If you were not there that time I think I’m probably not going to make it so this time I’ll be the one to repay

The Che family ancestral hall looks south to Buzhou, which is vast and boundless.
Since ancient times, it has been called Shenzhou or Zhongtu Dadi, which means the center of the world.
Because the south looks to Buzhou, it is so vast that it is roughly divided into Zhongtu, East and South according to its appearance.
In the six major regions of Tianshan Mountain and Western Wilderness in northern Xinjiang, there are many sects and powerful sects in southern Zhanbuzhou. They are the real masters of this land and control most of the population and resources on this land. However, they are often for their own sake Mutual interests attack each other and disputes are endless. The Che family is a very old cultivating family that spanned Nanzhan Buzhou 10,000 years ago.
There were many masters in the sect, and it was recognized by the cultivating world at that time as the top ten families of immortality. In the end, its strength could not withstand the erosion of time, and it gradually disappeared in the long river of time. Nanzhan Buzhou’s famous journal Nan Zhanzhi’s records on the Che family are also very vague, but only a few words from Nanzhanzhi are still faint. It can be deduced that the Che family was very powerful ten thousand years ago, but as for the specific details, there is no record in the book.
It may be that ten thousand years ago is so long ago that even the history is somewhat blurred. The southeastern border of southern Xinjiang A row of black and white interlaced battle flags hang high above the ancient river city of Jizhou City. They are like rough waves blooming with the wind, and they are blooming with their own charm. In the center of the many battle flags hanging on the top of the city, there is a huge one. The battle flag is particularly prominent. The white texture of the flag is written with flying dragons and phoenixes. On the flag is an ancient vermilion car character. From a distance, it looks like it is blood-stained.
It makes people feel fierce and fierce, as if turning back to the ancient past and seeing the ancients.
The chariot carried a white chariot with battle flags to fight the bloody scene of the world. Thousands of years ago, the Che family, which was famous in the world of cultivating immortals, is now withered and withered to the point where it can only survive in a small city on the southeastern border of southern Xinjiang. Although the status of the Che family is small now, it is not something that anyone can underestimate. It is still the real overlord in this area. The current owner of the Che family is called Che Hongshi, one of the famous knife masters in the Immortal Road of Jizhou. He is on this land.
Has already accumulated a great reputation.
The Che family in the ancient river city of Yenanjiang walked slowly in the dark night for a long time, and then stopped in front of a magnificent ancient building.
He slowly raised his head and stared at the top of his head. Although the plaque hanging high was in the dark night, he could clearly see the plaque hanging on the magnificent building. It should not be said that he saw the words “Che Family Ancestral Hall” on the plaque with traces of years of carving. He was Che Hongshi, the current owner of the Che family, is very familiar with this place.
In the past, he would come to the Che family ancestral hall once in a while, but now for some reason, he comes more and more frequently. A habit is that every time he comes to the ancestral hall, he will stare at the ancestral hall of the Che family in a daze. This time there is no exception. He still stares at the ancestral hall of the Che family in a daze for a long time in the dark night sky.
Then he slowly opened the door and entered the ancestral hall. It was pitch black and nothing could be seen, but he didn’t have the slightest intention to light the lamp. He just stood there silently for a long time without moving.
The night seemed to be quieter and darker. This silent night brought an extremely heavy sense of oppression to people.
I don’t know how long it took. Suddenly, a flash of lightning flashed outside the ancestral hall, instantly breaking the silent night. The ancestral hall was suddenly illuminated.
Numerous dense spiritual seats and a middle-aged man’s majestic face followed the lightning flashed across the ancestral hall and fell into darkness again. The thunder became louder and the lightning became more frequent.
The middle-aged man’s majestic face in the ancestral hall seemed to be Suddenly, inexplicable excitement and enthusiasm appeared in the eyes of the middle-aged man.
He couldn’t help but stretched out a thin hand and slowly touched the unique spiritual seat in the first row. The reason for being too excited was that the slightly thin body of the middle-aged man was trembling slightly at this moment.
The middle-aged man’s hand finally stopped in mid-air, and after a little hesitation, it slowly retracted. Maybe it was because The middle-aged man stood respectfully opposite the spiritual tablet again, but the enthusiasm in his eyes became stronger, and he stared at the flying dragon on the spiritual tablet. According to Nan Zhanzhi’s introduction to Che Jia, Che Daijun is the ancestor of the Che family and the founder of the prosperity of the Che family. Many years ago, he turned out to be the only one in the sky and the earth.
He swept across the eight wastelands with a magic knife, and he had no opponents. He was one of the most dazzling stars in that era, but such an amazing person disappeared suddenly in the end. Many years later, there are various legends about Che Daijun. However, the most plausible version is that a person claimed that his ancestor saw Che Daijun, the ancestor of the Che family, holding a knife in his left hand at the peak of Huashan Mountain. The clear sky clothes are fluttering like a fairy, and then the ancestors of that person saw Che Daijun suddenly waved a knife against the clear sky in awe. Hearing a sound of tearing, the blue sky was pulled out of a huge crack by Mr. Che Dai.
In the crack, a huge fairy palace appeared, and bursts of celestial music radiated a strange fragrance.
Then the ancestor of that person saw Mr.
Che Like a swimming dragon, he plunged into the huge crack and never came out again. According to the man, his ancestors returned home in a daze, in a daze, as if intoxicated, and closed the door to thank the guests.