If you don’t stop I will drive you out I saw a burst of roaring upstairs like thunder piercing my ears abruptly dissipating the intertwined

Brother Conflict Congratulations, you have officially become a qualified fighter today, and after that, you will be the one to take me with you Everyone is watching, but I have a girlfriend, so let me live? You see, the boy who is competing here shrugs his shoulders and caresses the girl’s head dotingly. Many years ago, the girl Du Juan was brought here from the ruins by Du Tian, ​​the father of the boy Du Fan.
After that, he became Du Fan’s loyal little follower and pestered him every day. Du Fan was annoyed by it, but he enjoyed the feeling of being a big brother. Du Fan has no choice but to love her even more.
Today is one of the four major families in Yunta Town. The Du family’s annual assessment contest is attended by the elite disciples of the family, Du Fan, Du Juan. You come down, Du Feng, you go up.
It’s your turn, patriarch Du Tian shouted, it’s the patriarch Du Feng, he jumped up with his feet one by one, Du Fan and the others came down and came straight to the first row of the team. There are five rows of Du Fan standing in the first row. It is clear that the appearance looks a little green and immature, but the inadvertent light in the eyes is as dazzling as the sun, and the self-improvement and unwavering expression makes people unable to underestimate Du Fan, the only son of the head of the Du family, who used to work hard. However, the fighting spirit of Tiangang has remained at the primary stage, and the clansmen’s cold eyes and sneering doubts are getting louder and louder. Du Fan also once thought that he is not a good-for-nothing. Within a year, he went from primary level to level nine, and now he is physically extraordinary. He has officially entered the road of cultivation. He has become a one-star warrior.
He is considered a genius in the Du family, and he is also a leader of the younger generation in Yunta Town.
Brother Du Fan You are so amazing, you are the goal of my hard work, we have misjudged Du Fan’s talent, it is beyond our reach.
In the future, the crowd around Yunta town will definitely be shocked. The adoring Du Fan looked up at the blue sky, the sun was shining directly on his face, and there was a burst of warmth.
At this moment, he was intoxicated in the center of it, and he was floating in the center. He liked this feeling. All the doubts in the past have disappeared.
At this moment, he is the genius boy of the Du family. Suddenly, he was in the crowd A cold and piercing voice came out, hey, he just stepped into a one-star soldier earlier, he was just proud, what was the difference between this voice and the cheers around him? In an instant, the surrounding crowd looked back in unison, and saw the bustling crowd outside. There was a tall and thin young man walking slowly, who seemed to be a little older than Du Fan, followed by a few younger brothers who were a little arrogant, and the reactions of the people around him were astonishing. With the support of several younger brothers, the young man came to Du Fan.
He stared at each other with cold eyes. A frightening atmosphere surrounded the two of them, they turned out to be the eldest son of the second elder. Didn’t Du Leng practice outside? He came back so soon. I heard that this time the patriarch and the elders are selecting the next patriarch candidate. I remember that Du Leng was already at the ninth level of fighting spirit before he left.
If you can’t break through to a one-star warrior, you choose to go to the most dangerous Yunta Mountains near our Yunta Town to practice.
It’s also a ruthless character. It seems to be a good show. After watching it, I don’t know if Du Leng broke through to a one-star warrior.
Isn’t it lively at this time? The crowd became even more excited. Patriarch Du Tian frowned when he saw this scene, but he couldn’t say anything. After all, Du Leng is the son of the second elder of the Du family.
Let the youngsters make trouble, so let them go. You have to go through this, Du Leng. It’s time for us to compete and see how I can teach you how to teach you.
Go outside for a while and start to tremble.
After saying so arrogantly, Du Fan stepped forward, crossed his hands and quickly sealed them. The surging fighting spirit instantly surged from the dantian to the hands The upper hands were covered with white fighting spirit, shining brightly, showing the strength that a one-star warrior should have Stop making trouble.
At this moment, the patriarch, Du Tian, ​​couldn’t stand it any longer.
He sternly said that the sound was so thunderous that everyone covered their ears and felt extremely uncomfortable. Just when everyone thought that the battle would stop, Du Fan responded and made a move. Leaving the ground, his waist kept flying, and his whole body flew out like an arrow. He clenched his fists tightly in the air, and most of his fighting spirit gathered in his hands. At this moment, Du Fan’s hands were like unsheathed swords, which were extremely sharp.
Going straight to Du Leng’s place, Du Leng stared at the white light as if he wanted to see through it.
He saw the white light getting bigger and bigger in his eyes. He didn’t dare to recite the mantra. They all concentrated on the right hand and the right hand gave off a dazzling light.
Just when Du Fan’s attack came, Du Leng’s gorgeous right hand quickly drew a circle in the air, and suddenly a sacred light shield formed entirely of fighting spirit appeared in front of Du Leng. But at this moment, Du Fan’s fists just hit the light shield, and it turned out that he was a one-star warrior. Only a warrior can use his fighting spirit so wonderfully, transforming his energy into a powerful form, truly worthy of being one of the rare geniuses of our Du family.
At this moment, even the assessment on the stage has stopped, and everyone is watching this battle between dragons and tigers. Huh, huh, huh, huh, as if the sound of friction between spears and shields resounds throughout the audience.
It didn’t take long for the light to slowly dissipate, only to hear the light shield crack in the air with a crack, and at the same time, the light from Du Fan’s fists gradually faded, and with a bang, the light shield burst completely.