Im really wronged maybe this time Bai Mo fell into the water because Bai Mo accidentally pushed it it must have scared Bai Si sighed

Bai Meng has a pair of beautiful eyes, tearful eyes, teary eyes, tears are dim, and she is excited to support the wall.
Heaven, ten thousand Buddhas, my old lady is finally married! There is a crash, the wall collapsed. The male lead, the emperor, has a harem, of course. Gong Dou slaps the face cool text search keywords protagonist Bai Mengmeng supporting role Qing Yu other works of Mulanzhu brief commentary the powerful Bai Mengmeng turns into a beautiful future queen when she closes her eyes and opens her eyes Why, I used one force to defeat ten meetings.
From then on, the little emperor had a strong backer and began to act like a god. He actually became a wise king through the ages. Bai Meng also gained a reputation as a wise empress through the ages.
The story of governing the country and strengthening the country is obviously not pretending to be humorous, but because the character of the protagonist is incompatible with the serious style, it makes people feel that the painting style is not right. The strong contrast makes a good laugh.
The warm and loving couple interacts with each other.
In this kind of contrast, it can be seen that the author’s writing style is sophisticated and skillful.
The first chapter of the scholar’s mansion just got the good news. They all laughed in their hearts and saw that this was extreme joy begets sorrow, but no matter how much they laughed in their hearts, they still had to look concerned on the surface, as if it was their own daughter who fell into the water. During this period of time, all kinds of gifts for inquiries are like flowing water.
What makes everyone feel sad is that the eldest girl fell into the water and said it was very dangerous, but she woke up the next day. The imperial doctor just received some frights and took care of her.
He said before that the eldest girl of the scholar’s residence was very dangerous and almost died. The person is considered to be intentionally spreading rumors.
It’s so boring. In fact, only Bai Meng himself knows that the situation after falling into the water is indeed very dangerous. The soul of the future, Bai Meng, stood in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror of the same height, and began to do the daily homework, praising herself. Bai Meng had never heard of this dynasty.
Even the history was different from what she knew, but the technology was similar to that used in the feudal society of Huaguo.
It is also a bronze mirror. The bronze mirror was only bronze when it was unearthed. It was just made and used during this period of time. The color of the bronze is a faint golden color.
This large mirror is still glowing with silvery white light. Although the figure in the mirror is not as clear as the glass mercury mirror, it is It is enough for people to see his own appearance clearly. Bai Meng looks at himself in the mirror, with black and smooth hair, palm-sized melon seed face, beautiful eyes, tender and affectionate, fair and smooth skin, and the bright red peach, small mouth and neat lips. A slight blush appeared on the cheeks of Beitou Baimeng How can the old lady be so delicate and beautiful, so delicate and beautiful, so delicate and beautiful, say the important thing three times Feng He had a slender waist that could only be held with both hands, and then looked down at the upturned, beautiful buttocks and slender legs. A fifteen-year-old girl should be fat where she should be fat or thin The place is so thin, this figure is absolutely amazing, Bai Meng’s heart is about to be intoxicated by her own beauty, ah, Bai Meng quickly put on her clothes, and then asked the waiter to come in. The second sister went to the mountain to worship the Buddha.
She wore a bun with hundreds of flowers and picked a few gold-encrusted beaded flower hairpins on the bun. After finishing taking care of her hair, Bai Meng once again sighed in her heart, she is so beautiful without makeup, yes, compared with Bai Meng’s back The serious maid said that the eldest girl should put on some makeup powder today. Bai Meng glanced at the powder box in distaste. At this time, it is considered impolite not to wear some powder when meeting people.
A few days ago, she used the excuse of being sick to not apply makeup. Yesterday, the imperial doctor said that she was already in good health.
When the powder was applied, rouge was applied, the eyebrows were blackened, and some lip balm was applied. Anyway, her skin is good, so she just borrowed a little color. After makeup, Bai Meng felt that her beauty dropped by 20% in an instant. The ancient make-up technique of painting the face as white as a monkey’s butt is really unflattering, but she saw that her father and concubines are all pretty, so she probably brought this girl with her own make-up skills, of course. It may also be that her skin is too fine to wear heavy makeup. Bai Meng asked the maid who put on her makeup to step back and take care of herself a little, and finally brought back her appearance. Bai Mengmeng used to have a lot of makeup skills in order to beautify However, she looks like that, even if she has a whole body plastic surgery, it is useless. Although her strange strength and martial arts make her a life of worry-free life, no one dares to provoke her. However, the side effects of her breasts that look like iron plates can crush boulders and her thighs are thick and can pull carts are bitter. Let’s not mention the past, it’s different now.
We’re beauties, and we’re engaged beauties, so we don’t have to worry about not getting married again.
Bai Meng once again praised her beauty.
After washing and dressing up, Bai Meng went to greet her father and grandmother by the way. For breakfast, Bai Meng went very early and when she arrived, her father hadn’t arrived yet. Mother Bai’s darling yelled for a long time before she got to the point.
I’ve wronged you, and the family also has difficulties.
It was just an accident that the granddaughter was good. Mother Bai seemed to be more transparent after seeing Bai Meng fell into the water.
Now the eldest granddaughter is the future queen. If she really gets into trouble, it’s really hard to do. I feel that the family is favoring Bai Mo again, but Bai Meng really thinks that there was indeed favoritism before, but this time the family’s low-key behavior is for the critical moment when she is preparing for marriage