If so then you go Die how dare a handyman dare to provoke him like this he directly sentenced Mo Xunhuan to death the situation

What came into view was a strange environment, and the muddled head suddenly felt a pain, as if being struck by an electric current, a huge wave of memories frantically rushed to the Daolong Pavilion in the Shenzhou Continent like a river that broke its embankment.
Thinking that there is such a miraculous thing, it is really like traveling through a dream, this thing that can only happen in a dream actually happened to me, Xiao Xuanying was originally an urban youth who was living in a muddle. In his life, online games are his only pastime. Due to several days and nights of staying up late playing online games, his body is overloaded. Xiao Xuanying tragically died suddenly. Xiao Xuanying suddenly thought of these four words after he sorted out the body of the alien from another world. At this moment, using this word is the most appropriate to describe his situation, but the martial arts in the mainland of China are at their peak, and only warriors are the mainstream of society. People get the respect they deserve Daolongge is only a third-rate sect, but in this remote place of Xishan County, it is an unimaginable colossus. The third level of body training is to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses among warriors.
The predecessors have worked hard to finally find out a complete training system, which is the mainstream training system in the world today. Each realm of the Holy Martial God has ten levels of small levels. Forging and foundation building are just to lay the foundation. Only when you reach the realm of the five disciples can you say that you have entered the martial arts world, but a small sect has limited resources, and Ren Tianqing is already a It has been designated as waste, and the cultivation resources have long been stopped. Every day, I do some chores in the sect to exchange some money to survive, but this is a world of the weak and the strong. The waste and the weak will have no pity and sympathy for you. The disciples are entangled and will come to Ren Tianqing every month to take away Ren Tianqing’s few money. Trash like Ren Tianqing can be an enemy, but the clay figurine still needs three points of fire.
Even if Ren Tianqing can bear it, there will be times when he explodes, but in this world, everything has to be resisted with fists, and the result is that Ren Tianqing is seriously injured and dying, otherwise Xiao Xuanying There will be no chance to revive the cruel world, the cold heart, don’t worry, if there is a chance, I will make them pay what they deserve, this is the only thing I can do for you, since Xiao Xuanying has taken the other party’s body, naturally Xiao Xuanying wants to repay the favor, but now the most important thing The important thing is how to live in this world where the weak are prey to the strong. Ding Chaoshen system has been successfully activated and is scanning the host’s physical condition. At this moment, a mechanical sound rang out from the mind. Xiao Xuanying was stunned. Ding, discovering the blood of the ancient wild dragon rewards a blood bottle with a god-level skill Just when Xiao Xuanying was at a loss, the mechanical sound appeared again. What the hell are these? Now it’s time to counterattack and reach the pinnacle of life. Wives and concubines in groups will no longer be a dream. With this same super god system, your journey to another world will be extraordinarily exciting.
Not to mention, Xiao Xuanying directly swallowed the blood bottle. Warm currents flow around the body, a heat self-generates a force, congratulations to the host, the optimization of the bloodline, the reward experience, just at this voice, a ray of brilliance falls, Xiao Xuanying has finally reached the quadruple body forging, congratulations, the host is advanced to the quadruple strength of body forging, speed white Put on a pair of gloves, Xiao Xuanying, and then I remembered that the system had previously rewarded a skill book to the host, Xiao Xuanying, who had a level of body forging, four levels of energy and blood, strength, speed, and the ability Tianlong Roar.
The lack of energy and blood could not be used to equip gloves.
It can’t be used, but fortunately, the strength of the physical body has been improved like never before.
Even in the face of Xiao Xuanying, who is at the fifth level of body forging, he has the confidence to fight. At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open roughly.
Since the managers of these handymen are not dead, get up and work. You lie on the bed for a few days. After finishing the work for the past few days, he was not allowed to eat. After the manager came in, he saw that Xiao Xuanying had woken up, and he cursed at him. In the end, he didn’t pay attention to Xiao Xuanying’s slamming the door and left.
I want you all to come back with a pen and a pen.
Xiao Xuanying’s eyes froze. With the super god system in hand, I believe that day will come soon. After the task of carrying water and chopping firewood is completed, Xiao Xuanying will get a primary boxing method. After hearing this, Xiao Xuanying is still I was quite angry, but with the appearance of the system sound, all the anger turned into a surprise.
I didn’t expect the mission to be released so soon. If so, I really hope that the supervisor will come to the mission a few more times.
The more the better, the blood in the body has been optimized. Energetic and energetic, the firewood that could only be chopped in one day before took him five hours. Daolongge is located on the top of the lonely peak, and the water source is thousands of miles southwest. There is a waterfall. The daily water of Daolongge needs them.
I walked up thousands of miles of mountain roads every day in exchange for finally completing the task before dark.
Congratulations to the host for completing the task.
You have obtained the primary dragon fist, which can be upgraded with a point of blood, and you can use the dragon fist once.
Finally, you have obtained a skill.