If you really lose dont cry You think you are Whoever can’t get the invitation just wait and beg for mercy Sun Shaobai stares at

In grief and anger, he chased him to the hotel to catch the adulterer, but he was kicked and kicked by the adulterer. By mistake, he accidentally got the genius doctor of the ancestor of the Ye family to beat the scumbag in the face and punish him with green tea, luxury cars, and villas.
Your son-in-law is like dust, your grandma’s cancer cells have spread all over your body, even with the best and most expensive medicine, it won’t last two days. The indifferent words of the doctor at Zhonghai People’s Hospital are like red-hot knives stabbing Ye Chen’s heart. Ye Chen’s parents are bad gamblers When Ye Chen was young, he owed a lot of debt and ran away, leaving Ye Chen and his grandmother Zhao Guiqin to depend on each other. Zhao Guiqin could not read and barely found a job sweeping the streets. After working hard for more than ten years, he trained Ye Chen and went to a key medical university, but who knew Ye Chen When I was in my junior year, my grandma, Zhao Guiqin, was unwell and went to the hospital for a checkup, only to find out that it was stomach cancer.
In order to raise medical expenses, Ye Chen dropped out of school.
At the hardest time, I only slept for four hours a day and worked three jobs to earn money, but even so, I faced grandma’s need for chemotherapy. The medical expenses are still a drop in the bucket Ye Chen has no choice but to go to Lujia Chongxi and become a door-to-door son-in-law. He exchanged his dignity for grandma’s medical expenses, but after spending 600,000 to 700,000 yuan, it only prolongs grandma’s life for two years, watching him dying on the hospital bed Grandma Ye Chen’s heart was cut like a knife, he wiped away his tears and knelt down towards the doctor without hesitation Doctor begging you to save my grandma, it’s useless for me to kneel, I heard that you used to be a student of medical university, what does cancer cell proliferation mean? Can I give you a popular science? Your grandma’s current situation is hard to save, and the gods can’t help it. Listen to my advice. Prepare for the funeral as soon as possible. Wriggling exhausted all his strength and called out to Ye Chen Ye Chen made a jerk and hurriedly wiped away his tears three steps and two steps to the hospital bed Grandma is in pain again I’m going to call the nurse to get a painkiller injection, no need to cough Zhao Guiqin Her face was pale and terrifying, but she still endured the pain and managed to squeeze out a smile, saying, Grandma Xiaochen is dying, no need to waste money coughing, grandma’s only regret is that she has never seen her granddaughter-in-law Ye Chen and her daughter-in-law two years ago When Lu Ya’er got married, the Lu family didn’t allow Zhao Guiqin to go to the scene.
In the past two years, everyone in the Lu family, including Lu Yaer, had never visited Ye Chen’s grandmother. Come to see your grandma, you must wait for me Ye Chen is running away from the hospital, no matter what, he must fulfill grandma’s last wish My grandma in the Lu family is critically ill and her last wish is to see Ya’er, Ya’er, Ya’er, she can’t get through the phone Where is she now? Mother-in-law Sun Lanzhi saw Ye Chen profusely sweating, covered her nose in disgust, and before Ye Chen finished speaking, she interrupted with a sneer and said, “That old thing of yours can’t take it anymore at last, hehe, that.” I have to set off two firecrackers to celebrate. Hearing this, Ye Chen got angry and said, Mom, how can you talk like that? How much money our Lu family spent is enough for the down payment of a flat. If it weren’t for the old man forcing you to think that my daughter would like to have you as a loser, the merciless sarcasm of my mother-in-law made Ye Chen furious. Yes, he took Lu. The family saved grandma with hundreds of thousands of dollars, but for the past two years, he has lost his dignity as a cow and a horse for the Lu family. Now that grandma is critically ill, he just wants Ya’er to take a look.
Is this too much to ask? But thinking that grandma in the hospital may leave at any time He still suppressed his anger and begged, “Mom, I beg you, please call Ya’er, she won’t answer my phone, you deserve to be called my mother.” The pink pajamas ran down in a hurry, she went downstairs, glanced at Ye Chen, and said flatly, Ye Chen, you want to find my sister, Ye Chen nodded quickly, Xueer, do you know where your sister is now, I have something very important to find her, my sister In the room of the Imperial Hotel, she forgot her mobile phone and bag, and you happened to bring them to her Lu Xueer heard the words, rolled her eyes, ignored Ye Chen, turned around and went upstairs, got news of Lu Yaer, Ye Chen didn’t dare to delay, left Lu’s house, took a taxi and went straight to Emgrand Hotel, a WeChat message alert on the car alarmed Ye Chen and him After flipping around, I found out that it was Lu Yaer’s cell phone in Chanel’s shoulder bag. I said, how could Yaer not answer my call? It turned out that it was because she forgot to pick up her phone.
After hesitating for a while, Ye Chen still took out her phone. Maybe there is something urgent. Let me check first.
I missed Ya’er. Ye Chen knew that the password of Lu Ya’er’s phone was her birthday. After simply unlocking it, he clicked into WeChat, and then a long paragraph of unsightly dialogue stimulated his nerves.
My baby came to the Imperial Hotel tonight.
I hate the last time. I can’t get up all day and my bed is necrotic You hey, who said last time that you don’t want your body but is very honest, okay, okay, wait for me tonight, by the way, when did you kick your green fur turtle The sneaky old man is upset, the useless grandma is about to die, and when the old thing dies, we will have a showdown with him. This is Ye Chen filtering out the content that is not suitable for children. Almost instantly, Ye Chen’s chest seems to be about to explode.
He is holding the phone tightly, his eyes are red Looking at the conversation above, there was chaos in my head. Lu Yaer betrayed me for two full years. He worked as a cow in the Lu family and worked as a horse.
He would try his best to meet any requirements of the Lu family.
After marriage, Lu Yaer was unwilling to have sex. He had never thought that his sincerity would one day impress Lu Ya’er, but it was only at this moment that he realized his fantasies