Im acting sane if I stay here Im afraid Im going to kill innocent people Chapter Twentyfive Meilins Conditions The baroness opened her handbag and

I went to the bathroom at night, I didn’t expect my house to trip and I had to touch the door in the dark.
When I entered the door, I bumped my head hard. I was dizzy and almost couldn’t spit it out. It seemed that I was hallucinating in my ears.
I only heard someone shouting, “Second master, second master, who is the second master” He didn’t turn on the TV either, could it be that the cell phone station was not turned off and was still playing automatically? The urgent shout came to Li Wei’s side from far and near, and grabbed his arm.
At the same time, the howling wind chilled Li Wei’s bones. Wei opened his blurred eyes in a jerk, Second Master, how are you? What Li Wei saw was a face blackened by smoke. The man who grabbed him looked quite young, a big boy with a little male voice Pulling his arm and refusing to let go, who is this? Where am I dreaming? Another severe headache, he feels someone knocking on his forehead with a mallet again and again. I can’t help but feel nauseous.
My head hurts. Levi stretches out his hand. Covering his head, the next moment he froze my hair.
How could this hair feel so slippery? The big boy who dragged him ran forward and said loudly, “Second Master, you were shocked by the artillery before, luck is good that you didn’t bleed.” It’s fine, it doesn’t matter, come with me, Li Wei followed and ran for two steps, subconsciously grabbed the big boy’s hand, who are you, where am I, and who am I? Am I I am the six sons? You are the second head of Wa Gang. Your name is Li Wei. Many time-traveling novels, TV dramas and movies never thought that this incident would happen to them.
Following the words of the six sons, Li Wei also vaguely recalled some strange memories.
The owner of this body is indeed Li Wei. The Erdangjiawabang is the code name of the gang.
They seemed to have done something extraordinary before, which led to a fatal disaster.
At this moment, they are on the way to escape. Now, Li Wei has a splitting headache and has no energy left to think about what is going on.
He is panting. After a few breaths of urging, the six sons, let’s go quickly, the six sons saw that the second master had regained consciousness, so he didn’t care too much. At this time, the weather was harsh and snowy, and the two of them were running in the snow with one foot deep and the other shallow.
Li Wei looked back. Behind him was a broken carriage and the horses had already disappeared. He should have been on the carriage just now, and the six sons ran out of breath and continued to say that the big boss is in the abandoned mine pit in front. The heavy snow has really helped us, otherwise we would not be able to get rid of Hunter Lee Wei did not say a word and found the part about hunters from strange memories.
Hunters in this world are equivalent to hunters, but they are different from real hunters.
Like the heavy snow now, they will not pursue and search no matter what.
Follow the six sons. After crossing a hillside, the abandoned mine pit was just in front of them.
When they approached, someone had already shouted who it was, the six sons gave a hand, and Li Wei responded, Brother Ma is my sixth son.
Look Immediately said that the second master went to rest inside, we were outside, Li Wei was dragged into the mine, and there was an unpleasant smell in it, but it was better than being outside, it was not blown by the wind, and Li Wei felt a little better from the headache.
A lot of people sat by the fire, so they found a remote corner to sit down and squint their eyes to rest.
These people should be members of the Wa Gang who participated in a robbery.
In Li Wei’s vague memory, they seem to have robbed a car.
I don’t remember clearly what happened after the convoy.
The more I think about it, the more my head hurts. I simply don’t want to think about it, and there are some rifts between the second leader and the gang members.
Come to drink water Liuzi came over with a bowl of water, Li Wei took it in his hand but didn’t put it to his mouth, his action was naturally noticed by some people, at this moment there was a slight cough, Liuzi went outside to have a look and be careful The six sons glanced at Li Wei, then hurriedly ran away to talk, the man said again, second child, your injuries don’t matter, Li Wei’s voice is hoarse, you can’t die from the artillery shock, these are what the six sons told him, now it’s just telling the truth, but it’s passed on The other party’s ear was different, and the sound was different.
Li Wei remembered the other party’s identity.
Jiang Yongnian, male, thirty-six years old, the number one figure in Wa Gang, their boss and second child, this operation went very smoothly, but there was a little accident at the end. This action, but none of the situations you mentioned happened. Now we have to unite to tide over the difficulties.
Do you still trust me? Li Wei was silent for a few seconds and nodded slowly. He thought of another thing.
He is six sons and the others are hiding in the mine to warm up and rest.
In other words, he survived here, which is beyond the expectations of others.
Jiang Yongnian is tired and said that he is safe for the time being. Let’s rest first.
Let’s start when the heavy snow stops. Those hunters would not have braved such a heavy wind and snow to go up the mountain to search. Li Wei slowly raised his head and turned his eyes to the leader of the Wa Gang. He seemed to have a hallucination in front of his eyes. The man seemed to emit faint red ripples.
Although Li Wei has a slight cerebral palsy Shocked, but he didn’t become a fool because of this.
His normal thinking ability is still some. He was wondering what the Wagang had robbed to end up in the current situation.
After the failure to insist on carrying out the action, the gang ran away in a panic and abandoned the injured him. After all, he was the second in charge and he was not afraid of the cold. This incident was full of evil spirits from the beginning to the end.
Fortunately, the tense situation was temporarily eased.
give them time to breathe