If I lead to the Bundesliga they will regard me as The king but I go to Bayern Even if I score goals in every

You can no longer play football at Sebenastrasse No.
One sunny morning Chen Mu walked into the gate of the Bayern Munich headquarters The familiar doorman cast a sunny smile Goodbye Finn Goodbye I haven’t seen you for a long time I’m glad you’re back After the simple pleasantries, Chen Mu continued to walk in. This is the first time Chen Mu has stepped into the Bayern headquarters in two years. Two years ago, when Chen Mu represented the second team of Bayern in a match in the Bavarian Regional League, the cruciate ligament in his right knee was shattered.
It took two years to tear up this injury.
Today is the day when Chen Mu returns from injury.
The German league in January is in a rest period, and Chen Mu wants to use this time to get back the old feeling as soon as possible. Passed the medical examination by team doctor Wolfart and formally signed a contract with Bayern. If there is no accident, Chen Mu will appear in the Bayern first team next season and play under Magath. Chen Mu’s heart felt as if it had fallen into an ice cellar, but he gritted his teeth and nodded firmly.
Your surgery was successful, but maybe you are no longer suitable for playing football.
Chen Mu’s heart tugged when he said this. He followed his father to the city. Munich joined the Bayern youth training at the age of 18 and began to represent the second team of Bayern in the Bavarian Regional League.
Now he is 20 years old, but he is told by the best sports medicine expert in Germany, Wolfart, that he can no longer play football.
Chen Mu clenched his fists, Wolfart Those words are tantamount to a death sentence for his career. A football player without healthy knees is like a top sommelier without his tongue. How cruel that is.
Didn’t I have a serious injury too? Didn’t he end up playing again? Wolfart is a serious guy. He knows what it means, but as an expert he obviously can only respect his profession and the cruciate ligaments at the current level of medicine. A comminuted tear can only be healed so far Chen you can do a lot of things life is not just football and at this moment Chen Mu quotes Bill Shankly’s famous quote football has nothing to do with life and death football is more important than life and death Wolfart Lowering my head, Chen, I am sorry to come out of Wolfart’s office. The sunshine in Munich is still there, but there is a layer of haze in Chen Mu’s heart.
Am I really useless? I walk to the office door of the team manager Uli Hoeness Before Chen Mu knocked on the door, please come in Hoeness looked very happy for Chen Mu’s arrival. He moved his chubby body and came out from behind the desk, and gave Chen Mu a big bear hug. Great, you are finally back everyone. I miss you very much.
Chen Mu smiled lightly. He remembered that when he was in the hospital, the bosses of the first team and the top management of the team often came to visit him. After exchanging greetings with his teammates, Thomas Müller, Badstuber and others, Chen Mu handed Hoeness a white folder, which was the medical examination report issued by Wolfart, Hoeness took it and threw it in the office.
On the table and then with Chen Mutian South China Sea North At the end of the chat, Hoeness finally came back to the issue of signing. He handed Chen Mu a blue folder with a smile and said that the team is going to sign with you for two years.
Look at the contract. Maybe I signed a contract with myself. Excited, Chen Mu began to read the contract carefully, but when Chen Mu read the middle part, his heart sank to the Atlantic Ocean. The assistant coach of the second team has an annual salary of 10,000 euros. After doing a good job, you can get a professional coaching certificate and become the second team.
It is possible for the head coach of the team to work in the first team in the future. For such an arrangement, Hoeness originally thought that Chen Mu would accept it with pleasure. Unexpectedly, Chen Mu pushed the contract back to Hoeness and asked, what kind of pity is this? Of course. No Dr. Ke thinks you can’t play football anymore Your knee Chen Muhuo stood up Uli If that’s the case you should just tell me you think I’m useless instead of handing me such a ridiculous contract Uli Lihenes is also heartbroken.
Although Chen Mu is a striker, everyone agrees that he is the person who most resembles the Bayern tiger Effenberg. Many people know that Effenberg is a famous ball bully. He once said that Manchester United’s ball bully Roy Keane is like a pug in front of him.
Calm down. If you don’t want to be an assistant coach, Bayern can also provide you with other jobs. Chen Mu rolled up his sleeves and revealed a fist-sized tattoo of the Bayern team logo on his right arm, which is very eye-catching.
Chen Mu pointed to the tattoo and said that I came to Bayern at the age of 12 and played for the second team of Bayern at the age of 12.
I scored a goal in a single season Hoeness was stunned.
He didn’t know why Chen Mu said these things, what do you mean? I never accept charity when I come here.
After Chen Mu finished speaking, he turned around and was about to leave Hoeness’s office. When he was about to step out of the door, Chen Mu said to Hoeness who was behind him.
I will definitely come back and go back to my apartment in Munich. Chen Mu lay down on the sofa like a deflated ball. Tears couldn’t stop falling. He looked at the group photo on the wall.
It was taken when he and his father, Chen Kong, just came to Munich when he was 20.
His father is a sinologist.
At that time, Zhou Guihua, who was employed by the Department of Sinology at the University of Munich, took care of her grandparents in China, so Chen Mu and her father lived together in Munich until years ago when her cousin Guan Xiaobai came to study in Munich. Now this square apartment is Chen Mu.
Chen Kong, Guan Xiaobai and the three lived together, and Guan Xiaobai became Chen Mu’s agent after graduation. In the football circle, many people find their father or elder brother as an agent to avoid commissions.
Just when Chen Mu looked depressed, there was a sound of door opening. Chen Mu saw that it was Guan Xiaobai who was back as Chen Mu’s manager.