If you want me to give you a bunch of fruit peels you can pick whatever you want your cow Bessie stares at you reaches

Do you regret it? It’s like the voice from the sky and the earth is deep and loud.
I can’t hear the source of the sound. Regret what? I regret it so much, but I won’t regret what has happened. Think about it and regret it.
If you are given a chance to be reborn, do you want to be an ancient princess or do it again? I don’t even want to be Lin Peipei. Who are you? Let me go back, I still want to go back to fight to the death with that surnamed Tang Do you really not regret it? The opportunity is rare and the calm voice finally has a hint of helplessness. Don’t my mother want to be an ancient princess? Then be reborn and be yourself.
There is a sudden golden light in the white surroundings. Lin Peipei hastily blocked his eyes.
Hey, wait for you, you, you, I said, I won’t go Lin Peipei, just close your eyes and yell no Lin Peipei, classmate Lin Peipei, what’s your attitude? A clear and angry voice came to Lin Peipei’s eyes. A familiar looking beauty was staring at her with those beautiful eyes.
Isn’t this Xu Mei, the geography teacher in the first year of high school? Then look around.
The classmate who took the class seriously was in Xu Mei’s class. It turned out to be a dream in a dream. I’m going crazy.
Why do I keep having this kind of dream about taking school exams? I can’t rest well during the day, and I don’t have enough brains during the day.
That’s why she was caught by Tang Tianyu.
The bastard cheated money and cheated sex.
Not only did he not get promoted, but he was fired from the top company in the world. With only a high school diploma, she squeezed in with her uncle’s relationship. She worked hard from the bottom for seven years and was about to be promoted. The director’s seat broke the record of the youngest director at the age of 10 years old. Oh, if I don’t think about it, I will remember the lesson of blood.
She will remember to look up at the geography teacher Lin Peipei, who is staring at her beautiful eyes and waiting for her reply. The previous few times will be long, ignore her, since it is a dream, ignore her, shake your head, lift your feet, walk out from the seat, under the full gaze of forty-six pairs of eyes in the class, Shi Shiran walked out of the classroom, even if it is a dream Seeing you, why not go to the long-lost campus? Lin Peipei, Xu Mei’s pretty little face was flushed under the gaze of twenty-three pairs of males in the class, looking in disbelief at Lin Peipei, who walked out of the classroom leisurely, who regarded herself as air, and couldn’t bear it any longer. With a scream, Lin Peipei rushed out Lin Peipei strolled in the corridor. This dream is so clear.
The corridor, the marble floor, the mildewed window sill, everything is so similar to that time.
Shen Ningxi looked up and really saw Shen Ningxi, holding a mule of test papers in his arms, looking down at his classmate, the teacher is calling you, Lin Peipei’s eyes became complicated, the past scenes between this boy whom he once liked and had a crush on, and him, the past scenes emerged and stretched out his hand Caressing his cheek, even in the dream, Lin Peipei didn’t think too much, tears unconsciously blurred his eyes, murmured how much I love you at that time, his arm was suddenly grabbed by someone Mei angrily pulled her over, crazy, crazy, really crazy, Lin Peipei, how dare you contradict the teacher, skipped class with me, went to the office, no, the principal’s office was in pain Lin Peipei froze for a moment, this dream is amazing, even this pain is so real, it is impossible, right? I suddenly remembered that annoying deep voice just now, could it be possible that I was really reborn? Although Xu Mei is small, Lin Peipei is even smaller. She belonged to Late Chang, and later, because of a major event in the family, the conditions at home suddenly changed, and her nutrition failed to keep up with others for three years. She was left behind by a large chunk until she never caught up, which became her greatest regret, so she was sadly reminded by Xu Mei. He dragged his stride towards the principal’s office and didn’t have the strength to resist. He turned back and looked at Shen Ningxi who was standing there in a daze. His eyes were full of shock and strangeness as if he was looking at an alien.
He looked at his face full of pink and pure black.
The eyes are vivid and three-dimensional. Lin Peipei turned her head and opened her mouth without hesitation and bit her arm fiercely.
There was some blood oozing from her white and tender skin.
She has really been reborn, but the current situation is not optimistic. Ahhh, I think you are really crazy, and even you are biting the hearts of the male students. The gentle and lovely teacher Xu Mei, who is small and beautiful, sneered at this moment and said, I just asked you to buy me a lunch, but Xu Mei suddenly stopped. Lin Peipei was really confused when she finished speaking, she just thought of asking this dead girl to buy food, if the principal found out, she would not be able to eat it, Xu Mei coughed lightly and turned to Lin Peipei, forget it, there will be more in the future Opportunity to punish this dead girl and poked her forehead hard Classmate Lin Peipei, do you realize your mistake is worrying about things you can’t handle It’s just for your own good. If you push you into the principal’s office, you will be rewarded.
Now that you admit your mistake, then stand outside the classroom for a class. I tidied up my short skirt and formal attire, put on a pile of mesmerizing smiles, and Ting Ting walked back to Class 17, Class 17, Lin Peipei, Class 1, Class 17, Lin Peipei’s eyes sparkled, now that I’m back here, let’s start again Lin Peipei is amazing, I didn’t expect you to change your sex Who is the ten-year-old woman pretending to be pure in front of? Yang Junchao, who is also tender and tender, stepped on the stool with one leg and clapped his hands proudly