If it is true that the situation forces Zhou Zhou to marry wives and take concubines in order to survive of course he will do

Bringing an angel to find the truth, becoming a fairy, and cultivating an immortal. Everyday life becomes a little strange. I want to become a fairy and live a long life. Master eat noodles.
Can we put on some clothes? If you have demons, you understand? It’s okay to take a bellyband, my master detected your nasal cavity Tiny wounds, wooden things, this is a bloody disaster of happiness, isn’t it just a blind date? At the beginning of the blind date, Zhou Zhou himself refused. The dream of wanting to die of old age in a comic book, how can you easily hand over your free life to a woman, especially the visual inspection? Yes, Zhou Zhou, holding a coffee cup, muttered something. The girl sitting opposite looked up at Zhou Zhou. I didn’t understand what he was muttering, it’s nothing, it’s nothing, Zhou Zhou pulled out a little smile and automatically labeled the glasses girl in a professional skirt and small suit as a refusal to try, even if he could make do with it, he couldn’t afford to feed the child in the future Even though she may be in danger of suffocating the baby, even though she looks pretty good and tall, and she has a monthly salary that is said to allow her to draw and paint for a year, but the above points are completely the mate selection criteria of the older generation. Brother, look at women. It depends on whether she is fierce or not. Thank you, the girl smiled politely at the waiter on the side.
She took a look at Zhou Zhou and then bowed her head shyly. We haven’t talked for more than ten words. Do you want to do it? Is this shy and timid expression really the nervousness and embarrassment you would have on a blind date? Zhou Zhou complained a few words in his heart, picked up a tissue on the side and wiped the sweat from his forehead, wanting to take the initiative to break the embarrassment, what did Miss Chen say? Just call me Taoyao. Chen Taoyao responded in a low voice, looked up at Zhou Zhou, then lowered her head a little shyly, why is she starting to be shy? Brother, I haven’t done anything yet.
The two of them were sitting by the window in the afternoon sunshine On Zhou Zhou’s side face, although this somewhat delicate face is not mature or handsome, it always has a wonderful feeling that makes Chen Taoyao’s heart skip a beat.
It was awkward for a few minutes until the tea and dessert were placed in front of the two of us. Where did we just talk? Zhou Zhou decided to break this embarrassment, after all, he can’t leave a bad impression on girls. After all, it’s so difficult to find a partner now. Do you read comics or Chen Taoyao? If Chen Taoyao doesn’t, will you watch anime or variety shows? Usually work is too busy to find someone Zhou Zhou is a bit unwilling to give up before the time. What hobbies do you have? Didn’t you listen to classical music or read books? Before filling yourself with knowledge, can you fill your body with two pieces of silica gel? At least it can give a man a little motivation to pursue him.
He secretly sighed as if he had no love in his life, and turned his head to look out the window at the empty street.
That’s weird. Who is it? Chen Taoyao followed his gaze and looked at the past. There were only a few pedestrians passing by on the street in the afternoon. There was nothing unusual in her eyes.
It was that Zhou Zhou.
Pointing to the street, staring at the bald man with a stand-up collar and wearing a black robe, Voldemort, Chen Taoyao looked at Zhou Zhou in a befuddled manner, she whispered, there is no one on the street you are pointing at, don’t be kidding about such a big living person Can’t you see? Zhou Zhou glanced at Chen Taoyao and then turned his head to look at the street, but he saw that guy in a strange outfit turning around to look at him. What sharp eyes Zhou Zhou felt his heart was being grasped by a hand.
As if it was about to be crushed, her face turned pale, what’s wrong with you, Chen Taoyao pushed her glasses, looked at Zhou Zhou, who suddenly turned pale, and asked him a little nervously, “he’s here, this man has a pair of sharp eagle-eyed faces, but he can’t help it.” The ugliness of the description can actually find my existence, the interesting boy The voice of the bald man clearly reached Zhou Zhou’s ears through the glass of the window. The gloomy voice made Zhou Zhou feel a little chilly in his heart.
He wanted to struggle to move back but I feel that the air around my body has become extremely hard, and it is difficult to breathe. It turns out that it is a natural spirit body.
To destroy this world, I will use your body.
The bald man on the street outside the window raised his left hand to Zhou Zhou. Zhou Zhou was even more shocked by the dry and wrinkled hands like chicken feet. A pedestrian on a motorcycle passed by.
Just when Zhou Zhou thought he was about to be saved, he found that the motorcycle had passed through the body of the bald man.
There was no collision at all, what the hell, Zhou Zhou stared, his Adam’s apple trembled, his forehead was already covered with cold sweat, the bald man smiled coldly, and a black vortex slowly appeared in the center of his raised paw, pushing towards Zhou Zhou, that gloomy and cold A playful voice echoed in his ears.
Dedicate your soul to this king first. This is your supreme honor.
What’s the matter? The movement took all of his strength at this moment, he trembled and looked at the pale face of the girl sitting opposite him, her forehead flushed with suffocation, and the veins on her forehead burst out, but she couldn’t yell for help, even her body couldn’t move or breathe.
Completely stopped, Chen Taoyao was startled by his eyes and expression, she subconsciously shrank her body back and shouted out loud what’s wrong with you, ha, cough, cough, suddenly her body lightened, Zhou Zhou finally breathed out, feeling that the confinement of her body disappeared The strength of the struggle just now appeared, he took the chair and fell down the side aisle, be careful Chen Taoyao whispered and quickly stood up, only to see that her blind date was holding her neck, panting rapidly, coughing violently, her hands trembling, asthmatic? I have something else. It’s nice to meet you.
I don’t think we’re a good fit.