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The Wannian sarcophagus has been collected by the Longmeng Archaeological Institute and is undergoing further research. The latest news is that a humanoid silhouette was found in the Wannian sarcophagus.
The industry authority said that the Wannian sarcophagus is a whole piece of rock, and the discovery of a humanoid outline in it is a rumor. It has been proved that it is an ordinary rock without any archaeological value. The 10,000-year-old coffin fossils are collected by the Municipal Geological Museum.
Interested citizens can visit the bustling streets of Longmeng City every weekend. The lights are brightly lit and the night is light.
In front of the Geological Museum, there is silence. Qiongshan Mountain three years ago A coffin-shaped stone fossil was discovered in the coal mine in the mining area, which immediately aroused public opinion.
Prehistoric civilization, alien technology, geological movement, mysterious ethnic groups, ghosts and ghosts, and legends. People were surprised, this is just the most common rock, it just happened to grow into a coffin.
As soon as the news came out, all the speculation about this fossil disappeared quickly, and only a few geology enthusiasts still paid attention to this fossil.
Three years later, this coffin fossil It was parked in the hall of the geological museum and became a pastime for the public. At night, the entire geological museum was empty. There was a slight sound of thump, and suddenly there was a dull heartbeat. The sound increased again, the glass barrier outside the fossil coffin trembled for a while, Ren Qianzhong handed over the thousand treasures, and I can keep your whole body hahaha thump, the glass barrier trembled again, the whole fossil trembled for a while, even if your soul is broken, you can’t even think about it Falling into reincarnation, if you don’t give me something, I’ll suppress you for thousands of years, and you’ll never be able to turn over again. The glass barrier around the fossil couldn’t bear the continuous trembling. Finally, it made a soft sound and completely shattered, and the alarm bells rang out. Ren Qianzhong, don’t you want eternal life? I will give you eternal life. This coffin is the place of your eternal life.
Suddenly, cracks appeared slowly on the fossilized coffin amidst the vibrations Teacher can only do this, I hope you can burst with a bang, the coffin fossils completely shattered, a figure wrapped in a halo of orchids flew up, smashed the doors and windows of the geological museum, soared to the sky, and the alarm bells were all museums The security guards arrived at the scene immediately, but there was only a piece of ruins where there was still the shadow of the fossil coffin. His eyes seemed to have thousands of voices echoing in his mind, but he couldn’t hear a single word. He was surrounded by blue light and quickly cut through the sky and rushed directly to the edge of the city. The blue light suddenly disappeared. The young man was standing on the road in ragged clothes. Confused, he looked at everything around him, beeping, beeping, and a strong light shot over. The young man suddenly turned his head, only to see a huge object coming towards him.
He subconsciously stretched out his hands and bang a burst of power. The force shot through his body head-on, and the newly recovered consciousness was suddenly interrupted.
The driver of the large truck slammed on the brakes and made an emergency stop, but the ragged young man in front of him was knocked a few meters away. Go down and have a look. The middle-aged man on the side looked anxious and his face was pale.
The two immediately got out of the car to look at the staggering figure. Did this homeless man kill me? Seeing that the young man in front of him was no longer alive, the young man immediately squatted on the ground in annoyance The middle-aged man got up and looked around, and then checked the front of the car. He found that there were no surveillance cameras around, and the front of their truck was not damaged.
Get up and throw him into the car. Do you want to die? The middle-aged man yelled loudly.
The young man hurried forward. Together, the two threw the young man’s body into the truck and walked away. Uncle Di, what should I do? I hit someone to death! After getting into the car, the young man was full of frustration and cried your mother, who saw you hit someone? This kid looked like a homeless man.
If he died, he would die.
Find a ravine and throw it in. Who knows what happened, uncle, but don’t talk nonsense.
The truck left the city and went straight to the suburbs. In the end, the two joined forces to kill him. The body of the young man was thrown into the gully, and under the gully is a big river that flows endlessly.
Didn’t hit anything, do you understand? The middle-aged man grabbed the young man by the collar and yelled loudly. No one will ask you. Even if you ask, you can’t say I don’t want to die. Not to mention hurrying away, it’s too late, and no one can tell. The truck started again and drove away in the cold night. The young man’s body fell into the rushing river and went straight downstream. Two days later, brother, look at that.
What is something? A crisp voice shouted, as if a little anxious.
This is a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl.
Her big watery eyes are especially lively.
She is a young man. Then he turned his head and saw the young man lying by the river.
Hurry up, girl, go back and ask someone to talk, the man jumped off the embankment and carried the young man on his shoulders, still alive Chapter 2 Who am I? The old man on the top floor of a skyscraper in the city center found it In a dark space, an old man sits in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, facing the afterglow of the setting sun and watching the setting sun outside the window