If the Manchu struggle is successful his descendants will still have A road to prosperity Fan Wencheng knew he was going to die and confessed

There are very few pedestrians on the official road that used to be full of cars and horses. The rice fields next to the official road are still green in this harvest season.
If you look closely, the wanton growth of weeds has already flooded a land far away from the boundary of the field ridges.
The temple stands alone on the other side of the field, probably because no one has worshiped it for a long time, it looks dilapidated, and even the gate seems to have escaped with the temple.
That black pancake couldn’t stop sneering, just changing a watch for such a small thing, I’m also drunk It’s just that, our current meal is only one hundred thousand taels of silver, Iron Man probably isn’t such a rich man, put away the random thoughts just now, Chen Wen swallowed the last bite of the pancake that he had chewed for countless times, and then he went on Licking the residue from the corners of his mouth, he lowered his head to look for the broken pieces that might fall on his clothes.
This local tyrant can’t get enough of his food until he really couldn’t find anything.
The satisfied belly closed its eyes and leaned its head against the wall, trying to make itself lean more comfortably.
It has been three days since I came here, from the initial bewilderment and anger, to sadness and helplessness, and finally, under the ultimatum of the stomach, I had to use my body That watch was changed to such a piece of pancake.
Thinking about it, I have graduated for many years and it is still just a small business. Although the monthly salary is not enough for white-collar workers, it is not too much. After working in this company for several years, the boss is finally the boss.
If I let go of the words, if I win this order, I can be promoted.
Think back to the famous saying I hammered.
I was promoted and raised my salary. I was a little excited to become the general manager, marry Bai Fumei and reach the pinnacle of life. But in the end, I was still too young. After drinking a lot of wine and taking a taxi home, it is inexplicable that this era is still lying in the briefcase.
It has been signed and stamped, and it is said to be the company’s largest contract in the past two years. What the fuck is it? I still think about what to do to continue living. Chen Wen took out the wallet key and mobile phone in his pocket and looked at the shoulder bag in the corner. There should be a power bank and a few pens in it.
Let’s think about the previous one again. How long can a watch last for a week or ten days? As for the salary card in the wallet, the credit card, and the two hundred soft girl coins? It’s really not a way to go on like this.
I have to find something to do.
Chen Wen thought about going to school by himself.
Although the grades were not very good at that time, in the ancient times when the literacy rate was low, you should be able to write and forget it. It shouldn’t be a problem to be an accountant.
After becoming an accountant, you can open a store as a shopkeeper and become a generation of wealthy merchants with the marketing experience of later generations. Even if you are an accountant, no one needs to rely on this modern nutritional standard to raise a physique.
Among the ancient people who are generally malnourished, you can definitely be called outstanding.
Even if you are a housekeeper or something, you should not ask, right? Writer Ding also did a superb job Can it be me, or it can be me, but the problem is back again. Right now, no matter if you are an accountant or a housekeeper, you have to shave your head first, otherwise you won’t be able to find a job. If you put your head in modern times, it’s nothing more than a matter of interviewing with so many companies. I have never seen the standard of employing people.
If you leave the door, it will be free, and it will be dozens or hundreds within an hour. If you can’t accept it, you can change the company.
It’s no big deal, but the haircut at this moment is the most notorious in the history of human civilization. The notorious shaved hair and easy clothing. For four years, Zhejiang’s hairdressing market has basically been dominated by the legendary domineering hairstyle with only a small braid. Chen Wen feels that he himself Such a short short hair, let alone going to the city to work as an accountant, or to move bricks to make a living, you have to worry about getting your head moved before you enter the city.
It seems that the occupied area of ​​​​the Manchu Qing cannot go to the Ming army.
In Chen Wen’s memory, according to the notes of people from the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty government was never interested in what kind of hairstyle the common people wore, especially at the end of the Ming Dynasty, Chen Wen felt that if he followed the one he had seen His hairstyle described in this novel can be regarded as a righteous citizen who was forced to shave his hair and then renew it on his own after breaking away from the occupied area of ​​the Qing court. This hairstyle is no problem, but which Ming army’s territory is he going to? Chen Wen Reminiscing for a moment, the most recent one is Lu Jianguo’s travel dynasty, now occupying Zhoushan in Zhejiang Province, including Siming Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Wenzhou Sanpan, hundreds of volunteers in eastern Zhejiang respect the orders of Lu Jianguo, but Lu Jianguo and his old man are few. Three months later, the Qing army encircled and suppressed Siming Mountain, the Ming army washed the mountain, next August, the Qing army attacked Zhoushan and massacred the city, and during this period, the ministries of the Ming army in the Lu Jianguo system were still engaged in mergers and infighting, and then the Yongli court. The most powerful Ming army system of the era, Guangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou, Fujian, Huguang, Sichuan, all Ming armies and former Shun armies all regard Yongli emperor as orthodox. Even the Daxi army in Yunnan is negotiating acquisition matters with the Yongli court, but the problem is him. Sun Kewang, Li Dingguo, Liu Wenxiu, or Emperor Yongli, neither one of them sounds much better than the other players. Finally, the subordinate of Yanping County King Zheng Chenggong, who is located in Fujian, is barely far away.
It’s close, but this distance is not what he can reach now, but if he can persevere and reach Fujian, it will be the longest and safest place to persist. However, in Chen Wen’s impression, it seems that the development process of Guo Xingye is not It went very well. Almost every time after a series of victories, there will always be a big defeat, and then spit out all the fruits of victory that have not yet been digested.