If Leng Yaner said she missed her before this girl would definitely refute why she was so abnormal today which made Mo Yuxiao very puzzled

They met at the palace banquet, but without knowing it, they walked into the chess game that had been set up.
Xie Gong washed the palace alone with blood, his eyes were full of relief, and when he was dying, he said the last words were you are happy, her great revenge was rewarded, but there was no joy at all. He was sealed for a thousand years for no reason. She just explained Huangquan Road Mo Wuhen This is the love you said at the beginning just to send me to Huangquan Road Facing the woman’s taunts The man is indifferent Stupid I really want to know how you have lived for the past 18 years. At the beginning, I only said that I married you because of the power of the Leng family. Now that the Leng family is dead, what right do you have to stay by my side? A man’s words are like sharp daggers The deep thorn in the woman’s heart Mo Wuhen I hate you Facing the abyss behind me Leng Yan’er The pair of rhinos that were originally like a bright moon have already buried their reason with the hatred in the dry well. After death, I would like to be transformed into The reincarnation of evil ghosts will never live is only to kill those who have wronged me in this life hahaha The woman’s voice reverberates in the abyss for a long time and has not calmed down The huge eagle hovers in the air as if it is welcoming Leng Yan’er who has fallen from the cliff The loud noise of heavy objects falling The eagle is struggling Controlling the flight, for fear that the woman on her back would fall, the stinking smell would wake Leng Yan’er up in a cave where she could not see her fingers, a pair of red eyes staring at herself, Leng Yan’er felt creepy, could this be the legendary Netherworld? The shout shook the cave, the great revenge has not been avenged, I Leng Yan’er can’t ignore reincarnation, the hoarse voice rang out sadly, don’t make noise, you are not dead, if you really want to take revenge, the deity will help you, Leng Yan’er followed the voice to find out that the one who spoke was exactly one The voice of the big bird is trembling, but who are you talking about? The human deity is willing to avenge you, but you have to help this respect to be free. What do you think of this deal? One Mo Wuhen, even if the whole world recognizes you as a good fighter, as long as you wish me revenge, I will promise you anything, hahaha, come with me ten years later, it will be the time when your revenge will be avenged, and it will be the day of my freedom The eagle takes Leng Yaner forward The bottom of the sewer is as blue as the sky.
In the future, this is the place where you practice. This stone wall is where you can practice exercises.
However, you have to go to the sewer every day to close the curtain and breathe a stick of incense.
Where is the Yin Qi that helps? You have cultivated well, I know that Leng Yan’er is not talking anymore, just follow the pictures on the stone wall and start to practice time Closing and breath adjustment, but the difference today is that Leng Yan’er always feels that something is harassing her Leng Yan’er pretends not to bring something close to her, then rashly grabs a fluffy palm-sized animal, but she can’t tell what it is, her whole body is bright red like blood not because of the black water Why does Ze Pollution bother me to practice Cream Cream Leng Yan’er Cream Cream You are so molested I am not afraid that I will kill you Cream Cream You can’t say anything but this, Cream Cream Leng Yan’er let go of the little red monster in your hand, don’t bother If I practice, I won’t let you go, little thing seems to understand Leng Yan’er’s words, blinking her big watery eyes, looking at Leng Yan’er, after Leng Yan’er finished her training and left, the little thing followed Leng Yan’er, I said, don’t follow me I don’t have time to accompany you Butter Cream Leng Yan’er So for the remaining five years, the little thing will follow Leng Yan’er silently.
Cultivation and this eerie cave, but everything I have experienced is a gift from Bai Mo Wuhen.
All the things in this life will be understood today. I will send you out after you have avenged my revenge. I will tell you later that after I get my revenge, it will be when I fulfill my promise. Little thing with deep eyes, let’s go get revenge today, okay? Five years of getting along has already made the two of us have a deep relationship. Qi Qi kneels down to worship the man, sits on a dragon robe, which dragon seat looks down on the worshiping crowd, but there is no joy in his heart.
In order to fight for the world, he will do whatever he can to fight for the world. Happiness is when everyone worships, the sky is dark and cloudy, and electricity is added. The woman is seated in a phoenix glow, hanging in the air.
Mo Wuhen, on the day of my wedding, you forced me to jump off a cliff and commit suicide.
Seeing the me today, do you regret it hahaha arrogant laugh The sound is like a demon from hell, which makes people fearful Yaner Why did you become like this? How scared were you when you slaughtered my Leng’s family? How scared were you when you forced me to jump off a cliff to commit suicide? Today I’m going to wash my face Come to the palace to bury my Leng family, I want you to witness them die one by one Hahaha Butter cream, the little thing also wants to avenge me Butter good, let me wash the palace with blood today The blood from the neck of the neck is constantly spraying outwards, and the originally festive palace is full of fear at this moment. Countless people screamed heart-piercingly until the blood dried up and died.
Who would think that such a cruel method would come from the hands of a weak woman? Hen, they are all dead, now it’s your turn Mo Wuhen looked at the woman in front of him expressionlessly