If my magic weapon causes some harm to you senior brother I hope you have a lot of adults don’t worry about it with my

It has become a dragon in the world of Journey to the West.
The clear sky is thousands of miles away, and birds fly by from time to time.
These birds are huge, obscene, and green light is shining in the pupils. The target of these strange birds is the figure sitting on the boulder below, but there seems to be something on that person. Things make them very afraid and dare not approach, they can only hover far away, what the hell do you still want to eat Lao Tzu, you Fang Hao raised a middle finger at the strange bird hovering above your head Fang Hao is an ordinary student in the 21st century in the field once When Fang Hao woke up again, he was surprised to find that he had been reborn in the body of a small dragon in the world of Westward Journey. As a modern youth, Fang Hao naturally knew the world of Westward Journey very well. After merging the original memory of this physical body, Wang Hao discovered This is not the case at all.
This era has completely exceeded the scope of Fang Hao’s cognition. Even Fang Hao’s most familiar learning from the Western Paradise has passed for a hundred years.
The pattern of the Three Realms has undergone earth-shaking changes.
The root cause is a catastrophe a hundred years ago.
In this catastrophe, the entire three worlds were affected. The group of four disappeared in the catastrophe, and the dragon clan was also hit by an unprecedented impact, and finally went to extinction.
Now Fang Hao has become one of the few dragon clans.
One of them is also a little scumbag dragon whose cultivation barely reaches the second level of Qi training.
Fang Hao is a little crazy. The second level of dragons and some snake monsters with awesome cultivation levels are stronger than himself. Let’s go to others first, or wait. When Lao Tzu rose, he was first taken as ration by these wretched strange birds. Whispering, Wang Hao stood up and looked around.
There were only boundless mountains and jungles, not even a human hair. Master Bei, I didn’t expect that Fang Hao, who has worshiped you for so long, now wants to I have experienced it myself, but do your methods really work in this world? Catch a few birds and eat them raw. Just those wretched strange birds. Fang Hao can guarantee that they won’t be swallowed alive. I know how well the snakes in the world of Journey to the West have cultivated.
As for fighting with wild beasts, given the strength of the creatures in this world, Fang Hao reckons that he will only be treated as a dessert after dinner. Anyway, I am also a dragon. One direction, when I was about to start my journey of survival in the wilderness, a red light flashed by. I rely on Yujian to fly, fairy, because Fang Hao, who is a dragon, has amazing eyesight, he can clearly see the flashing figure.
Yujian The lowest flying opponents are all Foundation Establishment cultivators.
It seems that there must be some sect around here.
The young master’s dinner is settled hahaha Fang Hao jumped up from the boulder and ran to the place where the figure fell. In the world of Journey to the West, there is a group of people who can absorb spiritual energy and create immortality.
These people are called monks. The world of self-cultivation has a very strict hierarchy. It starts with condensing Qi and then builds foundations, kalpas and nirvana. And that fairy’s realm has obviously reached the realm of foundation building. After running for nearly ten minutes, a shimmering small lake came into view.
The fairy in his eyes landed here.
Fang Hao slowed down and approached the small lake cautiously.
Just when Wang Hao was trying to call out to him, a slim figure came into view. Fang Hao’s words swallowed deeply in Wang Hao’s eyes The woman in the middle is unbuttoning the clothes on her body.
The blue waves are rippling in the lake.
Fang Hao’s little heart is even more rippling. My God, what kind of fairy bathing picture did I see? Fang Hao’s brain went blank.
The general perfect ketone body is completely presented in front of Wang Hao. Looking at the woman’s upright buttocks, Yufeng Fang Hao only felt a hot feeling slowly rising from his lower abdomen. The woman in his eyes is walking slowly. Slowly walking into the lake, this scene is a scene of an extremely fragrant woman, a trace of mist emerges from around her, her uneven figure is looming, Fang Hao’s eyes are blurred, and she steps forward in a strange way. It turned out to be you, the wretched monster bird. Fang Hao suddenly turned around and stared at him. What the hell, don’t come sooner or later, but you came when I saw it well. Fang Hao shot suddenly and caught the strange bird at the moment There was a strange cry from the neck of the strange bird, it was over, you beast, Fang Hao seemed to have thought of something, and turned his head with difficulty, the woman in the lake was fully dressed at this time, holding a long sword and quickly approaching, hey sister, little brother Fang Hao just happened to meet here This strange bird was peeping at you taking a bath, so he decisively grabbed the strange hairy bird Fang Hao grabbed the neck of the wretched strange bird with one hand and shook it mechanically with one hand, forced a guilty smile on his face, and watched as he was approaching quickly The woman felt the woman approaching. The strange bird made a strange squawking sound like a ghost. When the woman approached, Fang Hao’s eyes blurred instantly. It was so beautiful that it was shockingly beautiful. At this time, her face was covered with frost, her eyes were cold, and the woman stared at Fang Hao, and she suddenly felt a chill from her back.
You can see that the woman’s voice is cold, with a faint majesty, what do you see, Fang Hao? He hesitated and pretended to be confused, what he saw was of course the whole body, but now can he be honest? If he saw it, he would not be slapped to death, and he had no chance to struggle before the woman’s foundation-building stage. Fang Hao’s mind was filled with the scene of undressing and taking a bath, and he subconsciously replied, of course, this strange bird is really hateful, it’s obscene and shameless, and realized that he almost missed it, Fang Hao hurriedly mentioned the strange thing like a chicken The bird flicked back and forth, but at the next moment, Fang Hao felt a chill on his back and realized that the atmosphere was not right.