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Chapter 1 The world of corpses and souls is still the same blue sky, this is He Muyang’s first sentence after opening his eyes, etc.
It seems a bit wrong Ah, this is unscientific.
When did Beijing have such a blue sky? I habitually stretched out my hand to push the glasses frame on the bridge of my nose. What’s the matter? Said I can see without glasses What’s the matter? He Muyang is recalling what happened before, and picture after picture emerges in his mind.
As the memory gradually clears up, the expression on He Muyang’s face keeps changing. I would actually give up my good youth just to save an old man. I just told the goddess He Muyang looked up at the sky and burst into tears. He just confessed his love to the goddess today. The goddess did not reject him on the spot, which made him extremely confident in himself.
After all, everyone before him was rejected on the spot. Although he is not handsome, earth-shattering, at least he can be regarded as handsome, maybe the goddess was captured by him. When he returned to school, he felt that the world was so wonderful. When he saw an old man crossing the road in violation of the rules and was about to be hit by a car, he didn’t even think about it.
I rushed forward and pushed the old man away, but I bravely said that the old man was rescued.
Why did I seem to see him being pushed into something by me? I don’t know if he died or not. Now the question is where is this? Looking at the luxuriant forest around him, He Muyang looked up to the sky and sighed.
What the hell is this place? Two hours later, He Muyang was leaning against a big tree, breathing heavily as he was exploring this land just now. When I saw a ragged man who looked as yellow and thin as an African refugee, he was about to go up and ask where it was and give him some help when the man directly pulled out a knife and rushed towards him, scaring him The refugee fled in a hurry, although he looked like he was going to die, he ran without slowing down. He Muyang was almost hacked to death by him. After running for more than an hour, he finally got rid of him. I have to say that human potential is really infinite.
As a qualified otaku, He Muyang usually never exercises. It is not easy to run for so long just now. A rustling sound came from the grass beside him. A piece of grass gradually appeared from the sound getting closer, a thin body gradually appeared He Muyang with a row of forehead speechless looked at the thin person in front of him but had been chasing him for so long and said bitterly, brother, I am afraid of you, I have no deep hatred with you Is it necessary to chase me and not let me go? Just let me go.
I will call you brother. The man kept silent and just held the knife in his hand. Even though his body is thin and thin, his face looks as if he could be blown down by a gust of wind, but he has no intention of giving up. Slowly but firmly approaching He Muyang step by step.
Looking at the man who will not give up even if he dies, He Muyang is crying in his heart.
Is he going to die again? He Muyang has no doubt that it will cut through his skin and cut off his bones without any hindrance, and send him to death again! Run, run, He Muyang is mad in his heart Roaring, but his body can no longer continue to move.
As an otaku who has just been running for an hour under the threat of death, it is already his limit. Once the string in his body is loosened, now he can hardly even stand.
Not to mention continuing to escape, He Muyang looked desperately at that lunatic approaching him, his eyes full of bloodthirsty madness, watching him slowly raise the knife in his hand, watching the sharp blade slowly approaching him, as if the next moment He Muyang closed his eyes not to look at the approaching blade, a drop of tear slipped from the corner of his eye and fell to the ground, why is Al still not dead? He Muyang opened his eyes in confusion and saw the man chasing him For more than an hour, the person who would not let him die fell powerlessly in front of him, except for the knife still clenched in his hand. What is the situation? Could this be the legendary protagonist Halo? Looking at the guy who fell in front of him, He Muyang thought carefully. After studying for a long time to make sure that this guy would not pose any threat to him, He Muyang turned him over carefully, and saw that guy staring at him with staring eyes, so scared that He Muyang immediately avoided watching him vigilantly, ready at any time He ran away, eyes met, stared at him for a long time, and after confirming that the guy could only lie on the ground, He Muyang let go of his hanging heart, looked at that person and said, I said, this big brother, we have no deep hatred, right? As for chasing me for so long? The man was still staring at He Muyang, just when He Muyang thought he would not answer, the man spoke in a low and hoarse voice, this is the Caolu District, isn’t it normal? Is it just to survive? If you don’t kill, you will be killed.
He Muyang only had these three words echoing in his mind. As for the rest of the words, he didn’t even listen carefully to the dead soul world in Caolu District.
Wouldn’t it be possible to see Yihu Pingzijian, Eight Chaos Chrysanthemum Sister and others? Wouldn’t it be an exciting place? He Muyang couldn’t help but asked Caolu District, is this the world of souls? Is there really Goutei 13 and Captain Yamamoto here? Are you a new soul? There are also captains, but we have only heard about such characters. He gave He Muyang a strange look, and the man went on to say: