If it wasnt for the fact that the other party was the key collaborator of the writer company of this drama she would directly Ready

Soul and System There is a huge museum in the center of the northern capital of the Great Qin Empire. This was originally the imperial palace and gardens of the Great Qin Empire, but it is now open to the public as a museum.
There is a smaller one on the east side of the Imperial Palace Museum. The manor here is the place where the emperor’s family lives now. It is called the Royal Forest Garden.
It is the height of summer.
All the girls in white gauze are embroidered with patterns of various flowers, which are too beautiful to behold. But don’t look at the pleasant scenery here. The garden is full of fragrance.
Every short distance, there is a guard in full military uniform with a saber at his waist. With the assault rifle in his hand, it also shows the solemnity here. There are no antique cornices and red tiles in the Yulin Garden, and some are modern villas with a heavy atmosphere.
There are only a dozen villas in the entire Yulin Garden. The population is not very large, but in the entire Daqin The status of this place in the empire is very special. One of the most majestic villas heard a roar, and a man’s voice came out, which made the surrounding girls in white gauze a little afraid.
The emperor has been punished and has been kneeling for three days, please be merciful, and then there is another woman begging Nizi and Huang’er are the fourth princes of the same Great Qin Empire. Why did a majestic prince kneel here for three days? What did he do to make His Majesty so angry? This made a bystander very angry.
The bewildered onlooker is not the imperial concubine, after all, she is still there begging bitterly, and there is another bystander here.
The emperor, the imperial concubine, and the four princes who are kneeling on the ground, who are already crumbling, don’t know, isn’t it? A person but a soul A soul from far, far away feeds you Is this kidnapping The soul suddenly said but he didn’t make the slightest sound but communicated with consciousness Kidnapped you are dead I’m just Bringing your soul into a parallel universe, what effect does it have on you? Besides, kidnapping you is no good It was known by the three people in the villa, but they were there. It seems a bit weird, but it is very easy to understand. This soul is called Gaofeng, and it comes from a parallel world, a planet called Earth, and the other voice claims to be system hegemony, System Gaofeng As an online writer, I naturally know what a system is.
After all, there are too many such online novels.
Most of the themes are interesting only after time travel.
Otherwise, it is really not easy to write. Fantasy is not necessary, but the competition is also great. He also I can only write some time-travel novels to earn a little money At this time, Gao Feng couldn’t bear to think too much about the imperial concubine’s anxious cry, which interrupted his thoughts, and hurriedly looked over, only to see that the prince had already fainted on the ground, his physique was really good, he knelt for three days, and now he only fainted, Gao Feng praised. But what the system said next surprised him, his soul energy would soon be exhausted, that is to say, he was about to die If I travel through parallel universes, I must be able to save him.
This logic is not valid. Why can I save people by taking you through time? Aren’t you very advanced? Saving people should be very easy. Gao Feng is a kind mother. Seeing that he is about to lose his son, he feels the same way. After all, he also has a mother who is in her 60s. Now you don’t know what’s going on. You are kind, but I can tell you that I can’t do anything. My abilities are all expressed through the host, and now you are My host, but you are just a soul, you can’t do anything at all, and this prince is the new identity I’m looking for for you. Gao Feng can’t understand even though he has written many time-traveling novels, but he understands the words of the Baye system.
No way, how do you know that he is going to die? Gao Feng asked the doubts in his heart. In this world, I searched for the identities I needed and then calculated their death probability based on their behavior.
Although this prince is not the highest, a serious illness is enough. But I never thought that he could persist stubbornly until death. He is also a guy with dreams.
This makes Gao Feng feel unbelievable.
The death of a person can still be calculated.
He doesn’t believe it at all. It’s impossible.
Kneeling for three days to praise you for nothing, you actually asked such a stupid question. Have you read too many Xiuxian novels? I’m talking about judging the probability of their death based on their behavior, not pinching their fingers. How did the Baye system correct their behavior? Calculate the peak and ask again. For example, if you drive a car but your driving habits are not good, then I can calculate the probability based on the road environment, time, and road conditions you drive. This fourth prince is now in his last year of high school. His future choices will inevitably make the emperor furious. Although the current emperor has no right to kill, but the emperor may also make him seriously ill when he is angry.
You have been staring at this prince. Gao Feng asked strangely, of course not. I’m a system, not a god, I’m looking at the Ying family, as long as it’s a guy with this surname, it’s fine, but now is not the time to talk about that, the prince’s soul energy reaction is about to disappear.
Do you accept the fusion? But I want to go home