If the concubine is not here let the prince continue the heir quickly so the prince concubines return will not affect the relationship between the

In that time and space, he became the youngest son of the great general of the Liang Kingdom, but he had to marry the crown prince as the princess as soon as he traveled through time and space.
I don’t know what else to play. The princess has to work hard to make money.
To invent and strengthen the country, and to educate the prince so that he can become a talent. This is the story of a passer-by who works as a model worker in another world.
In March, the south of the Yangtze River is already full of grass and the warblers are flying. The northern country is still full of cold wind. In some places, even the snow has not yet melted.
In the capital of Daliang Kingdom, everyone in the mansion of General Lin is busy because of the most beloved young son in the mansion, Lin.
Qiu is about to get married. It stands to reason that the youngest son in the family should be beaming when he wants to get married.
However, although the general’s mansion is busy, there is not even a smile. What’s more, what he wants to marry is the only son of the current emperor, Liang Xi, the crown prince of the Liang Kingdom. Those merchants who came from afar can’t figure it out. Although it is not unusual for Lang Lang to marry, it is rare for the Tian family to marry a male wife, especially this one who married a wife. Or the prince is the only son of the emperor, isn’t it going to cut off the queen of the Tian family, there is no way, if you don’t marry this man, even the last prince can’t keep it I don’t know, the little brother, tell us that everyone is curious.
The gossip of Daliang Guotian’s family, which is very free of speech, is the biggest hot topic.
This has to be mentioned from the previous dynasty.
The little brother who received the reward knows everything. There is endless talk about the tyrannical nature of the last emperor of the former dynasty and the treacherous ministers in power, which made the people miserable.
Some peasants who couldn’t survive gathered together and recruited some officials and troops who sympathized with them to launch a massive uprising.
The leader is today’s emperor.
Liang Honglie is not an ordinary farmer.
He is a member of the royal family. Although it has declined, it does not affect the fact that he has the blood of the royal family. This also attracted more support from nobles and vassal kings.
Although the uprising was successful in the end, the journey was really hard. Several times, he was almost wiped out by the imperial army.
Once, Liang Honglie was trapped in a Jedi, he was poisoned by arrows, and he was about to die. Fortunately, his general Lin Lian carried the unconscious Liang Honglie on his back, and went through the swamp to find antidote herbs. After waking up from the catastrophe, Liang Honglie was grateful to Lin Lian for saving his life.
He sworn brothers with different surnames with him and made a promise that they would marry in-laws for generations. After that, Liang Honglie’s uprising team became stronger and stronger, and they invaded the capital and killed them in just one year.
At that time, the emperor himself ascended the throne and became the emperor.
He wanted to make Lin Lian the side-by-side king, but Lin Lian politely refused, so he changed the title to a general to lead the country’s soldiers and horses. He brought his two sons to guard the border and fought off foreign enemies many times. He was called the patron saint of the Liang Kingdom.
He only talked about his in-laws, but he never got married. No matter if it was Lin Lian, a general who only married one wife, is still an emperor who has countless concubines. Both of them feel regretful that they only have sons from birth.
The nineteen-year-old married couple died of a sudden illness on the same night. A year later, the second son of the emperor also died suddenly on the same night when he married.
It can be said to be an accident.
Twice is really suspicious, but no matter how hard the investigation, the two princes were not poisoned. There were no external injuries, but they stopped breathing suddenly after having intercourse.
The death of the two royal brothers frightened the third son.
He refused to get married no matter what, and even ran to the temple many times to become a monk, but even so, he still did not escape. On the night of his twentieth birthday, he was drinking with a few concubines in the garden and was joking.
He suddenly leaned back and there was no sound. The concubine stepped forward and saw that he was so frightened that he collapsed to the ground.
His eyes were round. It’s already hard to breathe, the royal heirs are so difficult, it’s not that the emperor doesn’t work hard, but a concubine wants to conceive and give birth to the child safely, and the difficulty of growing up after giving birth is no less than When Liang Honglie rebelled, Liang Honglie was angry and anxious. He only had five sons, and now he lost more than half of them. Seeing that he is almost at the age of hearing, if this continues, there must be no future.
Persuading the fourth son to be sent to the Huguo Temple to become a monk, and the fifth son to be sent to the Linlian Camp at the border. I thought that one would become a monk and the other would go far away from the imperial court, which might save his life. Who knows that the fourth son died on the day he was 20 years old. He and the five sons of the emperor and the eldest son of the emperor who died early were all the queen’s own.
The blow of losing his parents again made the queen sick. The queen’s surname was originally from Chu. For the military expenses, he even sold all the jewelry and clothes, leaving only a set of coarse clothes to cover his body.
Liang Honglie respected and loved Empress Chu immediately.
Seeing that she was seriously ill, he quickly brought her natal sister-in-law to accompany her.
The queen’s natal sister-in-law was named Zhou. Chong believed in Buddhism. After her husband passed away, she moved into the Buddhist hall.
She didn’t hear anything outside the window.
After listening to Queen Chu’s crying, she realized that the princes had died strangely. Mrs.
Zhou comforted her first, and then said that the eldest prince and the second prince died suddenly on the day of their marriage.
Could it be because he married the wrong person? The third prince and the fourth prince are because they didn’t marry the one they were destined for at the age of twenty. That’s why the Empress Chu heard it strange and asked her parents about her parents’ orders and the matchmaker’s words.
Mrs. Zhou thought for a while and said that it would be wrong to marry someone else if she had already been engaged before.
The speaker had no intention of listening to the listener.