If Qin Huainian knew about it she would have to be her Looks good Qin Xinyue seemed to know what she was thinking blinked and

Chapter Accident Chapter Accident, it hurts so bad, don’t run away, I don’t want it anymore, don’t continue, Lin Wan Bai opened her eyes, the unfamiliar pain in her body made her realize that everything was not a dream, she was in a hotel suite, and fainted on the carpet in the morning light. On the bed and on a beautiful bed, her clothes from inside to outside were crumpled on the floor. She was raped by someone last night. Lin Wan Bai clutched his head and tried to think back. She was working part-time in the underground and was in charge of selling wine to customers. There was an old customer with malicious intentions. After teasing her for a drink, she found out that there was something wrong with the drink. She managed to escape after getting out of the elevator. In a panic, she got into an empty room, and her memory was fragmented. The bathroom door was suddenly opened, so she reacted. There were other people in the room besides her.
Lin Wan Bai hurriedly pulled up the quilt to cover him.
At a glance, he looked like a man from the north. His tall and strong figure, facial features, resolute but not too rough and handsome, and his waist was only wrapped with a towel.
Naked in the air, the two strong chest muscles are well-formed, and the mermaid line is faintly visible. Her hair is dripping with water. Lin Wanbai blushed and looked back. She quickly looked back at the first time she was caught in front of her eyes like this.
The stranger snatched it away and was tortured to death. The man walked over and pulled the curtains aside, took out a cigarette from the table and lit it, turned his head and squinted at her as she exhaled the smoke to see what she wanted to do again, a ghost Lin Wan Bai felt resentful and lost his innocence. It has become a fact, she had no choice but to accept her fate, wrapped up the quilt tightly, went down to the ground, picked up the clothes one by one, carried them to the bathroom and put them on in the bathroom. When she came out, the man was still standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, flicked the cigarette ash and walked straight towards her. Lin Wan Bai was nervous. He took half a step back, but saw him approaching him, just bent over to pick up the wallet on the ground, took out two wads of money and threw them on the bed, although you were very enthusiastic last night, I also enjoyed it. There are 20,000 yuan here. Lin Wan Bai followed his gaze.
Those two wads of money, 20,000 yuan is not a big amount, but it is enough for grandma’s medical expenses for a month. She raised her head, the man’s eyes collided with deep and deep eyes, and the cold and ironic meaning in it was clear, as if in his eyes The fact that she slept with men casually like this is worth the deep humiliation from the bottom of her heart.
The man sneered, narrowed his eyes and pushed his masseter muscles shallowly. He didn’t want the money.
He wanted me to be responsible for you. Dreaming, Lin Wan Bai was annoyed and put his hands in his jeans. In her pocket, she can’t pull out two stacks, but she can pull out two sheets. When she was in school, she was an honest child. She was always the most inconspicuous child in the crowd.
She had never quarreled with anyone and turned red, but the rabbit was in a hurry and bit.
Throwing two hundred yuan towards that outstanding face. I paid the price.
What’s the matter? You don’t want the money, you want me to be responsible for you.
Lin Wan Bai imitated his tone just now and sneered, repeating the dreaming words.
After that, she walked away with her chest upright and her head up.
Somewhat distorted due to the pain, the two red renminbi were flung in front of Huo Chang Yuan’s eyes for the first time in his thirty years of life, and it was only a few seconds after she left that she finally realized that she threw up the quilt angrily, but a piece of dried blood was exposed under the quilt. The chapter is his chapter It was him who wandered around on the bus for half an hour and finally arrived home. Lin Wan Bai washed himself from the inside out three times until his skin was flushed until the smell of the strange man on his body was finally gone. She came out of the bathroom and her legs still hurt when she walked, little white girl. Children should respect and love themselves at all times, even if they meet someone they really love, don’t give up easily, so that future husbands will cherish your former mother’s words, Lin Wan Bai bit the back of his hand, the phone rang, she picked it up, it was a call from the hospital Miss Lin, your grandmother’s medical expenses must be paid by next Monday.
I know that Lin Wan Bai hung up the phone and began to change clothes.
Life is so cruel. She didn’t even have a sad buffer time. She was reluctant to pay for a taxi and took the bus for more than two hours.
It was almost noon when Lin Wan Bai looked at the surrounding buildings. This is a well-known wealthy area in Bingcheng, and he was familiar with the road.
When he entered the villa, Lin Wan Bai’s fingers were already subconsciously clenched.
Every time he came here, it would be torture for her, but there was no way.
Waiting to pay the medical bills, I was stopped by Madam Wang as soon as I entered the door. It is not convenient to see you today. He and his wife are receiving distinguished guests. Although they address you as Miss, they are not polite at all. Normally, she might turn around and leave, but not today. Lin Wan Bai pretended to leave, and when the other party let down his vigilance, he dodged and ran in.
Wang Ma hurriedly stopped the eldest lady, you can’t go in, madam, madam, Lin Wan Bai was slapped in the face. Li Hui, who came out, stared at her little bitch aggressively. Who let you in? Lin Wan Bai covered his hot face and was used to such tit-for-tat confrontation.
More than ten years ago, Li Hui, who wanted his mistress to be in the top position, forced her mother to jump off a building.
At that time, she was only 2 years old and she witnessed all this and rushed into the crowd like crazy. The laughing Li Hui wondered if it was retribution for Li Hui to fall to the ground and lose her unborn son.
I looked for my father, Lin Wan Bai, thinking that grandma could only swallow her anger. Your father has no time to see you have a distinguished guest at home. Don’t embarrass me here! I’m looking for something important for my dad, what’s the important thing? Li Hui sneered and gritted his teeth.
As soon as I saw your face, I thought of your dead bitch mother.
This little slut comes to collect debts every day. Both the mother and daughter are cheap. Now, as soon as he closes his eyes, he can still think of his mother lying in a pool of blood.
Before she got close, Li Hui had already slapped her across the face.
I don’t know why some distinguished guests were arguing. He seemed to have heard the noise.
Lin Yongyi came over and frowned.