Im Linzhou may I ask you a girl Get out of the car step on thin high heels scold me fiercely warn you dont pester

Because of a life-saving grace, an ordinary young man from a mountain village became the closest person to the favored son of heaven.
Believe in the content tag Urban Love Feeling lost as if in a broken mirror Reuniting the protagonist and supporting role Chapter 1 Lanqing Plaza is here Please take your luggage and get off at the back door A sweet female voice sounded from the bus He quickly stood up and rubbed his cheeks to wake himself up. The car door opened and the crowd moved towards the back door in an orderly manner.
Lin Zhou hurriedly picked up the luggage on the ground, two tied sacks and a large red and blue striped luggage bag. Still stained with dry and cracked dirt, he hangs the duffel bag on his shoulders, his ill-fitting shirt is wrinkled, exposing a honey-colored waist, and the cloth belt tied on the earth-blue cloth trousers is unsightly and half-exposed Twist the two sacks together vigorously and put them on the shoulders in a hurry Lin Zhou hurriedly walked towards the back door for fear that the car door would be closed before he got out, wait a minute, don’t close the door, I want to get out of the car, Lin Zhou yelled out the surrounding clothes The glamorous people showed disgust and stepped back to avoid this dark young man who seemed to still smell of mud and weeds. Lanqing Square is very big. It is the headquarters of Yan’s Lanqing Group. The center is centered on several office buildings of Lanqing.
The several leisure and entertainment business districts radiating around are all luxurious places known for high consumption, so most of the people who get off at this stop are employees of Landking and high-income people who come to consume.
The young peasants who went to work in the city were clearly out of place with the landmark Landking Plaza. Lin Zhou could see the eyes of everyone.
He had been on the road for several days, and his body was soaked in a smell of dust. The other people in the car were all clean and bright. In the light of light, he squeezed in the car with big bags and small bags, and felt very embarrassed. He could only nod and apologize.
After two steps and one step, he rushed out of the car, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.
The bustling and bright city is the first time to leave the place where he grew up since he was a child.
It is the first time for a small village to walk out of the Qingshui Mountains that accompany day and night in Linzhou. Stepping on the market land, he is as ignorant and ignorant as a fool who has strayed into another world. Linzhou has never taken the subway.
The same bus route is also dark in both eyes. You must know that the largest county in their area can only be completed by two routes. After getting out of the train station at 5:30 in the morning, he inquired from the staff that the train station is far from his destination, Lanqing.
The square is only an hour’s drive away, but it took him eight hours to get here. Most of the time was spent on buses with unknown routes.
He was dazzled by the towering glass buildings and the constant traffic.
Knowing how to take the bus, I asked about it.
I don’t know how many enthusiastic people got on the correct bus. When I touched Landking Plaza, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon. Linzhou walked out of the platform with his luggage on his back. Not far away are three towering Hailan Landking Group The four characters spread out on the majestic building, reflecting the dazzling light in the sun. Linzhou took out a piece of paper from his arms and smoothed it carefully.
On it was written two lines of text, Yan Zhen, CEO of Landking Group, and a phone number. Leaving Linjiacun and Dashan, who grew up since he was a child, came to a bustling and unfamiliar city alone. All he relied on was this note. After finding the place, he finally showed a joyful smile, carrying his luggage bag, and strode towards the wide open-air plaza. Behind the plaza, there are three office buildings of Landking Group. In front of the main entrance, there is a row of wide steps for people coming and going. Everyone is well-dressed, everyone is serious and looks like an elite. Lin Zhou stood on the edge of the steps and looked at them, and then he looked at himself a little ashamed.
He came here with such a scruffy appearance, so he won’t embarrass Brother Qi, right? Lin Zhou regretted that he didn’t find someone first to save money Come back to the hotel after freshening up and taking a break.
He turned his head and looked around at the shiny new buildings everywhere. He really couldn’t recognize any place where he could stay. After all, even if there is a hotel, the price of this place doesn’t look like him. Lin Zhou, who could afford it, touched the 500 yuan wrapped in a handkerchief in his arms, sighed, still picked up his luggage bag and walked up the steps.
It doesn’t matter whether he is dressed up or not, no matter what he looks like, Brother Qi will never dislike him.
The security guards who have been standing in the hall have been staring at him for a long time.
When they saw the rural youth who lingered under the steps and hesitated for a long time, he walked up the steps. There was still a trace of guilty conscience on the face, and one of them immediately stepped forward to stop him vigilantly.
If he hadn’t seen that although he was dressed in poor and rustic clothes, his face was really handsome, his clean and round eyes looked very pure and honest, and he looked very honest.
The staff of this building are not allowed to enter. If you have an appointment, please show the appointment information. Lin Zhouyuan opened his eyes and looked at the tall man in black and wearing big sunglasses. I, I, and my brother Linzhou stammered, saying two security guards. Glancing at each other, the man continued to remain expressionless. May I ask who is your brother, what is his name, and which department? This building is not allowed to enter without an appointment. If there is something urgent, you can ask the front desk to invite your brother to come down.
Linzhou is actually getting more and more nervous.
These two security guards are not harsh and have always been very polite, but the suspicious message exuding from them, as well as the occasional disdainful glances and whispers from passers-by who pass by around them, all of which made Linzhou extremely nervous. I am nervous, he is afraid that I will embarrass Lin Qi, my brother is called Lin Qi, he said he is the vice president of Lan Qing, Lin Zhou is nervous and authentic, the security guard frowned slightly