If he washed the dishes wouldn’t he have to break all the dishes and dishes How can the broom be strong when sweeping the floor

Copywriting Pi Qinghua I want to use painted skin to conquer the world Wolf cub second father is hungry Pi Qinghua pig skin for beauty donkey skin nourishes blood Take it to wolf cub Second father has no money to pay water bill Pi Qinghua bark can be sold for money Take it to wolf The second father of the son came to ask for aphrodisiac tree bark and scumbag father also came Pi Qinghua Hehe I plan to draw a piece of human skin to scare him to pee at night to see if he dares to come to buy aphrodisiac medicine I have to say this is a bloody little white revenge It’s funny to write to make myself happy and to make people I like happy and interested, just thank you for your support. Read the article and note that this article is purely for the author’s interest. Happy revenge.
Farming article. Look at the article.
Too picky words. Development needs a process. Urgent revenge Slag abuse also needs a process.
The urgent point is that there may not be many daily revenge. This is the first time I write this kind of weird place. Please forgive me for the content label. Zhang Late night, deep in a very dark alley without street lights, strange rat-like creaking sounds came out in bursts, accompanied by the wolf-like cold light that flashed past the sound, making the wandering The few homeless people here are afraid. After everyone has left, a low child’s voice can be heard in the silent alley.
There was a sound of tsk, what a mess, all the homeless people in this area were scared away by our big black, let me look through it for a while, this is the trash can of a hotel in a high-end villa area, but I have an ominous premonition, the child’s voice speaks slowly, and the moment that The originally leisurely figure tensed up, and with lightning speed, he dug out a few discarded lunch boxes and full food garbage bags and ran out. The son of a bitch curled his lips and said “tsk” just now, let’s leave. After these words fell, the moon covered by dark clouds finally showed its face, arrogantly sprinkled its own light, and appeared under the light of this moonlight. Knowing the true face of the person, baby and dog, the man called the second father has a rather handsome, even perfect face.
If it is intact, it will probably fascinate all men and women, but the left half of this face It was all scalded, which immediately made him look very scary, and the child who was called by the second father as a wolf cub was only six years old. Originally, a child of this age should be very cute and soft, but I am sorry for the one in front of me.
Although the child looks like a future male god at first glance, those eyes are extremely fierce and indifferent, completely lacking the innocence and innocence that a child should have. Finally, look at the dog with mottled fur and a lame dog. The hind legs, but the dog’s eyes are more fierce than the wolf’s. This combination is quite weird and chilling no matter how you look at it, but the two involved and the dog don’t feel this way at all. Pi Qinghua is holding a bunch of things and leading her. The big dog that was picked up and the cheap son who was pasted alive and dead left at the fastest speed But what he didn’t know at this time was that in the pile of boxed lunches he was carrying was a thing that completely changed their fate. The hotel is not far away, or the hotel is actually located in a luxury villa area. Pi Qinghua’s home is one of the villas in this luxury villa area. But judging from the behavior of these two people sneaking through the trash can in the middle of the night, they are of course Not a serious villa owner, but a sojourner. The owner here is not at home all year round. Only on Saturdays, there will be part-time workers to clean up. Therefore, the two of them and a dog who are homeless can live here temporarily, but because they are afraid that the owner will find out the problem. So they don’t dare to use electricity and water, but they can use a little bit, but they are afraid of exceeding the standard, but anyway, it’s better than sleeping outside, and the people here are either rich or expensive. It is enough for them to eat. It is because of this that the wolf cub Lang Zhi admires his second father for begging so well. Their life is a little thrilling except when they go to the trash can at night. It doesn’t look like a homeless man. Dahei also agrees with this.
Second dad eats.
Lang Zhi drooled and looked at the lunch box on the table.
He was hungry all afternoon. In the end, I decided not to despise and show my father’s kindness and filial piety. Of course, the most important reason is that he is also hungry.
There are four boxes and one bag of food here. I just threw away the bad ones. One person, one box, and the last one As for the things in the bag to be exchanged tomorrow, Lang Zhi and Dahei both agreed and swallowed their saliva, then Pi Qinghua was about to distribute the lunch box, but suddenly saw a broken piece of black shining with a faint light between the three and the box Yu eh, Pi Qinghua was puzzled for a moment, stretched out his hand and took out the black jade, but as soon as he got the thing in his hand, he felt extremely dangerous.
He wanted to throw the black jade at the fastest speed, but found that the black jade was like It’s pasted on his hand, and he can’t get rid of it.
Second father Lang Zhi raised his head and frowned.
What’s the matter? Don’t move here without my permission and you are absolutely not allowed to go upstairs. After finishing speaking, Pi Qinghua ran up quickly, and Xiao Langzi looked at the unstable figure of the savior who gave him a second life, and was anxious to keep up. Because I thought of my second father’s words, I stopped there, even if he is more mature than other children of the same age, his eyes are still small, and a red light and mist suddenly appeared.
Did the second father meet? something particularly bad