If so do you really not care Yoruichi changed his tenderness and returned to his usual calmness saying that he had nothing to care about

Qingyang Town, Canlan Continent, is a town close to the Death Forest, where many mercenaries transfer supplies. It was just a small village at the beginning, but when the adjacent forest became a place of death, it began to prosper.
In this town, there are A genius has become a first-class swordsman at a young age.
He is only one step away from reaching a level that ordinary people can’t reach in a lifetime.
He is our protagonist Yue Ye.
He is a genius, but no one knows that even his parents I don’t know his actual strength, but I know that he is a genius. The town is as loud and peaceful as ever. Now it’s no longer peaceful. In a blacksmith’s shop, Yueye is talking to the blacksmith, and the blacksmith is Yueye’s father, Yue Tiexin, you are now a first-class swordsman.
Why don’t you go to the academy? I’m telling you that you have to get in this year.
You have to get in.
Everyone else is a third-rate swordsman, so you go and you really don’t know what you’re thinking. Ye curled your lips and didn’t want to get in. You can learn anywhere. And I don’t need others to teach me Yue Tiexin said helplessly You think you are the only genius others can’t teach you Now you are still young and you don’t understand what your father says, so just go here What you can learn outside is the outside world Your world Ye continues to play with his Jianyue Tiexin Seeing him like this, he stops what he is doing, walks up to Ye and says, You kid has grown up, ha, you dare not listen to my words, Ye looks at his father and says As if I’ve heard what you said, Yue Tiexin said in embarrassment, she’s not cute at all, she was cute when she was a child, and when she grows up, even her father’s words are ignored. At this time, a beautiful woman came out from the back door and said, You two, every day like this Isn’t it annoying? Yue Tiexin looked at Ye’s mother, Lin Yuelan, and said, “If this kid is obedient, I’ll still use it every day.
” He looked at Yue Tiexin for the last time and said, let him, although the child is young, he has his own opinions, he never let us worry about this since he was a child, let him know what he is doing, Yue Tiexin helpless Dorian you I don’t care about him, I don’t care about him Ye Kai’s way, but at this moment, there was a scream outside Ye Dao, what’s wrong with Ye Dao, I went out to have a look, and when Ye was about to go out, someone shouted a monster The tide is coming, let’s run, Ye was surprised, what’s the matter, hasn’t the tide of monsters and beasts not appeared in decades? Running outside the town, Ye Ye took his sword and ran out of the town, the town was in chaos, people were crying, things were falling, animals were screaming, and when Ye Ye ran to a medicine store, the roar of monsters was heard Laiye didn’t turn back, because if he turned around, his running speed would slow down.
At this time, a cat-like but huge monster appeared in front of Ye, and Ye’s pupils shrank. What should the civet cat do? It will soon be chased without killing it, and it will not be able to get around it at all.
The cat’s strength is equivalent to that of a human’s third-rate swordsman. It is fast and will track its prey until it is killed or dead.
Ye looked at the nine civet cats in front of him and said to his parents behind him, “Father and mother, you go first, I will kill it, and then follow up.
” Ye put your hands on it. On the hilt of the sword, he walked in front of the Nine Tanuki, and the Nine Tanuki stared at Ye, perhaps because he sensed Ye’s threat and did not attack directly, but turned around Ye, and Yue Tiexin looked at Ye, and then firmly said, “Be careful, you must follow up.” Lin Yuelan didn’t want to leave, so she cried and said, Ye’er, I’m with you. Nine civet cats are sword masters, even if they are third-rate ones, you can’t deal with them.
We’ll die together. I won’t go.
Ye Ye looked at Nine civet cats and said without looking Mother is fine, I haven’t paid attention to it, you go away, or it will be too late, Yue Tiexin took Lin Yuelan to the outside of the town without hesitation, and ran, saying that we should go quickly and stay here, and we will not be able to help Ye’er, we left him Only then can she let go Lin Yuelan said in despair, but that is the civet cat, Yeer is a first-class swordsman, Yue Tiexin said firmly, I believe Yeer Yeer will follow, Yuelan, you have to trust him because he is us Lin Yuelan, the son of Ye’er, slowly calmed down and said, Ye’er will definitely follow. Lin Yuelan and Yue Tiexin ran for their lives in the crowd. The chaotic crowd screamed endlessly. When Ye’s parents were about to leave the town, a red flame tiger appeared unexpectedly.
In front of the chaotic crowd, and Yori’s side may have been confronting Kazaki for a long time, which made Kutanko a little impatient There were small bloodstains, but to it, it was only a fur injury.
The nine civet cats no longer acted rashly, but its quietness brought a little uneasiness to the night. If the monster behind it is not killed as soon as possible, it will be soon. After catching up with him, kill it within a minute, otherwise I will explain that I am here today. Thinking of this night, I will no longer wait for Ye Hao to draw a knife and kill the nine civet cats, then dodge it, and Ye quickly made another move, Lanliu. Jian Jue Zhan Nine Civet Cat suffered this sword and was beaten aside Ye Tong beat the drowning cat and used the sword as quickly as possible The hair of the whole body was stained with blood by the nine civet cats, but these are only skin wounds.
He is worthy of the strength of a third-rate swordsman. If the swordsman level would have died, he would have died. In the distance, it didn’t make a move, as if it was waiting for the arrival of other monsters, but Ye couldn’t wait, and soon Ye rushed forward. Nine civet cats wanted to hide, but Ye didn’t give it time to hide.
The sword came out and soon the light passed through the body of the nine civet cats