If that thing really breaks through to the blue clothes Im afraid there is no need to attach it to the little girl Li Ting

Nightlife When the last ray of blood-like setting sun passes away, the sunset sets in the sky, and the darkness falls.
There are only a few stars dotted in the night sky. Compared with the gloomy starry sky, the city is much more glamorous. For the sky that has already ended, the city at this time has just begun to recover.
The lights are shining brightly. The rainbow illuminates the night sky, the hotel and even the food stalls on the side of the road are crowded with people. It is no exaggeration to describe the city’s nightlife with the lights, the wine, the green, and the bustling. Coming out here is not far from the City Finance College. It should be the college students there. I rely on how hot and stuffy it is in the middle of the night. A young man complained in a daze and took off his short-sleeved shirt with a brush. Otherwise, I don’t know how many schoolgirls would laugh at this dude swaying around shirtless. No wonder the summer in the city is already sweltering, and it’s no wonder that the beer that a few people drank is not hot. Haha, I said the third child You have the nerve to show off your small body.
If those seniors see it, I guess you will have thanked you for your youthful years in college.
Pooh, the third child curled his lips and swayed and said that you are too early. The boss standing in the middle I waved my hand. Okay, it’s fate that our brothers can get together. It’s a pity that there is only one difference.
I don’t know if the fourth child who has never met can get along with our three. Hey, I said, boss, why are you so anxious? If you don’t come and see when you come, you’ll know if that kid dares to show his hair in a mess and see how I’ll deal with him. The second brother showed off his strong biceps while talking, and the three of them dangled for more than ten years. Minutes stopped at a crossroad and opposite was the City Finance College. Fortunately, the boss of the three was still sober enough to see the signal lights and stopped two confused roommates.
They waited for more than ten seconds for the red light to turn green before getting ready. Just at this moment in the aisle, the third child’s lower body tightened and he had just drank a full stomach of beer. Now he came up to him. The third child covered his pants and said to the two of you, go ahead first, and I’ll pee in the back. The boss frowned and wanted to wait, but the second child laughed.
With a confused sound, the boss was pulled across the crossroad. The third child took a pee and shivered.
He felt sober, turned around and chased after the boss who had already passed the passageway. When the green light was about to go out, the boss shouted in surprise, the third child looked at the car.
The third child just arrived The central government was about to stop and take a look. At this moment, a sense of dizziness suddenly hit, and the feeling of being sober just disappeared.
The third child walked forward with blank eyes, ignoring the large truck that was speeding up from the right.
Immediately, the two people on the opposite side were frightened until their dead souls smelled of alcohol, and the two exclaimed, the third child.
At this moment, the third child seemed to have not heard the two shouts at all, and walked forward amidst the piercing honking and brakes. In the sound, seeing the third child was about to die, the car got off at this moment, a strong force came from behind the third child, dragged him back to the classmate aisle, be careful to watch the car, a gentle voice came into the third child’s ear, the third one Ji Ling wakes up, you little bastard, you’re looking for death, you’re old amidst the swearing by the truck driver The third realized that he almost gave his life to the City Finance Institute just now. He is about the same age as him, but in his twenties, with a delicate face and a faint smile.
The black suit blends in with the night but is incompatible with them. Although he is not handsome, he has a sense of competence in his appearance, especially a pair of black and white clothes. The eyes are particularly eye-catching, the third child didn’t have time to think about why this person dressed as a special forces appeared at the school gate on a hot day, bowed again and again, thank you, thank you so much, without you, my little life can be explained, and at this time, the other two also rushed away The second child who came over directly directed at the third child, who was a big-necked slut, and said angrily, you really drank too much, do you know that your kid almost died? Thank you, no wonder the boss is hesitant. Although this person is only in his twenties, he appeared at the school gate again, but wearing such a special forces combat uniform is really not like a student today. The person smiled lightly and said that it is nothing to do But next time, it’s better not to hang around outside so late at night. The third brother repeatedly said that he thanked him. The boss looked at the man and wondered, this classmate, are you also a freshman? The man nodded and said, yes, my name is Wang Yi. It’s also a freshman today, but I haven’t had time to report. The boss is a little worried. It’s so late.
You haven’t reported.
There is no place to stay tonight. Why don’t you stay in our dormitory for a night? Wang Yi shook his head and said, No, I’m in the community opposite the school. I rented a house and just finished tidying up and plan to go out to buy something to eat. It’s getting late. You’d better go back to the dormitory quickly.
The boss nodded to Wang Yidao. Going out for a drink is fine. Thank you very much. Wang Yi nodded. Okay. We will see the three of them, say goodbye to Wang Ming, turn around and walk to the campus. The third child, who was shirtless, murmured that it was strange that it was still stuffy just now while he was wearing his clothes. It’s so hot, why is it getting cold? Wang Yi didn’t walk towards the neighborhood opposite the school, but just stood by the side of the road, not knowing what to wait for.
Looking from a distance, Wang Yi didn’t look like a student, but like a special police patrol here. Wang Yi stood there for an hour and finally saw that there were no more students going back to their dormitories.
The roads on both sides were completely empty, and no one was shaking anymore. Wang Yi finally looked at the buildings on both sides to make sure that no one was lighting the lights. Then he said lightly, I said elder sister You’ve been staring at me for an hour, aren’t you tired? As Wang Yi’s voice fell, the surrounding temperature plummeted.
A figure in white appeared faintly beside Wang Yi.