If I knew that brother Mu was the son of King Xi how could I have gone to arrest Chang Yu Don’t dare to blame

Among the twenty-four heroes of Lingyan Pavilion, who is loyal and who is the traitor? How will Li Mu solve the stubbornness and centralize the imperial power to create a glorious and prosperous world? The stray dogs can’t help shrinking their necks and drooping their heads to stop barking. Guzang City, the governor’s mansion of Liangzhou, is in an unremarkable dilapidated small courtyard in the east of the city.
A faint noise can be heard.
There are torches lit.
A dozen or so men in their twenties are gathering together and conveying their anxiety to the people around them with their eyes. These men look very unusual. All of them are wearing strong clothes or carrying bows or shoulders. With their knives in hand, each of them frowned and looked worried, looking back at the inner courtyard from time to time, as if they were expecting something.
In the inner courtyard, the lights were lit, and the orange fire flickered on and off, as if any wind would blow them away.
From time to time, as if blowing out, there was a woman’s cry of pain.
The voice was already hoarse.
I dare say that a woman was giving birth.
At this moment, an old woman rushed out from the inside. She stood at the door and asked eagerly that the fetus was too big and the fetal position was not right.
It’s been more than an hour, the mother can’t hold on for long, you hurry up and make a decision, whether you want the adults or the child, the child, the child, the child, and a dozen men shouted in unison at this time, the old woman was startled and sighed slightly in her heart Facing the main entrance was a strong man with a square face, who seemed to be the leader of these men. At this time, he glanced at the men beside him, turned their heads and said to the old woman in a deep voice, it is best for the mother and child to be safe.
Well, I turned back to the inner courtyard. If the baby girl is born, what should I do? On the left, a thin-faced man asked his question, making all the men look at the square-faced man.
The square-faced man raised his head and cupped his hands There is a lord who is blessed by the spirit in the sky, and the baby will be a boy, but if a baby girl is born, I’m afraid I will end up living in the farmhouse, but the night is dark and the sky is dark, so there is no spirit in the sky, and there are no miracles to respond to him. The square-faced man finished speaking Sighing involuntarily, he turned his head and looked towards the inner courtyard. At this time, the cries of pain from the inner courtyard gradually became quieter and seemed to have ceased to be heard, but there was still no cry of a baby.
Taking a step forward, suddenly there was a huge rumbling sound in the night sky, which really startled everyone. Square faces asked strange things. Today is only the first day of February.
How can there be such thunder? I don’t know where it came from, so bright that everyone could barely open their eyes, as if the entire night sky was split open, and everyone hurriedly lowered their heads and rubbed their eyes to look again, only to vaguely recognize where there was a silver light, but a strip of silver light. The huge rumbling sound of the white dragon coiled in mid-air was not thunder, but the sound of the dragon wringing its tail when it descended from the sky, but the silver dragon was unknowingly how many miles long from head to tail, and its silver and white dragon eyes were like balls. The tongue that appears and disappears is like a blood-stained long practice.
The red and white intertwine like water.
The night sky fades away. The grim and tragic atmosphere chokes the breath of the entire universe.
In comparison, all living things are small and powerless.
Where have you ever seen such a scene, the people of the bloody wind, suddenly hoarse, unable to make a sound, sweating profusely, but who would have expected that the silver dragon not only didn’t go elsewhere, but came straight towards the crowd, and the crowd was so frightened that even their legs trembled.
It was so weak that it couldn’t stand anymore, so it simply fell to the ground and let out a hysterical cry uncontrollably.
At this time, the silver dragon seemed to feel the fear of everyone, and it raised its head, turned to the inner courtyard and flew away. Floating with a trace of electric waves, nothing can be seen, no trace, the night sky is still the same night sky, the small courtyard is still the same small courtyard, nothing is destroyed, nothing is damaged, nothing has changed, it seems that there has never been a strange silver dragon, and everyone opens up together Open your mouth, look at me, I look at you, you are delusional, you thought it was just your own hallucination, but at this moment, a soft, crisp and loud baby cry sounded, making everyone wake up in an instant. It’s a young man, everyone burst into ecstasy when they heard the words, they burst into cheers unconsciously, they didn’t want the old woman, and then said, “Shang Yu is a woman who is about to die. Let you go in and see the last side.” The old woman rushed through the door and entered the bed. The woman could no longer tell her age. Her face was pale and haggard.
When she saw San Yu coming in, she tremblingly raised her right hand and pointed to a box beside the bed. She said indistinctly, “Leave it to my son San Yu and protect my son Zhou Quanchang.
” As soon as Yu entered the door, she lowered her head and knelt on the ground. At this time, she heard the words and kowtowed her head hard.
The mistress said that the subordinates will not be burdened. After he finished speaking, he didn’t see a response for a long time.
His heart tightened slightly and he raised his eyes to look, but saw that the woman’s hand had already been lowered.
Chang Yu burst into tears and kowtowed three times, turned and went out the door to go back to the courtyard, and saw the old woman who delivered the baby lying on the ground with a blood hole in her vest, beeping blood, seeing that she couldn’t live anymore. He didn’t care to talk to him. He knew that it was a matter of common sense to silence the public, but he said to everyone, brothers and mistresses, that he had already left his last words.
He hoped that I would protect the young master. Everyone clasped their fists and replied, dare not poke their hearts and do their best, God is sorry to see that the lord will finally have this heir. At that time, I was born with a vision.
It can be seen that this is the destiny and great things can be expected. You and I should work together and live up to our trust.
This is talking about the silver dragon that seemed real and illusory just now.
Everyone has lingering fears about it.