Im afraid the old boy Wang cant be contacted now Qin Feng doesnt want to ask Yin Xiaoyu in this situation dont worry Ill find

Minzhou City is a city in the country.
Although it is far behind other provinces and cities, the people here are not discouraged. Everyone hopes to develop their hometown into a prosperous city. Late at night, Qin Feng walks on the street at twelve o’clock in the evening. This is the busiest place.
The best thing here is the night market.
Many couples love to go to the night market at this time, and some people come from different places specially for their fame. Qin Feng looked at it tonight, it seems that there are very few single women here, especially the beauties here.
It doesn’t look like I’m going to be disappointed again tonight and return.
Why does this beauty always come out when my brother comes home? Sister, you take the bow of the boat, brother, I’ll walk on the shore En En Ai Qin Feng hummed a ditty and slowly went to his dormitory It’s been almost half a month since I came here and I haven’t caught a single beautiful woman. This is really a big mistake of my brother. When I went home a few times ago, my mother told me that I must bring a daughter-in-law back when I go home next time.
Son, where can I find a daughter-in-law? Anyway, we are also the most mysterious soldier king in China, but we can’t even find a girlfriend.
Oh, we’re still late. The good dishes are all made by pigs, and the beauties are all gone.
I’m afraid it’s difficult to find a beautiful woman here.
I don’t know how to go home this time.
When I go back, my mother will definitely look at my daughter-in-law now.
Where can a daughter-in-law let my mother see such a beautiful woman as a little girl to become a policeman? It’s a pity that we have seen a lot of beautiful policemen, but we have never seen such a beautiful policewoman as you.
Today we will take care of you and feed you.
If you want to blame you, you are too ignorant to catch us. Brother, let me let you know that my brother is not so easy to catch Qin Feng was about to walk into the alley when he heard these discordant voices Then Qin Feng heard the voice of the policewoman Zhu Haojun You will not end well for me Those people who were arrested got the punishment they deserved. Don’t think that I let them go. I won’t let them harm the people again. Those things they did are enough to keep them sitting for more than ten years.
I Yuan Yuxin is a policeman. Anyway, I I won’t give in to you scum.
This girl’s voice is nice. I don’t know what she looks like.
Since this kind of thing makes us encounter it, we can’t just ignore it. Beauty, which big brothers can I bother you? I just passed by and heard that you arrested a policewoman.
The voice is very nice.
I don’t know what he looks like, so I’m curious to come in and see if you don’t mind, right? Qin Feng, who are you? Said with a smile on your face, boy, I think you are impatient, and you actually came here to see the beautiful women. Our brother has a grudge against this stinky policeman.
Today we will solve this stinky policeman.
Now that you know our affairs, our brothers have no choice but to It’s good to take care of you too, you kid. There’s a beautiful woman on Huangquan Road to accompany you.
You should be satisfied, brother. We’re still young.
We don’t want to meet our ancestors. As for being with beautiful women Go to hell, brother, you keep saying that the stinky police look like beautiful women, and they don’t stink. It must be you who framed other beautiful women.
Brother, can I smell it and not smell it? How do I know that Qin Feng made an innocent expression? Who do you think you are, my brothers, you can’t wait to fuck this chick before we have sex It was solved in a while The other gangster said that in his opinion, Qin Feng is a weak boy and he can be dealt with in a while Qin Feng said, brother, don’t use the knife, okay? So many people will definitely have a lot of blood, I’m afraid I’ll faint when I see the blood later, can you change the method? I don’t like the knife boy. Come here today to count your bad luck.
Remember to stop being so curious when you get to the underworld. Curiosity will kill people.
Now it’s too late to regret coming here. The members of our Sihe gang can’t let some outsiders know that we should deal with you first, and then clean up this little girl. After finishing speaking, he will use a machete to attack Qin Feng and Yuan Yuxin.
Said you don’t kill him, I’ll kill you, whatever you want, he didn’t offend you, why do you hurt an innocent person? If you kill him, I’ll be a ghost and I won’t let you go Qin Feng and Yuan Yuxin closed their eyes. It seems that Qin Feng is doomed today. I am afraid that I will die here with Qin Feng today. After a while, Yuan Yuxin heard the sound of the machete falling to the ground. Yuan Yuxin blamed herself in her heart. After chasing these people, Qin Feng would not have died if he hadn’t insisted on coming out to chase these people.
Brother, I said, I can’t help it. I’m afraid of seeing the blood brother, you just want to force me to see the blood brother, this is it You cut yourself with a knife, you can’t blame me, I can’t afford to pay you, I’m still a homeless person, I don’t have money to pay for your medical expenses, Qin Feng’s voice sounded again, only then did Yuan Yuxin realize that the person who was injured just now was not Qin Feng, but an arrest Her little bastards, Yuan Yuxin’s heart suddenly cheered up, as long as Qin Feng is fine, boy, you will not be so lucky this time, big brother, this kid has two tricks, let’s deal with him first, so that Ye Changmeng won’t be too bad for other policemen to come.
Looking at Qin Feng with a machete, the gangster feels that he is not as strong as Qin Feng and several other gangsters to deal with Qin Feng. Yuan Yuxin began to worry about Qin Feng again.
Just because Qin Feng can deal with one person does not mean that Qin Feng can deal with these six people. Big brother, you guys Two people can’t bully me alone, isn’t this bullying the few with the more?