If you want to talk nonsense I will pull you together or we will die together or I will take you to escape and quickly

Xu Murongfu in Tianlong Babu is completely a role as a stepping stone for Qiao Feng’s three brothers, but who would have imagined that he is actually very talented? I have written down countless martial arts cheats in my mind, but because of the Murong family’s reputation for repaying others with their own methods, I am too greedy to improve my martial arts to the top. There are also people who feel sorry and sad for Qiao Feng’s ending, but who would have thought that Murong Fu is actually the one with the most ideals and aspirations among Tianlong? Kind-hearted and honest, not to mention Duan Yu’s childlike innocence, romantic in nature, but not for fame and fortune means being content with the status quo and not being enterprising, and being honest and simple means that he is not suitable for mixing in the rivers and lakes. They were dismembered and their childlike innocence remained intact.
This only shows that their minds are immature. From the perspective of fighting for hegemony, the shortcomings of the three Qiao Feng brothers are not shortcomings, and Murong Fu’s shortcomings are not advantages. For example, Murong Fu Incorporating into the Xixia Yipintang is to endure humiliation. For example, to win the hearts of the people, disregarding your own personal face, and attacking Qiao Feng with others. For example, in order to become the consort of Xixia and use the power of Xixia to restore the country, abandoning the woman you love. This can also be regarded as sacrificing oneself.
Happiness sacrifices the small self to complete the big self, finally forced to do nothing but want to worship Duan Yanqing to seize the land of Dali for his father and complete his own restoration of the country. Do you make unremitting efforts based on your own beliefs? In how many modern fantasy novels, which one of the protagonists is not because of Murong Fu’s character and experience? It’s just because they are the protagonists. No matter how despicable or how despicable Shamelessness is considered to be a right thing to do.
I think this is only for success, but because Murong Fu is only a supporting role, these actions have also been cast aside by everyone, and they are doomed to failure. What the author tells in this book is to make Jin The story of Murong Fu in Da Da’s pen is resurrected and returned to another world to use the Chinese magic skills recorded in his mind to conquer the other world, overcome one difficulty after another with firm belief, and finally reach the peak step by step. Please support this story The first chapter of this book will not let you down. The death of Murong Fu is after Xiao Feng commits suicide outside Yanmen Pass. Shi Zhudanchen and others returned to Dali and entered the border of Dali. Wang Yuyan and the guards and warriors of Dali Kingdom greeted Duan Yu at the border.
When they talked about Xiao Feng and Ah Zi’s love affair, everyone was saddened. The group headed southward. Change the color of the official uniform and still keep the original color The businessman who came here dressed up. This day, he will go to the capital. Duan Yu is going to Tianlong Temple to meet Master Ku Rong and his uncle Duan Zhengming. Seeing that the sky is getting dark, there are still more than 60 miles away from the Dragon Temple, and he needs to find a place to rest.
Suddenly, he heard a child in the woods. The voice called out, Your Majesty, I have already worshiped you, why don’t you give me candy? Everyone was surprised when they heard it.
How did someone recognize His Majesty? The voice is very familiar. It was Murong Fu. Duan Yu and Wang Yuyan were taken aback. They joined hands and hid themselves behind a tree. Looking to where the sound came from, they saw Murong Fu sitting on top of a dirt grave, wearing high hats on his head. The paper crown looks like seven or eight country children kneeling in front of the grave, shouting in disorder, wishing my emperor long live, long live, long live, while shouting, while kneeling, while others stretched out their hands and shouted, give me sugar, give me cake, Murong Fu, Taoists, love My body has been revived, the swallow body has ascended to the great treasure, and everyone has a reward. Standing beside the grave is Abi.
She is wearing a light green dress, and her bright face is quite sad and haggard.
I saw her from a blue bird. Take out the candies and cakes and distribute them to the children, saying that everyone is good, come back to play tomorrow, and eat the candies and cakes, sobbing, one drop and one tear fell into the bamboo basket, all the children clapped their hands and cheered, and they all said that they will come again tomorrow The dream got deeper and deeper, and I couldn’t help being sad. Seeing Abi’s expression, Duan Yu felt pity. He only wished to call her and Murong Fu back to Dali to settle down properly, but he saw that she looked at Murong Fu with infinite tenderness in her eyes, and Murong Fu also had a look on his face.
In a state of self-satisfaction, my heart suddenly trembles. Brother Murong and Abi have their own destiny. I feel sorry for them.
In fact, they don’t know if they are satisfied. Why bother? I gently pulled Wang Yuyan’s sleeve and made a gesture to everyone. They all backed away quietly, but saw Murong Fu sitting on the earthen grave facing south, mumbling incessantly Abi gave the candies to the children, then helped Murong Fu who was muttering to himself, and told him that the emperor had retired The emperor asked the emperor to move back to the palace to rest and wait for the slaves to prepare lunch for His Highness. After hearing Abi’s words, Murong Fu stood up and shouted in a loud voice, all loves, please kneel down.
Walking slowly to the small hut behind the earthen grave, Yu and Wang Yuyan glanced at each other in shock, and saw a hint of sadness in each other’s eyes, then Ba Tianshi beside him sighed and said, I didn’t expect that Nan Murong After many failures, he finally went crazy. North Qiaofeng and South Murong, who were above the rivers and lakes, shocked the martial arts back then, but he never thought that now a tragic death at Yanmen Pass, no bones left, and a man whose mind has been taken away is like a lunatic.
What a changeable world!