Im afraid even Wang Feiyu I would never have imagined that in a small bar in South Korea the three ace players of one of

Five young men with hair dyed in various colors and a grim-faced middle-aged man in a very orthodox suit are getting out of a luxury business car. The five young men are all dressed casually, and some of their ears are still plugged. Chewing gum with earphones in his mouth is in stark contrast to the stern-faced middle-aged man in a very orthodox suit, but the hotel entrance has already been surrounded by reporters from various newspapers and countless young people waiting for them They are holding a lot of different things in their hands, but if you look carefully, you will see that the photos or posters they are holding are exactly those five people, but those young people are all isolated by the armed police as if they are facing an enemy. But the reporter was blocked on both sides of the passage blocked by a temporary yellow line. As soon as the six people came out, countless young people outside shouted together, among which were mixed with the screams of many girls.
I’m afraid there will be a riot soon, but the six people didn’t stay, even ignored the reporter’s constant questions, and walked directly to the hotel lobby, but when they approached the door, there was a young man with dyed red hair and wearing sunglasses. But the man suddenly turned around and took the microphone handed by a reporter and said to the swarming cameras, do you know that I have been waiting for you to finish speaking and then put down the microphone, ignoring the reporter’s inquiry and walking into the hall together with the five people Zhang Songtao felt dizzy from the sudden happiness. He never imagined that he would take over his microphone and answer his questions on the first day of working as a trainee reporter, but many reporters gathered around him.
They just wanted to know. What kind of question did Zhang Songtao ask that made him turn around and say this sentence, and they also wanted to know what it meant? Zhang Songtao took a deep breath surrounded by senior reporters from various major media to maintain his inner peace. He paused and said, I just asked him who is the player he most wants to meet during this trip to China? Changsha Yuelu Mountain is a very common Internet cafe.
The name of the Internet cafe is very interesting. An Internet cafe of this size is located in Central South University. There are at least a few of these Internet cafes outside the fence, and all the machines in this Internet cafe add up to only more than 30 machines, and the configuration of the machines seems to be a bit outdated, but they are all 1-inch flat screens with processors, but the mice are all Logitech keyboards are also Logitech. Wang Feiyu walked into this Internet cafe by accident.
He just finished a month of freshman military training, but he just wanted to run out to get some air.
He didn’t expect to see this at a glance just after breakfast. The Internet cafe opened in an inconspicuous place, because it is still in the morning, so there are not many people in it except for some all-night hunks. Luo Dong is the owner of this Internet cafe, Wang Feiyu. When he walked into this Internet cafe, he was watching a game, so he just Casually turned on a computer for Wang Feiyu, there are too many college students like Wang Feiyu, so when he saw the exciting part, he lifted his head lazily and clicked on the icon of StarCraft without doing anything. The game is different To my surprise, as soon as I entered, I found that there was an item in the option besides what I was familiar with.
Is it the abbreviation of Central South University? Could it be that Wang Feiyu of Central South University moved her finger and entered after applying for a new one? Seeing the interface of Battle.
net, Wang Feiyu was stunned. He originally thought that in China, Battle.
net has gradually declined.
Today, the general Battle.
net should not be played by many people.
Even if they want to play, they should go to the most popular platforms now. If it is a higher level, it is the abroad, but he was completely dumbfounded when he saw the number of people online. The number of people online means that this is not a Sunday morning.
There are people playing StarCraft on this, if it is Saturday or Sunday How many people will there be on this Even Wang Feiyu was really taken aback.
Wang Feiyu is just a freshman, so he doesn’t know that this has been around for many years, and the interstellar atmosphere in Hunan is much stronger. It’s much better than he imagined. Chen Jun woke up very early. Without even brushing his teeth, he took a steamed stuffed bun that the third child put on the table and gnawed on it, thinking that it tasted really good.
I was an early bird and even bought a steamed stuffed bun so tastefully. It happened to be my favorite stuffed chili meat.
Then I clicked on the familiar icon and entered my school’s The difference with Wang Feiyu is that As soon as he entered, he scolded because there are so few people today and watched a lot of Chen Jun in the game list, and then scolded a group of worthless things, will the group have a meal? Finally, I saw a few games. When Chen Jun went in, he was given a sentence, and then he was kicked out unceremoniously. Chen Jun was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, and he made a wound. Knocked, Chen Jun jumped up and shouted before saying the third word, he saw the murderous eyes of the third child The third child is called Xie Chun Because of his age, he has been called the third child for three years As soon as the third child finished drying his clothes, he found that the steamed stuffed buns he bought were gone.
Seeing Chen Jun was still wiping his mouth in dissatisfaction, he couldn’t help but give him a heavy blow.
Chen Jun saw that the third child changed it all at once Fu Xiaolian, after all, I often ask him to bring food. Chen Jun’s parents can’t offend him.
The longest record is that he didn’t leave the dormitory building for a meal on May 17. The third child called him back. The third child saw Chen Jun obedient He handed over his meal card, so he didn’t give Chen Jun a second time, but at this time he saw someone entered Chen Jun’s game, who dared to take the initiative to enter Chen Jun’s game, Chen Jun’s record is that’s why he The relationship between being kicked out as soon as you enter someone else’s game, if you just talk about the record, it doesn’t matter if you have a better record than him on the battle.