If the underground order of yellowskinned and blackeyed Chinese can go to the world Qi Bai sacrifices a little bit of dignity so what’s the

Thousands of years later, the resurgence of the domineering life is all within it. The magnificent hackers, the bloody scenery, and the underworld career have no regrets. I’m just afraid of missing it. This book will give you a new and exciting life journey. Do you know that it is possible to control the wisdom of human beings? Do you know the human industry? Do you know the origin of the development of civilization? Do you know the secret of Emperor Qinshihuang’s mausoleum? Do you know how the protagonist brought back the lost national treasure in the Old Summer Palace? Do you know that this is the era of online murder? As long as you have money, you can kill Koizumi.
If you have money, you can kill Bush. You are ruthless, you can master all the drug sales channels in the world, as long as you dare to think of the protagonist, you will do it Chapter Resurrection In the year of the year A.
D., at an intersection of the Huguang Expressway, the foot of the signal tower contracted by the mobile company is underway Under the scorching sun rushing to work, the third migrant worker complained, isn’t he just a signal tower? Are you nagging about the reissued overtime pay? You don’t know how many highways have been opened.
This place is a signal blind spot. Didn’t you see that the China Unicom signal tower next to it was completed yesterday? Mobile must be in a hurry now, but people call every day Can you not be in a hurry to complain? Look over there, the PHS base stations of China Telecom have been erected.
How can the mobile bosses be in a hurry? Look at this place, Telecom and Mobile Unicom have set up a signal tower, but they still leave the fast loess slope in the middle to see that posture, it looks like another migrant worker from the Central Plains in Zhuolu laughed and scolded, hey, you just think about the Three Kingdoms all day long Hurry up, it’s just a little bit of work, finish it early, rest early, your mother-in-law has washed it and is waiting for you Wife doesn’t need you to use anything, it’s a fashion for big bucks Time goes by so fast The iron tower is still just the migrant workers who built it in those days, it has long since changed from that strong muscle to a sluggish old man No one would have imagined that here, passing by a few highways The miracle of life is happening at the bottom of the loess slope. A life many years ago began to slowly recover under the radiation of high-intensity information sources.
One year, two years, ten years, and a full twenty years.
Although the three iron towers have been repaired and painted every year, they still haven’t started. The light is still conscientiously playing its role The signal light on the top is still flashing The cat, the white cat, and Mrs. Fish Pond’s blood-soaked city wall The golden armor Is it in a dream, am I not dead? Wang Hao suddenly opened his eyes, the light was dim and glowing green But there is still a glare. This is where the muscles of the whole body feel heavy. Wang Hao moved his fingers and then turned his neck.
He really didn’t die. He clearly remembered the moment when the sword raised and sprayed blood and his body fell on the city wall. I also saw the regretful gaze of King Chu, and after a while, my eyes got used to the hazy green color. It’s just a small space, it’s definitely not a prison cell. Wang Hao looked at the priceless jewels around his body and secretly thought that the green glow was a piece of emerald—an emerald that can emit a faint light by itself. This is not the father’s wedding.
Was it the emerald that was given to him that day? Suddenly, he realized that the jewels placed around him were all things he was familiar with.
There was his own bronze sword, his wife’s tiara, earrings, and gifts from his grandfather and father.
Even the golden armor he wore when he killed himself Wearing it on his body, Wang Hao finally understood what it was. It was a luxurious bronze coffin.
He touched his neck and didn’t understand why the wound on his neck healed without even a trace of scar. After a little thought, Wang Hao gave up asking.
You don’t need to spend too much energy on issues that you don’t understand, you don’t need to spend a lot of energy in your life.
If you don’t understand a lot in your life, go to the Great Qin Dynasty. I don’t know what happened. Since Xiang Yu buried him richly, he must have left this city.
The battle situation of the Great Qin Dynasty took a turn for the better Thinking of the blood-scattered comrades-in-arms Thinking of the beloved wife who threw himself into the well and the city wall that stretched on, Wang Hao’s blood boiled with hatred, like a sharp blade stimulating the heart’s desire for survival The powerful bronze coffin was heavy and strong, but Wang Hao was slow It was impossible to move it away, so I had to slam the top of the copper coffin with both palms luckily. After a muffled bang, the copper coffin finally loosened. The coffin lid was carefully removed. Wang Hao was surprised in the tomb.
On the top of the burial chamber are dozens of night pearls emitting a milky white halo. In addition to the main chamber, there are three small chambers for funerary objects.
Although it is said to be small, it is already unimaginably large.
There are countless bronze figures and bronze horses, and there is even a complete one. The copper chariots and a few corridors are placed with some terracotta warriors and horses.
The paintings on them are still as bright as new.
Looking at the inscriptions on the several small coffins around his big copper coffin, Wang Hao secretly feels sad. This is all the love that has followed him for many years.
Will, clinging to the big copper coffin is obviously his beloved wife who is pregnant. I thought it was the same as Huang Quan, but I knew that I was unexpectedly resurrected.
Caressing the rusty copper coffin, Wang Hao and his wife cried silently.
Who said that a man has no tears? Heroes shed tears.
It is even more shocking. The military situation in Xianyang should be extremely urgent. Although it has been many years since the rust on the copper coffin, it is not uncommon for a war to last for more than ten years. Wang Hao thought of that.
The swaying battle flags, the sky filled with beacon smoke, and the tender face suddenly turned into a cold face.
What is the duty of a soldier? The duty of a soldier is to protect his motherland and his homeland. The scale of the ancient tomb is much larger than Wang Hao imagined. There are actually nine large stone gates behind the tomb passage. Fortunately, the stone gates are not very heavy.
Wang Hao reached the last gate with ease.