If you dont like her dont hurt her okay I like you are you willing to let me Harm Song Lingcheng suddenly stopped talking Qin

When Song Lingcheng traveled to the 21st century, he would never have thought that one day he would meet a fellow of the same kind, who was far above her in terms of morality and cultivation.
Revenge of the Prince’s entertainment circle, cool text, joyful sweet pet, content label, love contract, ancient wear, today’s entertainment circle, strong and strong The star night charity dinner, which was postponed for nearly a week due to the heavy rain, finally opened in the banquet hall of the Zhongji Hotel under the pattering drizzle. From 5:00 p.m.
, Binzhou Road in front of the Zhongji Hotel was covered by various The luxury cars were packed to the brim on the red carpet tens of meters long outside the hotel gate. Reporters from all walks of life on both sides of the red carpet carried cameras and microphones and stood up against the drizzle.
It’s not uncommon to see a star charity dinner in a top hotel collapsed, but it’s not uncommon to see a group of reporters like this Ling Cheng has qualifications and no qualifications. He is a gangster in the circle.
I can’t find anyone who doesn’t know Song Lingcheng.
He debuted as a child star at the age of six and acted in a drama for more than ten years.
Six years ago, there was a blasting scene. The old proverb that if you survive a catastrophe after a sudden accident, there will be good fortune in the future has been confirmed by Song Lingcheng. The popularity of the explosion scene and the sudden explosion of acting skills in the later stage made Song Lingcheng rely on that play. The popularity has become a mess. The ratings and word-of-mouth win-win not only brought the national popularity accumulated in the past ten years to the extreme.
From domestic popularity to the whole of East Asia, it also made her successfully transition from the small screen to the big screen. The film was well received and won many well-known film festivals at home and abroad for five years. The degree of miracles created by the actress is just like the one who appeared in front of everyone unharmed in the blasting accident back then. She opened up a cheat-like divine existence, but it happened that Song Lingcheng, who was suddenly so popular but almost insulated from scandals, recently This couple has been persistently digging up news about Song Lingcheng for five years, but only found some news such as Song Lingcheng wearing high heels and spraining his feet, or who Song Lingcheng glared presumptuously at someone’s beautiful eyes, or someone came to give him For entertainment journalists, such as small things as big as sesame seeds and mung beans, such as me dragging them down, this big thing is enough to make them eat and drink for a long time. Get a good seat, grab the headlines and have a good meal, but I didn’t expect that the dinner party was about to start, Song Lingcheng, who was rumored to appear, didn’t even have a shadow The corners of his lips curled into a smirk and whispers, once Song Lingcheng fell down, the fireworks these days will be out of stock, right? Han Yiping lightly shook the goblet in his hand, looked around with a sneer, and sat diagonally across from him. Shen Siheng raised his eyes and looked at him faintly. Han Yiping had a few wrinkles on his gentle and smiling face, and patted his shoulder with a comforting hand. After all, he is also in this circle.
Don’t patronize. Make a fortune in silence, and occasionally learn about gossip in the circle to avoid risks Shen Siheng pulled his hand on his shoulders down. The company has an experienced agent, publicity and public relations team. The news of an artist is nothing more than a new play, an award, or a scandal. Xinghua’s publicity team and public relations The team will handle it well.
Han Yiping knows that Shen Siheng has never been interested in the gossip in these circles.
Star Blossom is the leading film and television entertainment company in China. As the designated heir of Star Blossom, Shen Siheng rarely gets involved in the circle, let alone in front of the media. His identity and photos have been exposed.
Attending the charity dinner tonight is considered an exception, but he didn’t come here under the identity of Xinghua Shaodong.
It’s just that he didn’t dare to be interested.
Those who are more interested are those who are interested. After taking over the topic, I heard that there was a whole night of fireworks at Qingshuisi last night.
Since Song Lingcheng became popular, how many Huadan Xiaohua has been overwhelmed? The top domestic and foreign resources at the box office let her alone occupy Daolin Song, who blocked how many people, this is true, everyone sitting at the table is more or less counted as someone from the entertainment industry, Song Lingcheng is in the way, except for her The economic company I work for, Haixing Media, and everyone else are all gnashing their teeth.
The word Phoenix Nirvana is like a song specially created for Song Lingcheng.
Song Lingcheng before the accident is beautiful, but she is as beautiful as a flat painting.
After the accident, Song Lingcheng suddenly had more aura. He still had the same eyebrows and eyes, but they were slightly different Fresh and natural, sometimes lively and playful, sometimes calm and quiet, what is it to act? What is born for acting like you say, Song Lingcheng? He usually looks very real.
A young and beautiful person with a bright future. Why can’t he think about it so much? With Wen Shaohua, such a person, he’s driving him to death. How much did that look deceive you? Lin Song’s high-pitched voice suddenly lost his voice. Han Yiping looked at him strangely, but saw him stretching his fingers at his throat with a strange expression.
What’s wrong with you? Lin Song was blushing. Who the hell threw something at me with a face? I lowered my head to find the murder weapon. A soft female voice unhurriedly interjected at this moment. Editor-in-Chief Lin made arrangements for me behind the scenes. Reporters from all over the corners came frantically towards the door with their cameras on their shoulders. Lin Song’s scalp was numb and his face was flushed with embarrassment of being caught.
Smiling flatteringly, biting the bullet and raising her head, how could it be possible, Ms. Song, did you hear me wrong? Song Lingcheng smiled kindly and nodded, sorry, and misunderstood Mr. Lin again. She is wearing a light white shoulder-length dress with long black curly hair today. Softly coiled at the back of the head, standing there with a slight smile on the corner of the lips