If the bloodwashing pool is dangerous Mo Yirou can resist the temptation Its normal Naihe everything is just guessing now its illusory but Mo Yirou

Chapter 1 Come back alive from hell, bang bang bang bang bang bang sound came from the dark and damp basement, one whip after another whipped viciously on Mo Yirou’s dilapidated body, every stroke of the whip would definitely bring a bloodstain and pain Continuously eroding Mo Yirou’s body and nerves, the torture of the past few days has pushed her body to its limit, but even so, she still hasn’t made a single sound, even her face is indifferent, only a pair of eyes that are as dark as the night are full of cruelty.
Ruthless and overwhelming remorse, does Mo Yirou hurt? Regret? Lin Yuyan looked at Mo Yirou who was dying, her face was full of abusive pleasure, watching Mo Yirou, who was once aloof, prostrate at the bottom of her feet, she just stopped I can’t help but be excited that she is the heir of the Mo family, so why hasn’t she been deceived by myself? Now everything about her will be her own pain? Regret? Is it useful to be heartbroken and saddened to be annoyed? It’s just that loved ones are happy and enemies are hurt.
Mo Yirou looked at Lin Yuyan, who was almost the same as herself, on the corner of her dilapidated lips, and there was a smile that was extremely ironic.
Mo Yirou is not an anti-dog. Even though her whole body is soaked in blood, she is still gorgeous. This kind of her has completely stimulated Lin Yuyan, bitch, you want to die. Eleven took the dagger next to it and stabbed it directly into Mo Yirou’s heart.
The white knife went in and the red knife came out with blood spraying to confuse everyone’s eyes. At the end of life, Mo Yirou’s words lingered in his ears for a long time, no pain.
A sharp pain swept his whole body, causing Mo Yirou to curl up all over his body.
It seemed that this was the only way to relieve the pain in his body.
Unfortunately, this practice made his body worse. The pain and pain are constantly eroding Mo Yirou’s body, making her chaotic head even more chaotic, and so on, she can still feel the pain. She didn’t die during the tribulation. Has the Dao disappeared? Under the Nine Heavens of Thunder Tribulation, nothing will exist anymore. Even if the golden body is rebuilt, there is no time. How could she have a body? Suddenly, pictures filled her mind and finally stopped at Lin Yuyan stabbing the dagger into this body. In her body, it turned out that at the moment when she died, a ray of soul possessed her in this dead body and fused with it.
The two souls fused. She is Mo Yirou, who came from the great god of crossing tribulation in the cultivation world.
She is Mo Yirou. It’s Mo Yirou who was tortured to death by her best friend.
She is Mo Yirou who came back alive from hell. Taking it back is Mo Yirou’s guarantee and also Mo Yirou’s promise. Mo Yirou held the dagger in her heart and pulled it out viciously. The blood splashed three feet, and at the same time, a ray of light shot in and out from her palm.
Go to the heart and use what is left The last sliver of spiritual power to repair the broken heart Chapter Mo Yirou, who was regarded as touching porcelain, slowly stood up from the ground, and the wound on her body bled again because of standing up, and the tearing pain made Mo Yirou slightly frowned. Continuing, I’m afraid Lin Yuyan will not need to make another move, she will be able to return to the sky, and the most important thing is that the villa is already full of flames, and soon the flames will burst into the basement. If her current physical condition is really trapped in the fire That’s really hard to fly with wings. Mo Yirou looked at the bleeding body and couldn’t help but shook his head. He obviously played a good hand of cards but fell into such a situation. No one would believe Mo Yirou slowly. Going out even though the flames were burning, she still walked out leisurely. If others saw her, they would think she was visiting her back garden. In fact, that was not the case, and it was not because Mo Yirou was trying to pretend, but because she couldn’t walk fast at all.
At that time, every step she took was like stepping on a sharp knife.
The pain was beyond words to describe. Following her memory, Mo Yirou found the medicine box that had been left unused. After seeing the silver needle inside, her calm eyes flashed. After a touch of joy, the nine silver needles pierced into the chest without leaving a trace.
In an instant, her pale and bloodless face began to turn rosy. The silver needles stimulated Mo Yirou’s physical potential, allowing her to run out of the villa in the shortest possible time.
The moment Mo Yirou ran out of the villa, the villa collapsed and the flames lit up the entire sky, and Lin Yuyan, who left and looked back at this scene, showed a hearty smile on Mo Yirou’s face, not to mention the next life. They are not my opponents, and I will definitely trample you on the soles of my feet in the next life. Mo Yirou doesn’t know Lin Yuyan’s ambitions. Even if she knew, she would still sneer at her.
Let Mo Yirou know that the aftereffects of the silver needle piercing point came out, she must find a place full of spiritual energy to take care of her body, otherwise it will affect her future cultivation, no matter where she is, strength is king Mo Yirou walked slowly on Panshan The dizziness in her head on the road let her know that her body could no longer bear the load. Suddenly a strong light came from the front and shone on Mo Yirou, causing her already exhausted body to slowly fall down. The sound of the night sky sounded, the moving vehicle was forced to stop, and the distance between Mo Yirou and Mo Yirou was only a few centimeters.
If they really collided, I am afraid that Mo Yirou would really die at this time.
I’m sorry for any collision, we were hit by porcelain. Xu Li had already braked suddenly when he saw Mo Yirou rushing out. He can clearly say that their car did not hit Mo Yirou.