I’m here to sign for you you’re tired okay Haruki Saburo took it over and took a look signed and said Captain Liang I really

How many people’s dreams were shattered by the sound of the rumbling gunfire, the whole world was shaken by the gunfire, heavy snow fell from Tokyo, and in a simple and elegant courtyard, two men stood side by side, staring at the front, do you really think about it? The older man pondered After a while, I finally slowly asked, yes, teacher, I have already made up my mind, but it’s a pity that it’s hard for me to stay in the intelligence department.
There have been two cases of information leakage in the past two years. If I act again, it will definitely be exposed.
The older man who recommended you turned around and was dressed in a general’s uniform with two gold stars embroidered on the epaulettes and collar. He turned out to be Lieutenant General Toshio Muto, forty-five years old.
The Japanese base camp, Lieutenant General and Deputy Director of the Army Intelligence Headquarters. Thank you, teacher, for this. The student also turned around, and a gold star was inlaid on his epaulettes and collar. This man, who looked less than thirty years old, turned out to be a general, Kudobuchi, 26 years old, and a major general of the Intelligence Division of the Army Intelligence Headquarters in the Japanese headquarters.
A week later, Director Kudobuchi came out from the gate of the Intelligence Headquarters, heaving a long sigh of relief. He walked briskly and vigorously on the high steps of the Intelligence Headquarters.
The soldiers on both sides saluted him respectfully. Holding a transfer order, it is clearly recorded that Major General Kudo Fuchi, Director of the Intelligence Department of the Imperial Army Intelligence Headquarters, was transferred to be the Deputy Director of the Advisory Committee of the China Operations General Command and concurrently the Director of the Sea Intelligence Investigation Office.
Kudo Fuchi and Muto Toshio are actually Japanese. Agents, they all deeply hate wars of aggression and dictatorship, but what even Toshio Muto doesn’t know is that Kudobuchi is actually a Chinese man.
After birth, Fujibuchi was adopted by a wealthy couple in the eastern capital, and later joined the army.
Under their protection, Kudobuchi’s official career is going smoothly.
If there is no accident, he will largely become an aggressive soldier he hates. When there is an accident, when he was performing a mission in China, he found his biological parents. This was a happy event, but just when he was hesitating whether to recognize his biological parents, the war broke out. Japan brazenly attacked the northeastern region of China, burning, killing, looting and committing all kinds of crimes, and his biological parents also died in this incident. Parents’ blood It aroused the patriotic enthusiasm engraved in his bones. He looked at the land full of corpses, the screams of the common people and the laughter of the invaders.
He threw the yellow leather he was wearing on the ground and stomped hard Then he slapped himself hard.
After crying, he knew that tears could not save the country and could not avenge the country and the family. Maybe his strength alone is insignificant, but even if a moth flies to the flame, he will bloom his own light in an instant. He originally wanted to go. Find the rebels and those invaders who are real swords and guns, but then he thinks that the fortresses are breached from the inside. If he can organize a resistance force in Japan, pass information and unite the people, wouldn’t he be able to play a bigger role? It pays off. He found his teacher, Toshio Muto, and a few others.
Their goal was a stop-war hobby.
Peace Kudobuchi’s biggest wish is to restore his real name Chen Lingfeng one day. Chapter Four sisters and one younger sister are all generals when they come home with us.
Kudobuchi’s elder sister Kudoran Readers, do you like this name? Elder sister Kudobuchi whispered softly at her feet, but she hesitated.
What are you going to do? Kudobuchi’s third sister Mika Kudo asked me with tears in her eyes.
What happened to you? Father offended you.
You or which one of us offended you? You don’t go home a few times throughout the year, and you go to the front line, and you don’t discuss it with us.
If your father hadn’t asked someone to find out when you went abroad, we probably wouldn’t know about Mika Kudo’s barrage of questions. Kudobuchi complained tearfully about his ruthlessness and his thoughts and worries about his younger brother. Kudobuchi couldn’t answer Kudo Mika’s questioning. Eight years ago, he insisted on moving out of the Kudo family’s mansion after he came back from Northeast China. It was really hard for him to face his His adoptive parents’ motherland was invaded and his biological parents died tragically. All this can’t make him recognize a thief as his father and a thief as his mother. I’m leaving in two days.
I have many things to do and I won’t go back.
What are you doing? Miko Kudo and Ran Kudo haven’t spoken yet.
The stretched sports car drifted in front of the three of them. A young girl was still wearing black stockings and a thick black leather jacket on the snowy day. She opened the car door smartly and looked at the three people in front of her and asked.
The two of you haven’t brought Yuan back yet, and my interview is over.
He Ziyuan didn’t listen to us. He had the best and closest relationship with you since he was a child. You can persuade him, Kudo Kazuko Kudobuchi’s fourth sister.
Years ago she successfully reported and exposed the smuggling and corruption case of the upper ranks of the army and became famous.
She is a rare strong woman in Japan.
Do you think the face of the eldest sister and the third sister is not big enough, or do you think their cars are not worthy of your identity? Well, then you can get in my car. I want to save the general some face in the public.
Kudo Kazuko raised his right hand and made a movement of pulling his ear. By the way, uncle Kudo Kazuko will come today. This sentence successfully aroused Kudobuchi’s attention Interestingly, his adoptive father’s cousin is the well-known Admiral Yamamoto Infinity, the commander of the Japanese Navy Fleet. Hello, I will go back with you. Father and mother Kudobuchi bowed modestly and saluted. It has been six years.
Is our family so annoying to you all year round? During the New Year, you didn’t come back even once, Major General, no matter how busy I am, Lieutenant General? Adoptive father Toshisaku Kudo stared dissatisfiedly at Kudobuchi, making his hair stand on end. Even so, he thoughtfully took the initiative to arrange a seat for his son and wipe the wine glass