If you did what should I say Wu Xiuwen said to me I don’t know I’m just telling you that if you marry someone else

Picking flowers in the photo, the flowers are like faces, and the hearts are only scrambling together.
The wind and waves at the head of the chicken chi, the evening fog, the smoke is light, and there is no coming, accompanied by a faint singing. From a small boat, the five girls in the boat were singing and laughing, rowing the boat to pick lotus. The song they sang was written by Ouyang Xiu, a great poet in the Northern Song Dynasty. The seasons, the time, the scenery, the appearance of the Yue girl, the clothing, the jewelry, and the mood are all depicted vividly, as seen in the second half of the column. There is a narrative in the description of the scene, and there is a lyric in the narrative. Water, tenderness, love and sweetness are all integrated into the long and short sentences.
The people of Song Dynasty, no matter the high-ranking officials or the small people in the alleys, all enjoy the libretto. As soon as Liu Yongxin’s new words come out, there are songs everywhere. It was European Ci when Lizong of the Southern Song Dynasty was located in Jiaxing.
The Nanhu Festival was approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The lotus leaves were fading and the lotus flesh was plump. This burst of singing was heard by a Taoist girl by the lake. She had been standing quietly under a row of willow trees for a long time. The evening wind blew her The hem of the apricot-yellow Taoist robe flicks the thousands of silks of soft dust inserted in her neck, the ups and downs of thoughts in her heart, she really is her heart, but only the threads of strife, only to hear the singing fade away, and it is Ouyang Xiu’s other butterfly love flower lyrics A gust of wind blows Faint farewell to the future Two sentences of “Fengyue Ruthless” secretly changing the old tour like a dream The jejunum is broken and the song breaks, there is a giggle, the nun sighs and raises her left hand to look at the blood-stained palm and mutters to herself, what’s so funny, Xiaoni The son just sang nonsense and didn’t understand the pain and melancholy of lovesickness in the same middle. Behind the Taoist nun, an old man with a green robe and long beard also stood still.
When it arrived, there was a very light, very light sigh. The boat slid across the blue glass-like lake. Among the five girls in the boat, three were fifteen or sixteen years old, and the other two were only nine years old. The two young girls were cousins. My cousin’s surname is Cheng Dan, her name is an English letter, my cousin’s surname is Lu, and my name is Wushuang. The difference between the two is half a year old. Three older girls are singing and swinging the boat out of the lotus leaves. Pointing to a person under the weeping willow, that person has messy hair and a beard that is fluffy like a hedgehog. His beard is glossy and black. He is said to be young, but his face is wrinkled and sunken, but he looks like an old man in his seventies or eighties. He wears a blue cloth tied around his neck.
There is a brocade bib for a baby hanging on it, with a picture of cats and butterflies embroidered on the bib, which is already old and tattered.
He was weird, he was going to be angry, Lu Wushuang smiled and said, isn’t he weird? He is so old, but there is a bib hanging around his neck. When he is angry, it would look good if his beard was all up. Throwing the boat up, the distance between the boat and the strange guest was several zhang.
Although Lu Wushuang was young, his strength in his hand was not weak.
It was too late to stop it, and the lotus pod flew towards the strange man’s face, the strange man threw his head back and bit the lotus pod, but he didn’t reach out to take the tongue roll, bit the lotus pod, and started chewing.
The five girls saw him and didn’t Peeling the lotus seeds is not afraid of bitterness, just swallowing the petals and clothes like this, looking at each other for a few times, couldn’t help giggling and laughing, rowing a boat, approaching the shore, Cheng Ying walked up to the man, pulled his lapel, and said, old man, I’m afraid it’s not good. To eat, take out a lotus pod from the bag, split open the lotus pod, peel off more than a dozen lotus seeds, then tear off the green skin outside the lotus seeds, take out the bitter core of the lotus seeds, and hand it to the strange man. The strange man chewed a few mouthfuls but felt the taste Fragrant and delicious, it’s quite different from what I ate just now, grinning and nodding to Cheng Ying, Cheng Ying peeled off a few more lotus seeds and handed them to him.
Let’s go Lu Wushuang pulls Cheng Ying’s cousin, let’s go with him The three female companions are timid and hurried, let’s go home, don’t go too far to make your mother scold Lu Wushuang, squish your mouth and make a face to see that strange guest You walked so fast and said you don’t come, forget it, let go of my cousin’s hand and chased forward Cheng Ying went out to play with her cousin, and couldn’t leave her behind, so I had to go with the three female companions, although they were several years older than them. Everyone was shy and timid, and after calling out a few times, the strange man and Cheng Lu walked into the mulberry bushes one after another. After that, the strange man walked very quickly. Seeing that Cheng Lu and Cheng Lu couldn’t keep up with their footsteps, they stopped and waited for a while. The next time, I got impatient and suddenly turned around with my long arms outstretched, holding the two girls under the armpits and walking quickly. The two girls only heard the wind rustling in their ears. Put me down, let me put down my strange man, why would I pay attention to her? Instead, she walked faster. Lu Wushuang raised her head and opened her mouth to bite hard on the edge of his palm. Opened his teeth, opened his mouth, but was not idle, shouted desperately, Cheng Ying was silent, the strange man ran for a while, and put the two of them down on the ground. The place is a cemetery. Cheng Ying’s little face was pale with fright, but Lu Wushuang was swollen. His face was flushed, Cheng Ying said, old man, we are going home, we won’t play with you, that strange man stared at her without saying a word, Cheng Ying couldn’t help seeing a sad, self-pitying and self-harming expression in his eyes.
Feeling sympathetic and softly said, if no one plays with you, you come to the lake tomorrow and I peel lotus seeds for you to eat, the strange man sighed, yes, ten years, no one played with me for ten years, and all of a sudden Now, he asked He Yuanjun viciously, where did He Yuanjun go? Cheng Ying saw him suddenly stern and scared, and said in a low voice, “I, I, I don’t know.” The strange man grabbed her arm and shook her a few times.