could it be that he is a resurrected body? The young man’s brows frown, and thousands of thoughts are swept away like a wave. His name is Liang Chenwan. A few years ago, I realized the method of penetrating the heavens and the earth. In just a hundred years, I ascended to the heavens and directly reached the realm of the eight kalpas of the immortals.
There is only one step away from the immortal immortal and the same life. During the Ninth Tribulation, everything was ready, but his lifelong best friend Ji Wuyou took advantage of the chaos to sneak attack and steal his cultivation base, ruined his good fortune, and became a fairyland, leaving him in the lower body of the Nine Sky Thunderbolt, destroying his soul and killing him. Oh, Ji Wuyou misses me all my life Waiting for you to be kissed like a robe, but in the end, you will always seek vengeance in the four heavens and three realms, and search the ends of the earth, and I will also smash you to pieces. Now it is the realm of Xuanxian, Shou and Tianqi, but he only has this empty and broken body, what kind of barrier is there? The memory of the body is here in Qingzhou City, Xichuan, Xiaoxiang Country. The owner of this body is the direct descendant of the Liang Family Mansion in Qingzhou City. A few years ago, he made his family members beat him to death and abandoned his corpse in the wilderness. Liang Chenwu yelled angrily, saying that in the previous life, he was killed by his brother, and in this life, he was killed by his brother.
It is all because of this that he borrowed this crippled body to wake up. With Liang Chen’s insight, how could he not have imagined that the person who committed such a murderous hand had any plans in his mind, nothing more than killing and seizing power.
Thinking of this, Liang Chen couldn’t help frowning.
His parents died early in the Liang family. There is only the old man in power in the family, but there are fellow uncles who have been coveting the position for a long time.
If he really dies, the family will definitely change. Tian Liangchen got up angrily and wanted to go back, but he just took a step and faced all kinds of helplessness. Now he has just awakened this crippled body Telling people to take away their spiritual roots and go home without any cultivation base, so how can they still need some strength? Liang Chen clenched his fists and calmed down to think about the method of cultivation.
It is rare for him to practice all the way to build a foundation and refine Qi. Yufu Linggong is the first four great realms of immortality.
The most powerful person in the Liang family’s mansion is only a seventh-level foundation-builder who only needs to build a five-level foundation to fight this broken body.
After attaining the spiritual root, it just happened to turn to the cultivation method.
Sitting cross-legged and looking inside, you can see this Although the remnant body has lost its spiritual roots and damaged its cultivation base, its roots have been carefully cultivated, and it is quite strong. Liang Chen is overjoyed and obedient to the memory movement skills, and all the aura of heaven and earth is enveloped. Drinking the sun and swallowing the moon brings all the aura of aura into the body. Most of the monks of the immortal family only practice one of the five elements. The aura of heaven and earth also has a part. The name of the Dharma is called Jiujian Xianfa.
It was born in the previous life, Liang Chen, who comprehended the heavens and the earth against the sky and proved the Tao.
There was once a master of the immortal family who praised it, saying that earth brewing wood brewing water fire calendula jade liquefies the universe.
This combination of the five elements is called Hunyuan Kungfu by the world. The worldly kung fu can range from low to high scores, magic, spiritual, Tao, and immortal.
It can also be subdivided from one to nine grades of wine and swords.
Looking at the world, it is difficult to find a method that is stronger than this.
The spiritual energy enters the body and gathers in the dantian. The five elements are mixed together.
The wooden scabbard is made of gold and the sword body is water cremated. But there are all benefits and no harm. When Liang Chen was cultivating in his predecessor, he had no spiritual roots.
He realized the Tao on his own and created the law of rebellion. At this moment, the spiritual energy of the five elements is condensed into a sword, which is his spiritual root. The spiritual root has this fairy method, so why worry about the cultivation, the foundation has been established on the first day, and the disability is wiped out. On the second day, he rushed to the third floor of the foundation in one breath. After three days, the aura had dissipated and there was no more aura to use within a thousand zhang radius. Liang Chen just opened his eyes and got up, and he had already reached the fifth level of foundation building. This level of cultivation is enough to go home. It’s a pity that the spiritual root of the realm can’t be separated into a sword.
Being able to use the mortal sword to stretch his fists and feet, Liang Chen couldn’t help showing a bit of joy.
In just three days, he had reached the fifth level of foundation building. If the masters of the Liang family knew about it, they would all be scared out of their wits. Injured, but the root bones are extremely tough. It is most suitable to practice the method of my previous life, but I am afraid that I will need some means to defend myself when I return from this trip. The thought in my mind was swept away.
Liang Chen finally chose a method that he liked most in his predecessor Pointing to the stars, this is the sword fairy master’s method of close combat with fingers as a sword, which is suitable for him to use now The astonishing monster aura is coming. Could it be that there are some powerful monsters in this valley? They will definitely come to see them in the future. After saying that, Liang Chen quickened his pace and headed out of the Falling Dragon Valley. Now his strength is not enough to match it. Powerful monsters fight against it, and going home is the right thing to do.
Liang Borui, the head of the Liang Family Mansion in Qingzhou City, is furious in the lobby.