If the position of the governor of Jiangnan is vacant naturally someone must Make up for it they all have a chance father if something

Hey, sir, would you like to eat something? Since the old lady passed away, you can’t just eat nothing to keep your filial piety. You look like an old lady, and you don’t feel at ease when you leave.
Sister Chun wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Sister said go for me Bring a bowl of porridge, come on. Jia Amnesty showed a weak smile.
He remembered that his grandmother had just passed away. He was so sad for a while that he passed out. Unexpectedly, he returned to the Rongguo Mansion in the first life.
The general actually lives next to Ma Peng and has to immerse himself in his daughter’s hometown every day. It’s ironic that the second generation realizes that he has been living in someone else’s book, and this book is still unfinished.
God let him What does it mean to go back to the first life? Let me make up for the regrets of the first life? But he came back too late, and he didn’t see the old man who loved him the most.
Jia She who was in a daze oh Jia She came back to his senses and took the porridge.
Thank you Mammy, it’s alright. Grandpa, you are doing well.
This is the biggest thank you to Mammy. Mammy Chun looks lovingly at Grandma Jia She, who is the lifeblood of the old lady. Now the old lady Now that she is gone, she should take good care of the uncle for the old lady, but that girl Chuncai really can’t keep her, she just wants to do her duty as a slave, she has a big heart Immediately after finishing the porridge, I felt refreshed and asked, Master must be asking for an order. Ding You will probably take you and Second Master back to Jinling to observe filial piety.
After all, Grandma Jia She has been with Grandma Jia She for many years. The nanny took care of Jia She’s grandmother, so she still has some insight into the affairs of the court. I know, have all the grandmother’s things been packed? Others saw Jia She and thought of it. I handed it over to myself in the end and only divided the dowry on the bright side. I put it away and put it on the old lady’s Zhuangzi.
This is Quan’er’s responsibility.
I will write a letter later, and you will let Quan quietly. I will hand over to the fourth prince, I will give him all the things my grandmother left me.
If Quaner is lucky, maybe he can get the reuse of the fourth prince. He is loyal if he follows me.
I need to rely on him to take care of me.
Jia She thought for a while.
In his previous life, he also gave the things left by his grandmother to the fourth prince. Afterwards, his ending was not bad.
Although he was exiled, he was also a wealthy place.
He even became a rich man there. In fact, he didn’t have to go into exile at that time, but that was his choice. The Rongguo Mansion is gone.
Why did he still stay in the capital? Why did he embarrass the fourth prince and later the emperor? It’s come to this point, Mother Chun asked sadly, there is no way.
The things my grandmother left me, at least when my father was still alive, would not be able to see the light at all. It is better to give them to the fourth prince and I have a good relationship with the fourth prince. I will give him these things. If he is really lucky in the future, he will not forget me. If it doesn’t end well for him, he won’t betray me and let Quaner stay with me Two Zhuangzi plus two shops plus the property that my grandmother gave me in the face is enough. Jia She remembered that the fourth prince was also a hard life. The mother was not born high, and he died of dystocia as soon as he was born.
How can the adoptive mother have her own son? Will treat him with care A prince’s life is even worse than the eunuchs and maids in the palace who are not powerful, you have no money to reward, no one cares about you, you are all a family, why bother Chun’s tears are shed all at once Come down, Mother Chun, are you still not used to it? Jia She forced a smile to make arrangements, Quan’er, you remember to keep quiet so that no one else finds out.
Quietly leave your master through the corner gate in the back garden. The fourth prince took the letter and looked unclear after reading it.
The master is probably going to Jinling to observe his filial piety. Before I left, I was thinking about you. I hope you take care of yourself Quan’er is very clever and quickly said, then you can stay here with me.
It just so happens that my yard is missing a steward.
Thank you, the fourth prince. Quan’er smiled and thanked his master even more in his heart.
The Fourth Prince of Yue called out and a maid opened the door. What is the order of the Fourth Prince? Take Quan’er down for a rest. After that, he will be the steward of the inner court. Steward Quan, please come with me.
Come here and keep a respectful attitude. The fourth prince said that Quan’er happily followed Caiyue away. The fourth prince squinted his eyes slightly.
He just opened the mansion, got married and opened the mansion. His natal family is not prominent, and the subsidy for him is almost negligible, and there are many children today.
He is not considered favored.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not withhold his own money, which is considered to be a face for himself. He is short of money now, so he can’t use himself. Wife’s dowry? The fourth prince touched the envelope.
The letter said that he had prepared another gift because he was not present at the wedding.
The fourth prince felt that this gift must be very big.
In the first chapter, Master Zheng is still young and still studying, so this time, he should not go to Jinling. It’s okay if Master and Brother She are there, right? Mother Jia touched the tears in the corner of her eyes and said, “Brother Zheng is going to leave in the future.
” His every move along the road of the imperial examination will be watched by people.
If you really want to do something for him, you should let him go to Jinling to honor his grandmother.
Doesn’t this feel sorry for him? Brother She grew up in front of the old lady when you were young