I’m not a man anymore Seeing Geng Yun come out Liu Yun felt that his plan had been more than half successful and he immediately

In an air crash, Geng Yun fell on a deserted island. After waking up, he found a beautiful president lying beside him.
Then he met a flight attendant and a female teacher.
The beautiful women lingered here, but there was also a hidden crisis. An unknown journey kicked off.
Lai opened his eyes in severe pain, but saw a man lying on top of him, Geng Yun, what are you doing, Mu Qing angrily said, kicking the man to the ground with all his strength, Geng Yun lay flat on the ground with blood on the corner of his mouth The whole person also looked very tired, he didn’t get up in a hurry, but instead glanced sideways at the woman, saying goodbye, I misunderstood that you were bitten by a poisonous snake, I just sucked out the snake venom for you, Mu Qing was suspicious until she saw that her shorts were still there before they loosened Tone, and there are indeed two blood holes on her thighs Hiss, are you talking about the truth? Mu Qing asked with a slight flush on her cheeks, feeling a little embarrassed. In an instant, Mu Qing thought of what happened before. She and her fiancé were going to Maldives to take wedding photos. As a result, there was an air crash on the road, and that’s how he got down to this point. As for the encounter with Geng Yun, which was purely unexpected, who knows how he would appear on this plane, because Mu Qing planned to marry in secret, and Geng Yun was her employee, so when boarding the plane The two passed by just as if they didn’t see it, otherwise, do you think I still have other thoughts in this situation? Geng Yun replied a little depressed, and then fiddled with the grass not far away for a long time to make a grass rub What about the others? It can’t be just the two of us alive, right? Mu Qing looked around uncertainly, of course, mainly because she was worried about whether her fiancé is still alive.
Mu can’t see it.
It has been rumored in the company that you are an unmarriageist. If you are so sudden, you will find such a handsome guy to spend your honeymoon or take wedding photos.
Didn’t see him, what a fart! When I opened my eyes, I saw a snake lying on top of you, quickly drove it away, and then cleaned the snake’s poisonous hairs for you.
I didn’t even mention this. Geng Yun suddenly stopped and looked at Mu with a half-smile Qing Muqing was very puzzled at first, but when she saw Geng Yun’s wretched eyes, she suddenly understood. After all, it was that kind of posture just now. Who knows if the gangster in front of him really saw anything? Otherwise, why did he stop Geng Yun when he said that word, you bastard When I get out, I will definitely fire you. Mu Qing was completely angry. She glanced at Geng Yun in disgust, then stood up, enduring the pain and intending to look around to see if there is anyone else.
Mr. Mu, let’s fire it or not, let’s not talk about it for the time being. Put this herbal medicine on me and I’ll go find something to eat. Geng Yun couldn’t help but press the herbal medicine on Mu Qing’s legs, then gradually got up and looked at the row. The coconut tree, he was really hungry, he looked carefully at the coconut tree, but the rotten coconuts falling from under the tree gave him a thump in his heart A keen eye especially for Judging the environment, the coconuts are rotten to different degrees, telling him that this is a desert island, maybe no one has ever been here, so even the rescue team may not be able to find it, after all, there are too many islands, large and small, in the sea. Yun frowned and glanced at Mu Qing, wondering if he should tell her the situation.
In the end, Geng Yun sighed and decided to keep it a secret for the time being, then quickly climbed up the coconut tree with agility and picked off a few coconuts. Mu Qing watched absently.
The refreshing feeling of the herbs on her legs shook her spirits. She was desperate to find her fiance, otherwise it would be absolutely unsafe to be with someone like Geng Yun. Geng Yun climbed a few coconut trees in a row and collected many Little Coconuts immediately transferred these coconuts to a very secret haystack. He knew very well that these coconuts were necessary resources for future competition.
Mu Qing watched all this coldly. Geng Yun is indeed a greedy villain.
How could it be possible to pick so many coconuts? If you can eat it, you need to pick it at any time.
It’s not guaranteed that the coconut is fresh.
Geng Yun came to Mu Qing with three relatively large coconuts in his arms after he was done working.
Then he opened the coconut with a relatively thin stone and gave it some water and energy. Geng Yun handed over the first piece of coconut that was ready.
Who knew that Mu Qing glanced at the coconut coldly and said, “If I don’t want to eat it, I can pick it myself, unlike some people who are greedy.
These are gifts from nature. We need to save them.” Use it to pick it all at once, it’s too much to eat, isn’t it all ruined? Geng Yun’s face froze, holding the coconut hand hanging in the air for a long time before he smiled brightly, then nodded and drank it himself. A sweetness entered Geng’s throat.
Yun Shuchang yelled a bit greedily, smacked his mouth twice, and then used his hands to buckle the white and tender coconut meat inside, Mu Qing already had a dry mouth and tongue, how could she bear this kind of stimulation, she glanced at Geng Yun in disgust, and said disgustingly After that, Mu Qing got up and came under the coconut tree, wandered around, picked up a stone and began to smash the coconut, but she underestimated the firmness of the coconut on the tree, even though she used many methods, the coconut did not move, and none of them came down. She has been busy for a long time.
After a few hours, Mu Qing chose to give up and planned to see if she could try her luck.
She looked under the tree to see if there were any fresh coconuts, but after searching around, there were no fresh coconuts. Basically, they were all rotten.
Mu Qing looked at Geng Yun in despair. He hesitated for two seconds, then slowly walked over.
This is 300 yuan. Sell me a coconut that has been cut. After eating the coconut meat, look away at Mu Qing’s fair face, there is a little dirt on her hair, and her hair is a bit messy, but it still can’t hide her beautiful face, who would have thought