If time could start again he would be killed I wont take this task again just as Qin Yu bowed his head in deep thought

The old man with white hair and childlike face stood in the center of the main hall with a sad face and looked at the young man in white lying on the ground. He was his youngest and favorite disciple, but he did not hesitate to expose himself in exchange for the stability of Tianlingzong for several years because of the spiritual world war. Now the young man in white looks completely unrecognizable. Three souls and six souls, only one soul and one soul were collected by him to use the corpse to revive the soul. This is a forbidden technique in the spirit world.
There are only a handful of people who can perform it in the huge spirit world.
Ready to try it for a while, a seemingly thin young man quickly came to the center of the hall with a dead body in his arms. He shouted excitedly at the old man, master, master, I found the birthday of this corpse, which is exactly the same as that of the younger brother. Xi quickly raised his right hand and saw a blue gas slowly floating over the corpse, and then he was brought to the old man for a closer look During the technique, the three souls and six souls have already flown back to the two souls and five souls.
Just as the old man performed the last step, an accident occurred at a critical moment. Yes, the old man suddenly sneezed when he performed the resurrection of the corpse, and watched the last soul and one soul helplessly. The old man’s face turned green when he saw it, and he shouted loudly, mother, hurry up and catch it for the teacher, otherwise the forbidden technique may cause Xiaoyu to never return Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the white ceiling in a daze. I vaguely heard people chatting around me. Where is this place? In my memory, I seem to be dead. Is this the inside of Tianlingzong? Knowing that he is not dead, Qin Yu was so excited that he almost shouted. When he was about to get out of bed, the chatter around him stopped abruptly. Seeing two middle-aged men in white coats staring at him with jaw-dropping teeth chattering up and down, where is this place, who are you, my master? Isn’t this the Heavenly Spirit Sect? At this moment, the middle-aged man was already scared out of his wits, yelling, Hell, he ran away and disappeared.
Qin Yu tilted his head, feeling baffled by this. He lifted off the white cloth covering his body and went straight to the ground, preparing to leave. Because it was too dark, Qin Yu casually Summoned a ball of blue spiritual fire, only to find that there are corpses all around. It wasn’t until Qin Yu looked up from the cold room that he saw the writing on the sign.
Mortuary This is a morgue, as the name suggests, a morgue is specially placed The place where the dead are, but why is he not dead? It’s so strange to put it here.
You know that Qin Yu is wearing the clothes of the dead. The crowd who walked out of the morgue were startled. There were only a few of them. The bolder ones thought that Qin Yu came out on purpose to scare people and scolded him. Qin Yu didn’t bother to pay attention to this group of people thinking that there was something wrong with their brains.
He put away the spirit fire and walked quickly towards the exit. He could clearly remember that he was in the last battle in the spirit world. He died with the enemy in the way of self-exposure. Afterwards, because one soul and one soul were still put in the Naling bottle by the master, he used the forbidden technique of ordering the world to revive his body and wanted to revive him, but another memory suddenly appeared in his mind and disrupted it.
Qin woo has a headache Unbearable, he gave up the idea of ​​remembering, and was curious about the surrounding environment.
He had never seen the buildings here.
He leaned on the wall and walked around three times before leaving the huge crematorium.
A gust of cold wind hit him and he suddenly felt very sad. What the hell is this place? After walking for more than half an hour, Qin Yu wanted to find a place to rest, but he was surprised to find one after another colorful and unknown vehicles in front of him.
Passing by, he was surprised that the speed of the other party was not inferior to that of the vulture raised by him. After a moment of hesitation, Qin Yu got up and walked to the middle of the road with open arms, and shouted at a black Mazda ahead, dare you ask this Dao brother’s name? The daimyo himself, because Qin Yu’s voice hadn’t fallen off, Mazda slammed on the brakes, and heard the roar of cursing from inside the car, your mother doesn’t have eyesight when you walk, Qin Yu was anxious when he heard it, and quickly retorted, Daoist brother, how can you curse? I scolded you what’s wrong, my mother is going to scold your whole family scold your ancestors, the middle-aged eighteenth generation, angrily, ignore Qin Yu, just step on the gas pedal and leave quickly Qin Yu sighed after seeing it Want to ask for directions, but didn’t intend to rob? As for insulting people like this? After finishing speaking, Qin Yu suddenly raised his right hand, and seemingly invisible and colorless sharp swords slowly emerged. This is the stunt that Qin Yu became famous for. There are countless disciples who can practice it, but very few, and the ability to refine more than five sword qi at the same time is enough to prove his talent.
With Qin Yu’s order, the five transparent sword qi moved towards Mazda at an astonishing speed.
Flying in the same direction, and then there was a bang, the four wheels of the Mazda blew out at the same time, and the whole car hit the curb.
He murmured to tell you to scold my father and mother, what I killed was the mount. See what you will use in the future.
For the matter of running to the middle of the road to stop the car, Qin Yu has tried it many times, but the results are basically the same.
He roughly estimated that the end of doing this is only The two were either scolded by the whole family or crazy. Until Qin Yu stopped the fifth car, the situation finally changed. This is a red Porsche sports car, but in Qin Yu’s eyes, it is a gorgeous top-quality mount. The few dilapidated cars in front of it It is unbearable to see that the semi-finished product can be compared with this car.
Qin Yu walked towards the Porsche with a smile on his face.
There was a young woman wearing a mask sitting in the car. The young woman thought she was suffering from a mental illness, but she heard Qin Yu’s voice again.
She raised her head and carefully looked at Qin Yu’s dusty face.
She frowned and got out of the car.
What’s your name?