Im so anxious Seventh Sister please save the child I beg Helping Dao Zhao Qimei listened but was distracted because of it she accidentally bit

After this incident was exposed by the media, a large number of netizens accused it of selling the female corpse openly, which is too crazy. I tried to contact the buyer after I heard the news. Give him a warning not to insult the industry of walking corpses, or you will regret it when retribution comes.
My surname is Bi Dan, and my name is a pretty word. I was born in a family of walking corpses.
Three generations of my ancestors have lived on walking corpses.
People who sell corpses and understand this business call us walking corpses.
I have inherited my father’s business since I was a year old.
This industry is shady, so the transactions between me and my customers are private and secret.
We have an unwritten agreement with each other, that is, I will not reveal the identity of the buyer, and the buyer cannot reveal my identity. That is why I want to warn. That person can’t do some things too high-profile. As the saying goes, the dead are the big ones. You must be humble and low-key when you are working for the dead.
The story is told and I hope you can understand. In fact, I am not worried at all that the rumors on the Internet will affect my business.
As the saying goes, there is no killing if there is no business.
I just received a business. The buyer was a cousin in my house. His son died in a car accident.
Because he was still a bachelor, he had to match the deceased with a yin marriage. According to the market situation, I need to collect a deposit of 10,000 yuan, and then increase the price according to the quality of the female corpse, but my cousin’s family is not rich. After paying the deposit, I will give it as long as it is a female corpse. Because there are relatives separated I promise that they will try their best to find younger female corpses. The way to find female corpses is very simple. Just ask the wandering Fengshui masters for money.
It was my business partner, Liu Tuobei, who took the money and told me that he visited a cemetery in Zhao Village a few months ago, and that family happened to die. It belongs to the first-class goods, which can be sold for tens of thousands at a high price.
It is rare for good goods.
I rushed to Zhao Village overnight, fearing that I would be robbed by other corpses.
Zhao Village is about many miles away from my home.
I have to say one thing here for one night, that is, when the dead man goes out to work, he must pay special attention to the diet.
We cannot eat common food.
We must eat dead gnats. After eating this kind of insect meat, the body will accumulate corpse gas, which can prevent the corpse from changing I checked the situation in the village, but when I entered the village, I found that I regretted it. This damned Liu Tuobei didn’t tell me that everyone in Zhao Village built their graveyards at the door of their houses.
What’s more, I’m an outsider, and I can’t say that I have any relatives in the village. If I didn’t just enter the village, it would arouse suspicion.
They were yelling that they were going to kill me.
At this moment, only one person shouted and moved his hand.
As soon as his voice fell to the back of my head, I was hit with a stick, my eyes were blacked out, and I lost consciousness.
When I woke up, I found myself lying on the ground.
In a bottle of coffin, because I have dealt with corpses for many years, I am very familiar with coffins. Sometimes you just need to smell it to know that your uncle buried me alive. I cursed and took out the wax from my arms. The lighting tools for walking corpses are made from corpse oil.
The advantage of this wax is that it is burnable and not hot. I lit the corpse wax and found a female corpse lying on the right. The female corpse looks quite plump and should not be dead.
How long did it take to say this? I was a blessing in disguise.
I was secretly happy for a while and prepared to break out of the coffin.
We walking corpses usually carry strong acid glue with us. This glue is extremely corrosive. Just a little smear on it can melt even a sarcophagus immediately.
After the coffin was dug up, a large pile of soil was dug out, and then the female corpse was carried on my back, but at this moment, my neck was suddenly hooked by a pair of cold hands.
Not long after, the female corpse made a strange sound, which was the corpse language. She warned me that I would never do dangerous business, so I immediately put her back in the coffin, and when I was about to bury her, I heard a baby crying My god, this female corpse can actually give birth to a baby.
Seeing this strange thing, I ran away, but within a few steps, I bumped into a group of villagers. I wanted to ask for clarification, but I was forced to retreat by this group of people until I got back to the grave, and only then did someone stand up.
This person claimed to be the village head of his village. He pointed at the coffin and ordered me to lie down, lie down, go crazy, I’d rather I couldn’t die, but I was forced to push down by several men.
Just when I was about to be buried alive by them, the female corpse in the coffin suddenly stood up.
She climbed up while screaming. The villagers were terrified. The village head took the lead and knelt down towards her. At this time, I found that the people in Zhao village were full of awe for the female corpse. Then he went to the villagers