If it is not for me how would another Jindan stage monk cover the fiveelement amulet on Fuxin Besides he does not feel sorry for

Chapter 1: Give birth to more children, plant less trees, just hit him with an immature childish voice, but it hides an extremely violent factor.
Ping, ping, pong, a dozen children in seven, eight or nine years old, male and female, formed a circle among them.
From time to time, the small arms and legs swung up and down, and then fell to the ground in the middle of the circle.
A curled up figure curled up into a ball with an extremely elegant posture.
The legs were rolled up and the knees were tucked in the abdomen.
The hands were firmly covering the head.
It was obvious.
He is very experienced in being beaten, perfectly preserved the vital parts of the body, and at the same time, his delicate face was not damaged at all.
The children seemed to be tired from the beating and stopped one after another. One of the leading boys pointed to the ground and said, Bao Fuxin dare to snatch it again. If my sister eats chicken legs, I will beat you to death. You go away. A dozen or so children strode away aggressively. Bao Fuxin, who was beaten up, just stood up, patted his blue robe, and straightened his messy bun.
Helping all the bears practice martial arts, he can pack, Fuxin sighed in his heart, then put a pair of small hands behind his back, stepped forward with his calves dangling, and walked through the courtyard and returned to his home, Manchun Garden.
In the county town of Jianghe County, Yunzhou, there is a big family.
There are dozens of gardens in the whole Baofu. The road is paved with stone bricks, and the various flowers and plants planted on both sides are very beautiful.
The whole garden has more than 20 rooms, large and small, and there is a martial arts field in the backyard.
My son came back, and a soft voice sounded. Bao Fuxin looked up. A woman in her early thirties was dressed in a strong outfit, holding a sharp sword in her hand, and the mother, Bao Fuxin, yelled in a refreshing childlike voice, “You’re going to tease them again.” The dusty blue robe is dirty, only a small face is still clean and pretty.
Bao Fuxin smiles a little awkwardly, and he is also idle. Someone takes the young master to take a bath, and then prepares lunch. The maids and servants around the lady start to act one after another. Get up, mother, I’m going to take a shower, Bao Fuxin hurriedly ran to his room, heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, mother seems to have seen the strange thing, but he is also carrying a soul in his thirties in his body, but he always teases a group of brats It’s not intentional, it’s just that they always take chicken legs and knuckles and eat meat in front of them.
It’s really annoying.
Bao Fuxin also wants to eat meat! After taking off his clothes, he jumped into the wooden barrel and lay down to feel comfortable.
Bao Fuxin groaned, his eyes closed, and he went back to the past.
Traveled through the mother’s womb, was born, and opened his eyes.
The people he saw were dressed in ancient costumes.
Although there was no research on history, all the things that caught his eye were antique.
The people around him were also dressed in ancient costumes.
At once I thought that with my own knowledge, I would be able to make a difference.
Maybe I could be a child prodigy first.
I never thought that at the full moon, an elder of the Bao family would arrive with a stone. Fortunately, the language here is the same as Chinese.
Bao Fuxin is completely complete.
I can understand that the so-called stone is called the test spirit stone, which is used to test the spirit root. Hearing the word spirit root, Bao Fuxin instantly thought of Xiuxian.
Could it be that this is the world of immortals? The test result immediately appeared, and the stone turned into Lan then heard the elder say that although the quality of the fourth-grade spiritual root is not high, it is the most suitable for the family. You and your wife will not have to have children in the future and concentrate on martial arts. The family should raise the supply of resources to the highest level, and then hear the joyful voice of your father. Thank you, elder, the so-called full moon here does not have a big banquet, but only a spiritual test to check whether you have the spiritual root and whether you are qualified to cultivate immortality. It will be very high, but the result is too surprising to him. Indeed, the treatment is very special.
After the spirit test, the breast milk is gone. Twice a day, the so-called spirit fruit is squeezed to feed. When he was two years old, the spirit fruit was replaced with Lingmi. There is only two meals a day of porridge made of Ling rice.
Meat is absolutely forbidden. At most, some vegetables are extremely rare.
Now that Bao Fuxin is eight years old, his eyes will glow green when he sees meat.
Slowly figured out the basic situation in the Bao family and why he can’t eat meat. There are indeed immortals in this world, which are called by ordinary people, and the immortals call themselves monks. The monks in the foundation building period left the sect with no bright future, then married a wife and had children to start the foundation of the Bao family. At the same time, the Bao family also attached to the sect and gradually developed into one of the four major families in Jianghe County City. However, the foundation of the family is not cultivating immortals. It’s martial arts. Bao Fuxin was also very surprised when he learned about it, but as he learned more, he gradually realized that the spiritual root is not hereditary. Just because the parents are monks, their children will inevitably have the spiritual root.
The probability of appearing is not high, so the Bao family has tried to have as many children as possible from the ancestors.
Once they have spiritual roots, they can be sent to the sect at the age of eight.
The sect that the Bao family is attached to is called Fu Yuanzong is said to have a history of more than 3,000 years. Although it is nothing in the entire Qin Dynasty, it is also a great sect of cultivating immortals in Yunzhou. Therefore, the Bao family gradually formed a rule that a couple must have at least eight children. However, as long as one of them has a spiritual root, they can stop giving birth and concentrate on martial arts. This is the way out for those without spiritual roots and the basis for the stable development of the family.