If he wants to destroy that planet then I can’t rely on myself um I’m really happy Pork is made of black salty sausages marinated

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Creatures have long been accustomed to this kind of comfortable life without wars, disasters, and without any big villains trying to destroy their planet. More than sixty years have passed since the beginning of the Great Colonial Era. Novel changes are taking place. All kinds of unbelievable high-tech are rushing toward the people like spring bamboo after rain.
When you look up, you can see a giant steel warship of the silver-white fleet breaking through the atmosphere and slowly landing in the distance. At the port of the giant floating city of Suramar, Paji Sarodar threw the fishing rod into the pond in front of him again, shrugged his shoulders, and didn’t even bother to care about the roar brought by the giant battleship. It’s not that the grand colonial era has already entered the right track. The Eternal Night God Emperor is idle again. Unless we find signs of the Void Lord or the corrupted Titan Star Soul, our God Emperor will never move and fight without using it. I command the colonization of alien planets, and there are corresponding colonial governors who can’t drive battleships, so they can only survive in the Palace of Eternal Night.
The crusaders here speak nicely, and their own queens take turns warming the bed every day. Oh, Sarodar, who likes staying here, you bastard, the ornamental pond I built with great difficulty is not for you to use for fishing, ah, ah, ah, you hate it the most, you pay me for a carp who is tall, tall, and has no breasts.
The buttless beauty with a bamboo pole ran over to Sarodar and pinched her for a while. Isn’t that just fishing? Can she get pregnant or what? Didn’t you go back to the Broken Isles to play? I just came back, I don’t care, I’ll go now Complain to Sister Elune, go and complain to Sister Elisande, saying that you said you touched me in broad daylight, Sarodar sighed and rubbed his forehead. I will bring this blue dragon chick back to the Palace of Eternal Night, come to Stella Gosa, my favorite little star, you sit down, brother, I will tell you what is in your heart, go away, you have already used this trick a few times A hundred times I will ignore you There is a noise, only to see an unusually tall demon striding in, the fel energy in his eyes is burning Sarodar, you come out, I will never finish with you Sarodar looked up at the words After looking at it, I took a picture of Lan Longmei Let me tell you later, Sargeras, this dishonest young man, is looking for trouble again. Stella Gosa turned and left with a pouting face. I will go to Sister Alisande and sue Sargeras now. Si strode up to Sarodar, and the anger on his face was that you told Elena that I left a clone of will on Earth, that’s right, it’s me, it’s not me saying you, the Earth would not have long been a place of free development. Is it an interfering protected area? My crusaders have already withdrawn, and the naaru have also left long ago.
At most, there will be a group of artificial angels and war machines. You also left a group of demons. Let them develop by themselves. Well, why do you have to run over and intervene? Throw a cigar to Sargeras.
His Majesty the Emperor continued to speak, and the last time the Pantheon held a meeting, I told you specifically that gods are not allowed to descend into the world or engage in nonsense in that free reserve.
Incarnation and other behaviors. I left it before.
It’s a part of my will left when I picked up Elena.
This is different. Sarodar waved his hand and interrupted President Sa’s roar. Oh, these are not the point. Well, anyway, I already told Elena whether she will go back and destroy your incarnation of will, set him free, or let him return to you, that’s all your wife’s business, and I have nothing to do with it. Well, Sarodar looked a little strange Then he took out a very clear photo, and now that part of your will has been condensed into a relatively independent living body.
In the east, the name of Tama is also called Hu Feng. I said, do you all like this name? Do you have to reunite with me? Oh, yes, Stormwind City sent a protest a few days ago, saying that you allowed a group of dread demon kings to engage in chain fraud in the trade area.
When you leave, you should pay the fine by the way, and then take those dread demon kings away. Stopped and looked at the sky Sarodar got up, stood up, let’s go, let’s drink, tonight the white tiger treats the guests to fight against Azshara, the little girl with the barrel enters the night Suramar City Snack Street food stall grass three titans plus a demigod It’s hard to drink an elf girl’s trouble. How many times is this the first time? Sarodar yelled in despair.
Now he’s a little unsteady. Grama gasped for breath and seemed about to throw up.
Shut up, you useless lieutenant, I can’t fail.
Even at the wine table, Mr.
Sa looked unbelieving.
The style of the stall is seriously derailed, the three of you, instead of talking non-stop here, you should hurry up and clear up the thirty cups you owe me. The former queen glanced at it with a charming smile, and she was lying on the ground like a dead dog. What about the sleeping white tiger?