Im being rude Shima stood up and slowly approached Misae dong dong dong her heart beat inexplicably very quickly Misae suddenly said dont do things

The winner of life, Fang Mu, is without a doubt the winner of life.
His parents are busy, he has a younger sister, he has a house, and he is the number one in his studies.
Fang Mu’s parents who raised boys as girls were also very helpless. Regarding the problem of parents raising boys as girls since childhood, Fang Mu’s grandparents have accused Fang Mu’s parents many times, but there has never been any effect. Fang Mu’s classmates in the third grade of elementary school all thought Fang Mu was a girl, but fortunately, Fang Mu’s psychology did not become abnormal because of these things.
Fang Mu grew up at the age of 10 and entered a tense senior year of high school. His parents are top figures in the world’s top 500 companies. Although he has such a cheating background, Fang Mu has no intention of entering an official career or entering the business world. I have to say It’s a pity that many people once lamented that the Fang family was supposed to be destroyed by this Fang Mu, but his parents unexpectedly supported Fang Mu. Anyway, my wife and I made enough money for my son to spend three lifetimes.
The water inside is not only deep but also dirty.
Although you dote on Fang Mu, you don’t spoil him. His parents’ excellent education makes Fang Mu not have the common problem of the second generation of rich officials and second generations. Fang Mu, who was still about to go back to sleep, vaguely heard his sister’s voice. Don’t be late on the first day! By the way, today seems to be the first day of the third year of high school.
Well, Fang Mu jumped out of bed when he remembered something. Too bad, I haven’t done a single word of my summer vacation homework. It’s summer vacation, why do I have to write my homework? And there are so many homeworks, will the teachers really read them? Scribble a little, don’t move a single word, don’t care, go to school first, die, die.
The things that need to be packed were packed a few days ago.
A middle-aged man in a suit is standing in front of an Audi, Uncle Li, please give me a ride Uncle takes care, and this area is a suburban villa area.
Although there are buses passing by, Fang Mu seldom goes there. Uncle Li, Fang Mo, Fang Mo is Fang Mu’s younger sister, but she is not biological, but was adopted by her parents from an orphanage when Fang Mu was three years old.
Although the national law stipulates that adopting a child must be childless, the Fang family has privileges after all.
Such a small matter is easy. Xiao Mo left by herself.
She seems to have an appointment with a friend? Mo’s friend’s family is very ordinary and clean, so that’s good Fang Mu stretched out comfortably.
By the way, Uncle Li, what are my parents doing recently? It seems that there is a contract to be negotiated.
They are not in the province. I haven’t seen anyone for a month. The last time we saw each other was three weeks ago. Uncle Li didn’t answer. As a professional housekeeper, he knew very well that he didn’t need to answer any questions.
In Fangmu’s room in Fang’s villa, the computer that was originally turned off suddenly turned on automatically and started playing an animation because it was only after the opening ceremony on the first morning. It’s a holiday, only half a day off, which is good news for high school seniors.
Fang Mo and Fang Mu are not in the same school.
Fang Mo is in a boarding school, so it should be this weekend to see my sister again. Back home, the empty villa is a little deserted. Fortunately, Fang Mu is used to going to the kitchen and opening the refrigerator.
There are not enough ingredients.
I guess I need Uncle Li to buy some ingredients tomorrow.
I took out three eggs and prepared to make fried rice with eggs. In fact, Fang Mu is still very confident about fried rice with eggs. Mu seemed to hear a strange sound that seemed to be coming from his own room. Fang Mu frowned slightly, put down the egg, walked up to the second floor lightly, and walked to his room. With his ear on the door, he could hear his room clearly. The sound of sobbing inside. When did I become a witch? The door of the room was suddenly opened because it opened inward, so Fang Mu fell unsteadily and fell to the ground.
Fang Mu’s black, long straight girl pointed her pistol at Fang Mu indifferently, her tone was without emotion, who are you? Fang Mu is the only one who thinks. This is my house.
The one who should ask who you are should be me.
The girl didn’t speak.
Right? After all, this identity brings honor and endless troubles, but it’s really funny to say it, Xiao Meiyan looks like Fang Musuan, a hidden house, and naturally recognized the beautiful girl in front of her as an anime magic girl The role of Xiao Meiyan in Madoka, and because of the identity issue, Fang Mu and Fang Mo have practiced countless times, so they are not very flustered.
You know me. The girl is still holding a pistol at Fang Mu, but there is a flash of light on her face Surprised, it’s in the show, so let me introduce it Fang Mu cleared his throat and said Akatsuki Homura is one of the main characters in the anime Magical Girl Madoka series and its derivative works.
The second heroine of the old version and the second heroine of the new version. The first heroine of the rebellious story, the best friend of Kame Madoka, the best friend in the world. The mysterious transfer student who transferred from a certain religious school to Mitakihara School. The first day he came to the school, he was very familiar with everything about the school. Appearance She is taciturn and rarely shows facial expressions.
She is very cold towards everyone.
She is a veritable ice beauty and always maintains a calm demeanor.